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Survival After the Rapture!

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posted on May, 27 2014 @ 02:43 PM

originally posted by: jmdewey60
a reply to: wonderworld

Hi, I didnt intentionally leave things out.
I wasn't talking about you (sorry if I wasn't clear).

When I said "the writer", I meant the writer of the Book of Revelation.

Someone was asking about the practical problems of an invading army.

I was saying there aren't any if it is meant to be metaphorical.

According to how I try to tie it in with the history of ancient Babylon as told in the Book of Daniel, the invading army represents a punishment for forgetting God.

I think it further reinforces the hints in Revelation that the Beast is Rome and its empire, and the religion (the Roman pantheon) that it was pushing on everyone under their dominion.

Sorry! I do love your input! Since i started this thread I should be keeping better tack of comments. That was my error not yours. Than you for the apology though!

posted on May, 27 2014 @ 03:07 PM

originally posted by: InhaleExhale
a reply to: wonderworld

No one will survive.

Yet the title of your thread and a few statements show how confused you are.

Believer like to talk a lot about deception and point out how others (non believers will or are being deceived).

Could they be doing so because their faith isn't as strong as they like to admit, they fear that they are being deceived and then come here to ATS to inform us how others are being deceived?

That is actually a very good question. We are all born sinners and as much faith we think we have we are never pure enough to enter heaven in our human state. Dying is required to cleanse the soul and to be reborn in to a form worthy of Heaven. All people have doubts at time, whether they are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, etc. to know if we are worthy. There are few Saints on Earth, we can get very close. Those who will be left down here after the rapture and endure the Christian or Jewish persecution, and die in the name of God will be considered a saint, to a point. Baptists believe that once you are saved you are always saved. I'm not Baptist so I try to prepare. I'm nowhere near a Saint. I enjoy throwing parties at times. I'm just like most but I do have faith in God. Like someone posted earlier only God will know who goes and who will be left behind.

Even though I went to both a Nazareth and Methodist Church I try to be non-denominational. This occurred when I was baptized at the Methodist Church when I was about 20. The minister said “this wont make you a Methodist” I abruptly said “I’m not in to Labels” I’m doing this for God and not for you” This was a one on one at my home prior to the baptism. I was baptized as a baby but wanted to have it done again as I got a bit older. This isn’t saying that Methodists are strange. This is kind of what I meant by saying perhaps some ministers may be left behind. Again not saying this one would be. There are many fakes out there. I can feel it when I walk in to a church. I can see if it is a social scene or the real deal. God does give wisdom to those who ask. Sitting in church dressed in our finest doesn’t mean it’s a “get out of Hell free” card. Calvary Chapel is awesome. It is mainly directed to people our age and current events. There is nothing cooler to me than to see a grown, strong, man get to his knees in prayer to God or waving hands in the air. They also have Christian Rock music. I haven’t been to church in a while but it isn’t a prerequisite for Heaven. It’s a simple as a one on one with the guy upstairs that matters.

posted on May, 27 2014 @ 03:20 PM
Edit to add; Some people on here have told me that i was brainwashed as a child and this is where I got my views. This isnt exactly correct. I usually dont get personal on here; however I was the one who started church at the age of about 12 and 13 and more or less spoke of it to my parents. My mom and Grandma said my prayers when they tucked me in to bed at night but other than that it wasnt discussed much. My grandma couldnt understand all the thee's and thou's in the Bible but God doesnt hold that against a person. My mom began to ask me questions about symbols in the Bible about WW3. I took some Religion courses in college, as well. The Bible is not all scary. It has love, answers questions that apply to our lives today, etc.

What i find ironic is after the Resurrection of Christ it is said that we will know the truth inside of us. Many turned away. We all know, even in diverse parts of the earth. It’s implanted in all of us. This is why I suspect this is why most Atheists at least know the names Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John. Why they turned away is my question to them. Something must have happened. God is blamed for things that are unknown, like the loss of loved ones and children, among others.

posted on May, 27 2014 @ 04:00 PM
a reply to: wonderworld

I haven’t been to church in a while but it isn’t a prerequisite for Heaven. It’s a simple as a one on one with the guy upstairs that matters.
I think that it is "a prerequisite for Heaven".
Just that you don't have to be so restrictive as to how you define "church".
This could be (hypothetically) church, which is gathering people from different backgrounds and beliefs to talk about the same thing, and to accept others as being like yourself despite these differences.
That might seem really weird but this is what Paul was talking about in Romans.
You might think this is out of character for Paul, but it isn't really, he was just aganst people who were basically scam artists trying to profit by preaching, not really concerned with what it would do to the listeners as long as they kept hearing the Cha-Ching.
(for doubters, I would point to the writings of Robert Jewett)
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posted on Jun, 3 2014 @ 09:20 PM
There are so many survival guides online. Do we really need another?

posted on Jun, 3 2014 @ 10:12 PM
When 2 or 3 gather in My Name, there I Am in the midst of them, Saith The Lord
You must be Born Again to enter Heaven.
a reply to: jmdewey60

posted on Jun, 3 2014 @ 11:12 PM
You want to survive after the Earth Cycle ends?

