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Which Origin of GOD Do You Believe Exists?

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posted on May, 15 2014 @ 08:38 PM
What I believe is that man cannot imagine what he has never perceived with their five senses or has not been consciously told about. This can be demonstrated with the following exercise:

Can you imagine what a 5th dimensional shape looks like with 5 degrees of freedom? No. Why? Because we have never seen one. You can simulate one with software but we can only observe a 3d slice of this 5 dimensional object. Either this shape doesn't exist and math is a joke or we have never seen it so we don't know how to represent it. I think it is the later.

Humans have always used their perception of nature to find answers to their problems: flying, by observing animals that fly and emulating the model, wheel by emulating a circular shape from a rock that rolled down a hill, a lens from a drop of water that amplifies the light, concrete from mixing earth elements with water and drying it, etc... That is what science teaches that we must observe, perceive to make a discovery of something.

So if you are persuaded thus far that we have discovered a lot and have invented nothing that is not absolute like hydrogen or earth or water. We cannot imagine what we don't know about. We can only combine what we know to make something new which is things we know about put together like a car, steel, rubber, oil and electricity. Nothing in a car was invented by us just things that we discovered throughout time that we put together.

So knowing that we cannot know what we cannot perceive with our senses and nobody has direct data using our sensory system to detect God or only a select few has had that chance, where did the concept of a supreme being that made everything come from? Where could this be observed in nature that made us think of this or invent him? If we never knew about souls why would a human say we have souls and when we die we go to heaven? Seems like a leap of faith to assert this which is what many are doing.

I think God told us and we have kept the message since the beginning and as the message goes some are trying to confuse it and it is working. Frankly my answer is very long and would take time to go through since it combines history, scripture, unofficial scripture, science and common sense.

To answer your questionnaire:

Which one is the right one? I believe in God, which one is still a the study for me because all the holy books contain much of the same information I tend to think they all speak of the same God.

Why do I believe in God? Because, I don't see any other explanation that satisfies everything better then this one, it is simpler then the alternatives. Because we have freewill to believe why would evolution make us have the capacity to believe if it is useless and only science is the ultimate truth? Can a squirrel believe or a whale?

Why do I follow the advice of God? Because he made us and is the source to know how to live, plus many of the examples given on how to live make sense to me.

I don't follow according to all those sources because it is very difficult and I can be weak giving in to the 7 deadly sins sometimes which sums up pretty much almost all the problems humans struggle with in the world.

Using the rational and emotional in balance to find God is how you can find him, seek with your heart and honestly analyzing the facts and you will find your answers.

posted on May, 15 2014 @ 09:52 PM

originally posted by: bitsforbytes
...all the holy books contain much of the same information I tend to think they all speak of the same God.

If they all speak of the same God, why do they ALL disagree?

Religion is about disinformation, God is about demonstration.

Only ONE single book throughout history has demonstrated that it is in fact divinely inspired.

The prophecies in the bible are irrefutable proof that the Bible is in fact is a construction of God.

It is a complete impossibility for it to have been just a human invention.

The Bible is proven as the word of God by the fulfillment of Bible prophesies. It is mathematically impossible for all of these prophesies to have just happened by chance. This proves that the people that wrote the Bible were inspired by God, for only God could accurately foretell the future, in detail 100% of the time, and at the same time encourage mankind to obey Him. Source

"Perhaps the most compelling of evidences demonstrating that the Bible is the word of God is its unswerving ability to accurately predict future events, often in minute details. Specific prophesies are conspicuously absent from the 26 other religious books that claim to be scripture, including the Muslim's Koran, the Book of Mormon, the Hindu Vedas, and Buddhist writings. This in itself should be a major eye-opener to the honest skeptic. " Accuracy Of Prophecy

"There are 28 books throughout human history that people claim to be from God. How do we know which one is from God? Only the Christian Holy Bible contains prophecy (foretelling of the future) that has NEVER missed. God tells us, if what the prophet says doesn't come true, he did not speak it."

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