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Self Fulfilling Prophecies, Holographic Universe of infinite perspectives->Free will

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posted on May, 13 2014 @ 12:30 PM
10 years ago i was very interested in the question if life after death exists. I studied for 2 years almost every reliable source. Met different people who have contact with dead people and got my own proof. Now there is no doubt for me that life after death is real. But i could not proof it to anyone. Because it was my experiences that gave me proof. It was not hard facts. I could not give someone a photograph or a mathematical formula. And i could not even discuss it with many people openly because i saw that my words became flat and without meaning without the experiences i made. And i really could not "explain those experiences" without getting ridiculed in a way.

I was very angry about that when i was young. That people seemed to have a defense mechanism when it came to my experiences. They would not except it until i gave them "proof" but my proof was not the proof they wanted. Later a few of those people made their own experiences and we could talk openly. And suddenly they "accepted" my proof as "proof",because they did not need it anymore. So i saw: its not about proof. Its about experience and allowing proof to "occur".

So i learned that in a way : there seems to be a freedom involved. Everyone is free to believe whatever she or he likes and it will get reflected. I always asked myself "how does this work when there is only one universe"...

5 years ago i started to do the same with "Aliens". I studied all kinds of things. ANd now there is no doubt for me that we already have contact to a few races.

But i can not proof it to you.

Today i found a text that made it clear why this is happening. I hope we can discuss the text without looking at who is the source. Because i know that people (strangely enough) don´t like me to post stuff from that being.
But again.....In a way thats also part of a topic. Because it became a self fulfilling prophecy in a way that i can not even talk about it anymore here..

First: i don´t believe anymore that we are living in "one Universe". I believe there is an infinite number of parallel realities and we are experiencing "probabilities". Its like we would live in an infinite subjective holographic universe. There is no objective Reality in that. YOU are a complete universe unto itself. And right now i am a part of your universe and you are "seeing a reflection" of a quantum possibility. And you can react in what ever way you like to possibilities. do Self Fulfilling prophecies work?

I could not explain it better than an advanced know who...But he is not important. What is important is the content of the message. So please: dont shoot the messanger. Lets just discuss if what he says here could be real.

I like this perspective. It goes hand in hand with my experiences and i could not say it better.

I think what he says here in a simple way will be proven soon by science.

