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Self Fulfilling Prophecies, Holographic Universe of infinite perspectives->Free will

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posted on May, 15 2014 @ 12:47 PM
a reply to: kauskau

5 years of researches on aliens and all you can do, as the conclusion, is to believe in bashar/ashtar channeling? What a waste. Let me explain you in one sentence why you choose to believe in this scam: it is convenient for your mind because it resonates with your expectations of what reality is. The problem, always, is: expectations are subjective, illusions that prevent you from seeing whats real. It is fine to do your own researches but if you start with the wrong mindset, you are doomed.

posted on May, 15 2014 @ 12:52 PM
a reply to: Oannes

mind blown..i just searched for "jesus" and holographic...

i need to post this

"Q: Does the technology of holograms accurately describe how the physical universe is constructed?
B: It is a good analogy. It is not, let us say, completely precise, but it is an analogy that will do – in the
sense that every single point contains the information of the whole.
All space is within you. You are holographic. The universe is holographic. That is,
each and every point contains the whole."
Q: A couple of years ago I read “Bringers of the Dawn,” by Barbara Marciniak. . .
B: Yes.
Q: . . . there was one segment in the book where they say that the crucifixion of Jesus was a hologram.
B: Yes.
Q: Okay, that completely goes over my head, I can’t fathom this, how would that have been?
B: What you are interpreting as a hologram is simply that it meant it was a multidimensional event that
was perceived in a number of different ways, depending upon the direction from which the perceiving
was done. It took place multidimensionally, simultaneously, in a variety of expressions, not viewed in
the same way from all places. Holographic simply means it represents the totality of all in one spot, and
when viewed from a particular perspective will be seen in a different way, according to those
perspectives, assumptions, expectations, belief systems, so on and so forth. Does that make any more
sense to you?
Q: Yes, that does, I can grasp that.
B: You understand the physical nature of what you call a physical hologram on your planet, a
three-dimension picture?
Q: Well, I do, yes. I do understand that.
B: Do you understand that you can store a whole set of images on the same piece of film?
Q: Yes.
B: If you view a hologram from one direction, you will see one kind of object, if you change the angle
slightly you see a completely different object in the same piece of film. That is what is meant by
holographic structure. Everything that does exist, all exists within that one spot. You can access
different aspects of the totality, depending upon your approach to it, from that one spot. In ancient times
the analogy of the hologram was called in your language, in your culture, Indra’s net. Indra’s net was a
net of pearls, perfectly round reflective pearls. If you think about it for a moment, you realize that each
and every pearl, by definition, must contain the reflection in its surface of every other pearl in the net.
You follow me?
Q: Yes.
B: Do you see how that can be so?
Q: Yes.
B: Therefore, all you need to do to understand the information of all the pearls of the net is simply to
refer to the reflections in one pearl. You don’t have to go all over the place, if you just go with one pearl,
depending upon the angle you are looking at it, you will receive or access the information of all the
pearls in the net, that is what is meant by the holographic structure."

posted on May, 15 2014 @ 12:58 PM

"expectations are subjective, illusions that prevent you from seeing whats real. "

There is no thing apart from a subjective perspective that is real.

There is only perspectives. This is what it means: the universe is holographic in its nature.

Quantum physics begins to understand that.

"Science, in general, upon your planet does represent, in a sense, the closest approach to the idea of
integration, of understanding your relationship to the idea of yourself as All That Is, and this is why
your physics, particularly the branch you call quantum mechanics, has begun to allow you to perceive
the connection of your consciousness to the universe. But still, many times, science feels it needs to
create proofs that exclude the ideas of faith and belief.
Now, understand that with regard to metaphysics, this idea of requiring physiological proof will never,
in those terms, be able to glean an acceptable proof from the area you call psychic phenomena until it is
understood that your definitions of that discipline are, in your terms, biased by what you think they
should be."

