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Democrats take on the Koch brothers

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posted on May, 17 2014 @ 06:18 AM
Someone should do a claymation deathmatch between the Koch Brothers and George Soros. I think that would be an awesomely funny skit. Have Pelosi and Reid and Obama and all the Hollywood millionaires on Soros side, and then on the Koch side have folks from Duck Dynasty, Jeff Foxworthy and that kind of thing. What a hoot!

posted on May, 17 2014 @ 06:51 AM
The same Koch brothers that contributed and helped get bill Clinton elected?

Hmm. How things change.

posted on May, 17 2014 @ 07:09 AM
I think people on the planet have might have bigger problems than melting ice or water like the the 10s of thousands of gallons of radioactive waste sitting off the cost of Jersey and Connecticut. I don't know maybe fishing around radioactive waste might contribute to some health problems fresh seafood yum. Also fishing in waters with 20 billion gallons of 600 chemicals off the Coast of California might be cause for concern. Plus a million other things. I guess I should be scared about exhaling Co2 and water really these fear mongers are going to have to do a lot better. If the Oceans are going to rise I will wait till countries put their money where there mouth is and rebuild every seaport on earth. Till then it is what it is maybe the global Elite or an Organization is not concerned with Environment rather using it as an excuse to justify dates, times and events that correlate with certain knowledge many are ignorant of. Mathematics and History are interesting. Later.
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posted on May, 17 2014 @ 12:23 PM
If the Koch brothers were half as powerful as the dem fairy tales make them out to be, we would have a viable third party by now.

They are libertarians but these mighty omnipotent rulers of the world can't even turn the Liberterian party into real contenders?

Meanwhile the dems worship billionaires like Soros and Bloomberg and many others who make sure we remain a "two party system" forever.

posted on May, 17 2014 @ 12:26 PM
a reply to: Deny Arrogance

Exactly, if Koch were so powerful u wouldn't hear about them in the media, just like the media is silent on George Soros, now that requires power to make the media keep their mouth shut.

posted on May, 17 2014 @ 12:49 PM

originally posted by: LDragonFire
a reply to: xuenchen

Yes they are wonderful environmentalists:

In a sparsely populated northern Wisconsin county where residents are split over a proposed open pit iron mine, five pro-mining candidates prevailed in Tuesday’s county board election after receiving last-minute help from a well-funded national conservative group.

Four others, however, were defeated in Iron County Board elections despite aggressive support from the Wisconsin chapter of Americans for Prosperity, which was founded by billionaire businessmen David and Charles Koch.

The proposed mine would run for more than 4 miles through the Penokee Hills in the northeast portion of the state. Proponents say a mine would bring jobs, while critics say recently relaxed state regulations may not protect the environment.

Five backed by koch brothers...

This is how the Koch bros are using there power and influence...they wish to strip mine here so they will buy the politicians....

What you wrote about them is propaganda, are you one of the koch bros?

Wow. That reminds me of the wonderful environmentalist Al Gore and how he helped his buddies at Occidental Petroleum acquire the largest chunk of federal land to drill and frack oil on. Gore also helped the environmental obstacles for the company responsible for his family fortune.

Al Gore’s Oligarchy

The history of the Gore family and Occidental Petroleum have been intertwined for generations. Al Gore Sr. was such a loyal political ally that Occidental’s founder and longtime CEO, Armand Hammer, liked to say that he had Gore "in my back pocket." When Gore Sr. left the Senate in 1970, Hammer gave him a half a million dollar a year job at an Occidental subsidiary and a seat on the company’s board of directors. Money from Occidental and its subsidiaries formed the basis of the Gore family fortune.

But it is not only the land of Indigenous Colombians that Occidental is drilling against the wishes of the residents and indigenous inhabitants. In late 1997, Al Gore supported the federal government’s three and a half billion dollar sale of the Elk Hills oil field in Bakersfield, California, to Occidental Petroleum. This was the largest privatization of federal property in US history. Occidental’s plans to drill for oil in Elk Hills will disturb traditional burial sites for the Yokuts indigenous peoples of southern California. At stake are at least 100 ancient sites in the Buena Vista Lake region where Yokuts peoples once lived.

Rich in oil that Occidental sought to gain drilling rights to develop, the region was also inhabited by a rare species of fox, lizard and kangaroo rat which environmental groups fought to protect through a lawsuit filed under the Endangered Species Act. Accordingly, Occidental’s plans were perceived as a threat to both the grave sites and the critters.

Fortunately for Oxy, they had an influential friend. Yup, you probably guessed who. Congratulations!

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