posted on May, 13 2014 @ 12:31 PM

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy B: Allow us first to delineate the idea that every prophecy is a self-fulfilling prophecy – every single one. For a prophecy is what you usually term a prediction, a point of view, a perspective on something that you may feel will come about to represent a certain idea, a certain reality, a certain manifestation. Any of these so-called predictions are always a result of a particular mode of thinking, a particular belief structure, a particular perspective that already exists to begin with. All prophecies that you hear about always must come out of a particular belief structure, and therefore, are always oriented to the belief structure out of which they have emerged. But also recognize something else: each and every idea and each and every belief in any given idea will always generate a system of logic that will support the belief in that idea. Always. Now, what we are colloquially saying is that, as we have said before, the truth is composed of all truths; and all truths, all perspectives are true, are real. Simply that any time you have a particular perspective, a particular point of view, a belief in that point of view will always generate through your mind a system of logic that will reinforce and support that point of view that it is self-fulfilling, self-perpetuating. So when one individual says, "Well, I believe this way; and as proof that it works, this happens, this happens, this happens and this happens. So you have to know that what I am saying is true.” But recognize, another individual at the same time can say, "But look: I believe this way; and this happens, this happens, and so on. And therefore, I have my feedbacks, my validations, my proofs for the way I believe.” Now your society, as we have observed it, basically does not allow there to be an understanding that both of these individuals are correct. Each of them at the same time, because of the direction of their belief, has generated within their mentality, and all others like them, the perpetuation of a system of logic that, by definition, must always reinforce and support the system of belief that the individual is upholding. This is the fundamental mechanism of universal creation, that each and every belief will perpetuate a complete system unto itself, so that that system can function as its own universe, self-contained, self-perpetuating, self-validating, self-reinforcing. Each and every thing you understand is, in and of itself, able to support and sustain itself for as long as you maintain that perspective. Therefore, simply recognize that anyone’s system works for them, because they are each using the fundamental mechanism of the universe to support themselves, to reinforce themselves. Because that is their particular way at that moment that they need to be to understand who and what they are, to experience what they believe they need to be. 1So the universe, being the infinite holographic mechanism that it is, will always be able to allow for the generation of a complete and total self-feeding system that will seem to be, to the one using that system, the only system that works. Because that is the nature of that system; it must be self-contained in order for you to get out of it what you need to get out of it. With one exception, any system of belief, which allows itself to include an understanding that all systems of belief work, will also be able, because of that definition, to create a system of logic that will sustain that person’s ability to see all systems working; to see all systems as a manifestation of the same mechanism; and to be able to utilize out of any system any particular ritual or methodology they desire to use at any given moment. And it will always work for them in that moment. They can pick and choose from all the different systems, all the different methodologies and ways that are available in your culture, because they are willing to have a system that has a broad overview. And they allow themselves to know that all truths are true, all truths are real. They are simply relative points of view of the one homogenous mechanism that allows any individual to function as a reflection of the fact that they are a multidimensional creator. As some of your literature says, you are made in the image of the Infinite Creator; and what that means is that you are an infinite creator. And therefore, you have the capability of creating experientially in your physical reality any system at all. And if you believe that system will work, it will, because you are that fluid and flexible and powerful a creator. Therefore, allow yourselves – if you wish, not because we say so, but just because you wish it – to know that you can avail yourselves of the broad-spectrum view that will allow you richness, variety, diversity in knowing that anything, at any moment that appeals to your curiosity, that attracts your excitement, is a methodology that, because it attracts you, will work for you. Because you are perhaps coming from the point of view that anything that you are attracted to is something that will work for you – as long as you know you are functioning within your integrity, and following at any given moment the thing that excites you the most. Then you can generate a belief system that will utilize the fundamental mechanism of the universe in the same way that any other system does – but will allow you to experience a support system, a system of logic, self-perpetuating and self-proving, that will also allow you a wide range of tools. Your imagination, as we have always said, is the key. Your imagination is the primal tool through which any ritual, methodology, or process you believe you need can come to you. For all the rituals and methodologies that have existed in any other way of belief were all created by imagination to begin with. So allow yourselves, if you wish, to function as the axiom that the truth is all truths; and that any truth is real if that is your focus at that time. You will always be supported; you will always get the feedback; you will always have the proof at any given moment, that the system you believe in is the system that will work for you at that moment. When you change the idea that you are, you automatically change the belief system; you automatically change the system of logic that supports it. 2Anything and everything will work for you because you are the creator of anything and everything in your experiential reality. So anything you have to predict about yourselves, any prophecy you wish to become, in line with your system of logic will always be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Because that is the point of view you are coming from; and any such prediction was made from within that point of view. You all follow along? AUD: Yes. Yes. B: We thank you for allowing us to share these perspectives, and remind you always that they are simply the perspective and point of view that have worked for our civilization. It is up to you to determine what will work for you. We simply are interacting with your civilization at this time because we recognize that many of you have similar points of view to the points of view that have worked for us. And so we will, as a part of the system of logic that supports itself, come to reinforce the system we exist within. And simply invite any who wish to share that system to share it with us. But know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that no matter what system of belief you choose, you are at any given moment doing the thing that represents who you need to be at that moment. And we believe in that choice utterly. And so we will extend once again our appreciation to you in allowing us to experience the gift of your collective and individual consciousness, to allow us to see that many more ways that Infinite Creation has of expressing itself within the creation that it is. We thank you for your gift of sharing; and so we will now turn it around and simply ask you once again, how may we serve you at this time?