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posted on May, 15 2014 @ 01:01 PM

Does this not ring true to you? For me this is a perfect explanation of reality (edit: of how holographic structures can seem to be "objectified" or "linear" or "real"..This of course is only the beginning of understanding the structure. Bashar NEEDS to use euphemisms because we still do not understand consciousness as PART of the Objectification")

You can create a vibration of knowingness that when anyone chooses to participate in such a vibration, they can allow themselves to recognize, in your terms, the reality of all of the perspectives you are now discovering in your physics. You have exemplified, to some degree, this idea by what you term to be your unified field theories. Understand that you are, your consciousness is, a field, and it will have to be one of the fields in the unification theory; though you find that your chromo-dynamic quantum theories have united the weak, electromagnetic, and strong forces, with gravity still remaining outside this present unification theory. These will only account for the physicalized manifestation of those fields. Recognize that gravity will even be seen to have physical and nonphysical counterparts within the template we will describe in Chapter Seven of the work. The consciousness field, also, will be a portion of this template field, which we will define later, as we have said. Recognize that your unified fields will extend into non-physicality, allowing you to understand that consciousness and the foundation template will form the last two fields that you will seek to integrate. Thus, there will not be, as you have said, four energies to unify, but six, which will be exemplified in some very obvious ways and symbols later. Allow us to interject a clarification of the difference between field, energy, vibration, and force: Energy can describe radiation in either a focused or diffused manner. A field typically refers to a diffused expression of energy; that which fills a volume of space. Force is a mathematical expression, a vector of intersecting energies. Vibration is a frequency; a rate of modulation within an energy field. Now, within science’s ability to recognize that all ideas are vibrations, scientists will be able to create ideas of space travel that will allow them to understand how you are not something which exists within space and time, but that space and time are properties of any object within it. In this way, you will 5understand that both our communication and our space travel will be based on the vibrational understanding that will be exemplified in the example I will now share. If, in this "thought experiment" you allow yourself to create two objects, identical in every conceivable way physically, measure for measure, molecule for molecule, atom for atom, quark for quark, you will understand that they are still two different objects by definition of their locations in space. Now, we view that that locational vibration is a property of each object; one possessing location A; one possessing location B. In this way, you can recognize that, with the utilization of consciousness and the template, you can create a field which can unlock the idea vibration of an object from any particular physical reality it is experiencing, and you can remove or replace the idea identity of its locational vibration with another one. For example: take out location A, replace with location B. In this way, you will be able to understand that when you release this unlocking field and allow the object to re-materialize, re-physicalize, it will, by definition, need to take up residence at location B, rather than A. It now will seem to have traversed, as you say, magically, the distance in between, while no real traveling has occurred at all. It has, in a sense, been recreated from one point to another. Understand that this is not so mysterious. This occurs all the time, because time is also something you are creating, and as you have already understood, space and time are discontinuous. It is not a smooth continuum. In a sense, it flickers on and off, as you understand it, although not so much off; but simply shares moments with other dimensions of reality in such a way as to flicker so rapidly that you do not experience these other dimensions until you synchronize with them. You synchronize with one at a time. All the other dimensions of experience, including the idea you call the past and the future, exist in between all the moments you call your reality. Thus, recognize that while you seem to walk down your street, you are actually a continuous broken series of recreated images that, because they vibrate so rapidly, you choose to perceive as a smooth continuum. Recognize that you can remove many of the interim steps between Point A and B, and simply be at A and then B, without having to perceive the flow of movement in between. All of these ideas will be able to be projected into physical testability when you allow yourself to know that your consciousness is one of the vibrations within the unified fields. You can now begin to understand how science is also, simply, a philosophy, and how it can blend with the ideas of faith. For you will understand that since you are the vibration of your reality, physically, and thus, create that reality to be reflected back to the idea of your personality, which contains the mentality that contains the senses, you will also understand, through this integration, that while science, as you have known it, has postulated that seeing is believing, it will now allow itself to experience the polarity of believing is seeing. And you will also recognize that the idea of polarity itself will be a vibration, which created the ability to separate yourself from the universe. You will be able to measure its properties, in a sense, as you will be able to understand the ideas of space/time within one physical equation.

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posted on May, 15 2014 @ 01:43 PM
so shoot at the message in detail...go for it.

You are good in shooting at the messenger.

Thats all .

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