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Be Good, or Do Good - an opinion from a realist

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posted on May, 15 2014 @ 03:56 AM
Lets first realise that there are many definitions of "good" - to assume that we were all created equal, is to, assume that "bad" is a result of actions that lead to ones own demise, be that from a religious perspective. For instance, things that you are "not supposed to do" and the assumption that these "mistakes" are why we fall. From this point we can be bitter, we can say "why is it wrong" - however, it is obvious that we would fall into a trap, a trap of religious beliefs, so, why not shelve the concept, and say, no, we are not created equal, because, we are all different as individuals, and the conclusion of "equality" is simply that we have started from the same place, simply being, the source of all things that are - big bang, evolution, intelligent design, God himself, or even Newtonian physics - you choose.

So, from a realists perspective, "bad" things are not guarantees that you have wronged yourself, they are simply things that have a higher likelihood of being causative to your own demise - such as, disobeying the law and ending up in prison, however, of course, you get away with it, you get away with it.

Lets stop here, one can say, the "good" do not suffer, and we, the "non-good" are stuck with ourselves. This perspective is the crux of religious belief - change your ways, seek forgivenes, or even assume that you are simply "doomed".

This perspective is the foundation of normative definitions of "good" - those whom occupy higher planes of existence, those whom are "With God", and those whom are on a "side" of reality that pertains the occupants of the "Good" side come to no harm if they do not make "mistakes" - these "mistakes" as per the doctrine of religion.

Many suffer at the hands of these beliefs, it is very sad, when one surrenders and accepts that they are "doomed" - giving them the excuse to commit harmful acts as they see that their fate is doomed.

Here is where we should stop, ok, from their perspective, maybe we are not on the "good" side, however, lets trash the whole thing, and start with a realists perspective.

Ok, first, yes, bad things happen, this is reality, and yes, bad things can happen to anyone, because, they do.

For example, death, accidents, and all manner of things, one can say we are in a prison, a lower dimension, one can come up with a myriad of reasons to say that "it is not the way things should be" - however, if you are a realist, then you can say that religion is man-made, and God, is just what remains of reality, an observer, a nothing, just what is absolute, and no, God does not have a pen and paper, and did not write out religious doctrines.

So, it is their belief system, it simply isolates those whom do not have unfavourable or destructive tendencies, and is a system that isolates or segreggates the population in an attempt to defend the "good" so that the "bad" have no influence.

Lets now take ourselves as realists, we accept reality and that reality is inherently unpredictable, unless you want to create your own reality, with rules, regulations, and punishments.

So, do we have a "good" - we do - and this is doing things that benefit one whom is suffering - so, to help someone escape from prison - yes, its a good thing for them - to stand up for someone, no matter what they have done or what they are - yes, that is good. To accept someone for what they are and accept their perspective, yes, in my mind, that is good.

So, think, what do you see, do you see things that happen or are happening to others that are unfavourable to them, from their perspective, of course - what can you do, without judgement, without suffering yourself, to make something favourable occur to them?

Myself, I disagree with institutionalisation, I do not think, that a zany teenager that was acting out, is harmful to the public, I do not see a young man or woman, confined in an institute, forced to remain confined, biting their fingers off and slashing their wrists to be a "good" thing - Not being "normal" is no reason in my mind for one to suffer as such.

To tell you the truth, you can talk to youself all day long and make monkey noises, you can run though the streets naked, I really wouldn't give a damn.

Prove yourself.

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posted on May, 15 2014 @ 04:23 AM
a reply to: SystemResistor

WOW! How does one follow that?

I simply say "what a great post." Rather exemplary in fact.

You are a source of light!

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posted on May, 15 2014 @ 04:33 AM
exceptionally interesting..

posted on May, 15 2014 @ 04:47 AM
a reply to: SystemResistor

There is the difference between the individual and collective. To protect the individual from another individual we have created laws. Rules to try and make sure individuals arent bad to other individuals (no matter how good, being bad to another may be for the one), to try and maximize the good the all individuals can achieve and create for themselves, without say, having to fear every moment they will be robbed or raped.

So you can look at good and bad from the individual perspective, which besides the collectively shared (its good to have food, water, clothing and shelter...if life is good (or worth living), then those things that aid life are good. That which does not aid in the continuation of life, is then seen as bad, thus the idea of 'sin'), is completely subjective, for example, whats 'good' for me is killing you, whats 'good' for me is getting piercings and tattoos, whats 'good' for me is destroying the rain forest, whats 'good' for me is eating a child, whats 'good' for me is playing baseball.

And good and bad from the collective, or supreme individual perspective, that is to say, if you are an individual, and you value your life, those other individuals value their life, if you dont want bad to happen to your life via them, dont cause bad to happen to their life via you. Thus, the progression of society through the ages, law, community, bare-ability of humanity with itself, and all good that has come from the human species. With of course the much grey area and 'difficulties'.

posted on May, 15 2014 @ 05:28 AM
Just remember son, Sh1t happens regardless if your good, bad or ugly.

You can be the nicest good guy on the planet and get hit by lightning, so sure be good but dont go too far out of your way because theres no reward from nature or those that dont care.

posted on May, 15 2014 @ 05:46 AM
If you don't mess with someone the provability of that person not messing with you is higher.

If you do something nice for someone without getting nothing in return you increase the pool of people that may help you in a bad situation.

If you look like a good person that wont break the law you decrease the chance a law enforcement will mess with you.

If you are a dick (why someone would name their son dick, its beyond my comprehension
), looking like a gangsta and are messing with people for no reason the chance bad things will happen to you are really really high.

As you see if you help people, do no harm to others and look like a law obedient citizen does not mean you are good, it may mean you are just selfish guy caring only for your well being and want to fool the police while you commit your crimes and when you are cough with 3 woman in chains that you enslave for 15 years people on you neighborhood may say
he was a good person he always brought stakes to the bbq, ok what was my point again? oh right doing no harm increase the chance you will get no harm, the chance something bad happens to you is always there.

posted on Jun, 15 2014 @ 04:49 PM
If you steal and get away with it you are only getting away with the punishment given by others.
But should you punish yourself and is there a higher reason for being good.

Good is often labeled at helping others which it is but it gives people in a position to help a righteous arrogance.

Should we consider more characteristics like dependable, creative, leadership or is good trump.

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