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posted on May, 13 2014 @ 12:37 PM

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posted on May, 13 2014 @ 12:42 PM

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posted on May, 13 2014 @ 01:16 PM
I'd love to just say that was a great read, quite close to what I've come to feel about the nature of the universe threw multiple recourses.
Could I ask where this quote came from? Sounds almost like the RA recordings if you've heard of it.

posted on May, 13 2014 @ 01:24 PM
a reply to: pryed -eyed-one

"Sounds almost like the RA recordings if you've heard of it. "

I assume this make a reference to the "Law of one" material ? correct me if i am wrong.

posted on May, 13 2014 @ 01:46 PM
a reply to: pryed -eyed-one

yes i know the law of one.

And yes: absolute truth is truth. No matter which source it comes through.

posted on May, 13 2014 @ 01:47 PM

originally posted by: octahedron
a reply to: pryed -eyed-one

"Sounds almost like the RA recordings if you've heard of it. "

I assume this make a reference to the "Law of one" material ? correct me if i am wrong.

Yes exactly, I was trying to remember it but couldn't, I was actually too lazy to google just there lmao

posted on May, 13 2014 @ 02:15 PM
a reply to: kauskau

Wow thats mind blowing im going to have to read this a few times to really get it as im not the best of readers very interesting thanks for sharing.

posted on May, 13 2014 @ 02:52 PM
a reply to: zedy63

well if you dont like to read you will find videos from bashar on youtube (Type in darryl anka bashar)

This anyway is a text from a live Talk but some people can better understand him when they read it..
But the good thing in listening to it is he gives off a frequency which makes it easy to understand it..

I prefer the live videos....and audios..

But i found some free transcripts of the old talks which helped me to understand "free will" more precisely.

Because you are – and every being within creation is – a self-aware, self-reflective, free will entity, a holographic representation of the Infinite Creation, you have the ability to operate on any number of frequency levels that you desire to. Those frequency levels are automatically determined by what you buy into most strongly as the belief you believe is most true for you. Now, because of the type of society you have created, many of you have been for a long time, shall we say, heavy into self-invalidation. This idea of being self-invalidational has allowed you to buy into belief systems that are not necessarily representative of the belief systems that would be precisely reflective of who it is you have created yourselves to be, of who it is you desire to be. Many individuals may put invalidations and judgments upon you, and you may – without sometimes even consciously being aware of it – buy into those invalidations and say, "Yes, you’re right. I’m this; I’m that. It’s not what I really want to be, but you must be right, because so many people tell me this idea." Now sometimes individuals can be reflecting to you something that you may be doing that is not necessarily in accord with who it is you could be. Sometimes they can be reflecting to you when you are not necessarily working within your integrity; but that’s all right. If you can simply take the advice in the best light of unconditional love and know that your desire, your overall intention is for integrity, then you will always be able to use it in a positive and a constructive way. But when your society creates patterns and habits that are generally negative, generally domineering, generally power-removing, then those particular atmospheres are not necessarily – just because you hear them over and over again – representative of something you really need to work on. Just because everyone else has an opinion of what you ought to be doing does not necessarily mean that it is who you are or what it is you are best at. The idea is to remember that everyone is a mirror; that is how every being in creation has been designed. But a mirror doesn’t mean that what you see in it is an absolute one-to-one reflection of exactly the things you need to work on. Sometimes an individual will attract into his life certain individuals who may seem to be invalidational, because in attracting those individuals – by not accepting their invalidations, he reflects back to those individuals an opportunity to see what it is like for an individual to stand on his own two feet when he is absolutely sure of what it is he desires to do. And to give back to that invalidating individual an opportunity to stand on his own two feet for what he believes in. For what everyone believes in is also just as true and just as valid as any other belief. All truths are true in the ultimate sense, because you create your own reality. Some of them may lack integrity; some of them may have a high degree of integrity. But nonetheless, they are all real experiences; they are all true dimensions of reality, and not any one of them is any more or less valid than any other – as an experience, as a lesson. Every situation has the potential for you to learn something from it in whatever way you wish to apply that idea; it is completely up to you. When you are as clear as you can be about the definitions of life 2you have bought into, then you can use every situation and see how it matches up to the definitions you prefer to have. You can take advice where it works for you; you can let it go where you believe it doesn’t. And later on, if you change your mind, that’s all right too. Because you have that capability; you have that capacity, and you have that right. The first step in the whole idea of creating your reality to be what you desire it to be is in ceasing to invalidate yourself. Because you – you, you, you – are the only thing you have to work with in your universe. You are the representation, in your way, of the Infinite. And if you invalidate that, any part of it, then you do not allow yourselves to function as whole beings capable of using whatever information may come to you from individuals in a constructive way. If you do not allow yourselves to love yourselves unconditionally, then you do not know who you are, and you do not have something to stand up for – to reflect back to everyone else so they can see in you the shining example of what they can also be in their own way. Are you all following along? Is this translating into your language adequately?

