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Their time is up, and our time is now.

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posted on May, 16 2014 @ 04:47 PM
Btw, this incarnation's family knows it or does not know it. I dont know, but they are highly spiritual beigns coming from genes. Like mediums and telepathic. They all had some of the power of the Annunaki, but not complete. If it was complete, they would be the one. They will complete their cycle as well, but as a normal human beign and a happy family members.

posted on May, 16 2014 @ 09:53 PM
a reply to: skunkape23

Oh indeed skunk. Very much indeed.

One just needs to know, where to start looking. :-)

Quantum Superposition. I love it. :-)

The best part is, the script will keep getting better and better.

posted on May, 17 2014 @ 08:18 PM
a reply to: LittleByLittle

You can develop it by opening your 3rd eye. I would not have believed it myself about psychic phenomenon and metaphysical experiences. Granted i came from a rigid scientific background so believing that stuff didnt come naturally to me. But I meditated to find peace and stillnesss. And one day while meditating, I was jolted by electricity in the forehead, and began to see a green colour in my mind and it swirled into a vortex on my inner forhead of the skull, and I was jolted by electricity again. The I began to hear a high pitch frequency as i meditated. When I focused my awareness on it, i noticed it was not one frequency but many, up to 6 I have noticed.

Everyone can develop it and have the ability inside them. Some think its only a few that have it, but its not true, everyone has the ability. Its the degree you are open to it and practice.

Like the person who started the thread, it begins with just awareness. Realizing there is a voice inside of you that is negative. And you have found the Ego, which few ever descriminate. Many go through their lives thinking they are their ego. But once you discover you are not those negative thoughts, you become aware how many times a day that mind chatter begins to become active about things real and hypothetical. And you begin the separation game, between separating yourself from the ego. It depends how much baggage you carry, you will have to release all the negativity as it comes up.

For those seeking the road down to enlightenment, just a warning, your world might get turned upside down. Reason being the old must be torn down so the new can come in, and you will usually experience chaos in that transistion. Some pick this by choice, others life chooses them and they go down that road of the Valley of the Midnight Sun, where all you value and hold dear is taken away. How long this lasts really depends on how resistant to change you are, and I also believe there is a certain time when you are meant to be where you are.

If you want to develope your pschic ability read up on Robert Bruce's material.

Also Samuel Sagans Awakening the 3rd eye is a great way to open your life up to experiencing the metaphysical.

The difficulty of all this is getting to a relaxed state where you are almost asleep but awake. You need to have the patience to practice meditation and experience the stillness and trance state. You will find when you do, you can go out of your body.

Still using the rope technique for this at moment. You get into trance and then pull yourself up out of the body by pulling on an imaginary rope you create. You are conscious, and at the moment the sensations I feel of vibrations is so new to me, I break my focus.

But everyone goes to the astral plane naturally when they sleep. Some become conscious and have lucid dreams. Doing it in the conscious state is a little more difficult.

As for the doomsday prophecies, my words of advice is not to focus on the negative. it doesnt serve you to focus on fear. And it definitely wont serve you in raising your level of consciousness by focusing on fear.

What B3 is talking about may or may not come to pass, there are many possibilities and probabilities in life, things can happen to change outcomes. What he may have seen or been told about may be one of many infinite possibilities.

Are there problems in the world, yes. One of which is the pole shift we are in. But reading survival books wont save you in a pole shift. Its the stuff that makes mountains go up and down, so if it does happen in your life time, expect a ricter scale of 1-30, and no building left standing. If you are farming and the pole shifts and the area you are in all of a sudden becomes inhospitable to farming, it wont help. You are seeing alot of weather changes, my guess is if you are in a hot climate, its going to get bad, if you are in a temperate climate, its not gonna change much and probably end up being better. Also you will have to be on an elevation of 657 ft to keep you safe from any surges. Also dont be within 100 miles of an active volcano, anything within that radius is not gonna make it. And dont be along areas where there is currently alot of seismic activity, or be near the shore lines. If you are in a city, have a plan to be elsewhere if something happens. People become like animals when social order breaks down so cities probably not a good place to be. Being close to a large source of fresh water is probably a good thing as well, just be 2 miles from it since there will be surges. dont be on a mountain or living right beside one as well, seismic activity can lead to rock slides or mud slides.

posted on May, 18 2014 @ 06:59 AM
a reply to: pasqualie

Thank you for your post. I like it when people share their experience so I can examine similarities.

My current state is a low root flame up to shoulders.
Little spin/feeling of chi flow on the top of my head changing a bit from instant to instant.
Low to almost not sense in the middle of the forehead a little tingling on the top of my nose.
A little tingle in the hands.
A little tingle/chi flow focusing on my legs and underneath my right foot for some reason.

Mood a little bit bored and homesick with a little bit och black humor.


The difficulty of all this is getting to a relaxed state where you are almost asleep but awake.

I once was at that stage to get a message thru the internal speakers. For several reasons when I go relaxing try astral projection I do not come to this stage but seem to instead push a lot of chi thru my body making me a bit to hot from the root flame.

For those seeking the road down to enlightenment, just a warning, your world might get turned upside down.

That warning is spot on

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