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New trogen Naste one to.

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posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 01:00 PM
Cant stand these trogens with auto installers I have nortian fire wall compleatly updated pluse a pop up stoper . Pluse nortian anti virse compleatly updated pluse my own fixes.
and still even with all that I hit a web site that has a trogen downloader in it . Streght through everthing. so on to back up security right?
nope not this time even with spybot search and destroy and adaware .
They are now downloading the reinstallers in a different directery .
So now its going through thousands of window files and the reg by hand .
at this point I cant even launch internet exployer without the web page being taking over imeatly and even putting yahoo or msn search pages address in by hand sends me right back to there search page .
Throus hands up gets very MAD and finly finds the reinstaller by hand delites the using search and destroy pluse adaware recleans reg and goes in a checks to be sure no hidden cookies history or temp files left behind .
finly gets pc back . total time 15 minits or so . Problem is Im not nearly as good as some of you guys here just bearly up to such a huge challange .
Its realy a pain to find these reinstallers by hand you may know excatly were to look each time Im still having to check 20 extra folders pluse they changed the main folder they used to download into making it even harder.
wich is why adaware and search and destroy missed it.
Ps this is just mostly a rant but if you know how to Permintly make the pc ask for an installl befor it can . In other words do away with auto install compleatly Id be for ever greatfull.
Pss I did beat them though . Better check my windows updates now.

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