Stop calling it a Rapture and dont tell anyone you are religous at all and dont tell them you worked for the Government or any civic entity,dont tell them if you worked for any Major corporation,and if your name is Rockefeller or Rothschild or any of the other 13 bloodlines.

You want to survive the end times?

Learn to tell the truth,the whole truth,and nothing but the truth and no god wont be there to help you,nor will laws be there to help you,only your actions will define your fate,you will be 100% accountable for each and everything you say or do.

If you tell most survivors that you were connected to any of the influences which suppressed the knowledge of these coming changes which was given to all of Humanity BY Humanity after the last Cycle ended 3594 years ago,you will likely be paying for the Sins of the Fathers in short order no matter where you happen to end up post-event.

If you truly are fortunate and find yourself alive then your best bet it to become a Human being again and tell no lies,for they will get you killed,and my friends the status quo of today which objectifies ideologys of dietys and gods will be a one way ticket to death or banishment which will at that time be the same thing.

There will be no 5 billion strong Club to be part of to force your imaginary reality upon using numbers and fiscal and political power.

If you can find the time to pray post-event then you are as good as dead because no one will tolerate your lack of committment,no one will have time to waste propogating or creating anything which detracts from Humanitys survival.

No one will punish you for your belief systems,they will punish you for spreading unreality and lies.There will be no room for lies

Every human life will be more valuable than diamonds or gold.

If you propogate any type of war or self-destructive mentality which could make Humanity extinct you will be discouraged with death.

If you try to tell anyone you have an imaginary friend called god or allah who has given you permission to execute and sacrifice Human beings when their value is at an all time high,you will be silenced permanently.

If the majority of humanity is gone it will finally be possible to eliminate lies from religons and stop the objectification of ideologies which is the process which catalyses Humanitys Global dischord today.

No one will have any problems with anyone elses belief systems as long as they are tangible and reality based.

But if you dare start making delusional comments about having invisible allys who give you permission to enslave and murder other people to preserve that belief system,you will be released from your conflict ASAP.

If someone is creative they will set up a lethal God test and anyone who survives it with the help of their diety may carry on unimpeded. with the ministry of their imaginary delusions.

If anyone thinks for a second that they will be simply given free will to propogate non-humanitarian belief systems I do not believe it will happen that way, survival will be paramount and personal belief systems and the insistance to sacrifice even labor time to worship or support them will get you killed.

No one will be willing to repeat old mistakes,and at the beginning of every Cycle religons are completely eliminated,and they must begin their evolutions all over again with no guarantees of recovery.You see religons were not supposed to evolve the ways they have,knowledge was preserved within secret powerfull societys and only released to specific groups at specific times,that knowledge was Humanitys greatest treasure as what remnants we survive this Cycle with will once again become.As these groups tasked with the preservation of this knowledge bacame greater in number and splintered geogrphiclly each group began to change adjust and evolve the knowledge and its meanings and its presentations.This is how we came to have so many competing religons,at the core of all of their doctrines is a self-preservation codicile which allows them to kill humans to preserve an objectified ideology.The killing to preserve rule WAS accepted by everyone post-event when Humanity was at its weakest numericlly,but the knowledge was only suppossed to be preserved in secret protected until humaitys numbers recovered enough that we would be sure to not lose it all again.But you see the kill to preserve rule was originally intended for those times and for the TANGIBLE HISTORY BOOKS....NEVER-EVER to preserve objectified diety or god ideologys.Humanity NEVER ENDORSED KILLING FOR THINGS WHICH WERE NOT REALITY BASED.The knowledge originally collected and preserved and written into our One true History was ALL TANGIBLE reality based and practical information,it was a history written by survivors in its truest form.

If you want to survive post-event you will be well advised to be seen holding a medical textbook or a Mechanical book rather than a fictional religous doctrine.

Because knowledge will be power after the changes.

Fantasy and imaginary fairy tale books will not be worth anything.

posted on Jun, 3 2014 @ 11:44 PM
Isn't there "1,000 years of peace" in there somewhere? That sounds like a good deal. Chances are I'll be long dead before it happens, though. Oh, well.

posted on Jun, 4 2014 @ 02:18 AM
a reply to: Blue Shift

If you use a thousand years out of the 3600 year Cycle and delegate that as the basic recovery time on a Species level to the point of organised religons,or the reframing and bastardising the One True History as it spreads away from its source then yes i could envision 1000 years of peace until there is trouble in the Henhouse,and if on this next beginning we can maintain our One True Historys integrity we will see peace for a timeframe that is self-limited only by Species lifespan parameters.

We do have the potential to be riding out these Earth Cycles while preserving planetary level populations,all we need to do is maintain continuity of education and truth in equal quantities,which would eliminate disruptive forces.This was the intentions of the people who wrote Humanitys One True History at the beginning of this cycle we are now seeing coming to an end.

This planet can support 50 Billion people easily as long as their hearts beat at the same rythem as Mother Earths,we are weightless to her when we allow ourselves to be enveloped by her heartbeat and energy .She will always renew herself for us during her Cycles,she will always give us a chance to realise our Humanitarian potentials as long as we work with her and not against her.

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