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posted on May, 13 2014 @ 03:45 PM
a reply to: kauskau

I will thanx

posted on May, 13 2014 @ 05:25 PM
This resonates with me like you wouldn't believe. I had come to the "brain as a radio receiver" conclusion on my own when I was maybe a teenager, and I think I may have had some intuition about reality after having had some experiences as a child with possible OBEs.

Later, in college, a friend and I stayed up talking about Hawking's "A Brief History of Time", and we came to some conclusions about reality then, too. One of which was that the universe is subjective from each individual's experience/POV, and that the "center" of the universe is wherever the experiencer is located within it.

posted on May, 13 2014 @ 09:59 PM
"this also works with ET.....and Death..and everything you believe in. You will get proof..if you already believe something".. as stated by kauskau above...

Which reminds me of a question I have had for a long time that I had thought of one day and asked my college psychology teacher..... "Do you see what you believe, or do you believe what you see"?
I personally think we live in a interactive "multiverse" and (we do absolutely see what we believe). Then we validate that said proof though our experience thus in the end believing what we perceive (see).

This idea goes hand in hand with quantum physics and the "Perception" of Light. With scientist asking is light a particle or a wave? The answer is both, but you will only see the one at a time, depending on what the scientist is looking for at the time.

So yes I believe there is initially a matter of belief or direction of thought that will determine what kind of proof we receive.

posted on May, 14 2014 @ 06:10 AM
a reply to: GoldNGone

yes!!!! thats really astounding. I am still learning but i am playing more and more with the fact that believing is seeing

Its really interesting how much changed in my life..

Thus, you are beginning to reverse all the scenarios that you have been previously taught in your society for how creation is what you experience. You have been taught previously the idea that seeing is believing. But now you are beginning to understand that believing is seeing. And even though you may not be aware of that fact, you now are awakening into the understanding that when you have a situation occur in your life in the physical reality, that that is not what creates your beliefs; it is the product of your beliefs. Now, it may reinforce the beliefs that you have, and it may then allow you to experience feelings that you feel are the result of that experience. But understand: a belief exists within you first, and then you have a feeling. There is no such thing as a feeling, no such thing as a reaction out of the blue. No situation in any way, shape or form, ever can prompt any particular built-in feeling from you if you do not already have a built-in belief about what that situation means. When you attract a situation into your life, and then you find the reaction within you, it is that reaction and that situation that lets you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what the belief was that was imbedded and ingrained within your consciousness that allowed for the existence of that situation to begin with. And when those situations come into your life, they are not there, if they are negative situations, to show you that you are a failure in life. No. They are not there to show you that you are stuck with this idea in life. No. They are there to show you that you have the belief that has attracted this situation. And therefore, now you are aware of what this belief is – so that if you do not prefer the situation that occurs in your life, now that you are in touch with what the belief is and what the definition of the belief is – you can now alter that definition with your imagination. Now that the situation in life has made you aware of what it is. And when you alter that definition – when you alter that belief and create it as a conscious decision to be the way you prefer it to be – that is the way you will see your physiological reality occur all around you. For once again, you will begin to realize that your physiological reality is only – and can only be – a shadow of the soul, a reflection of the idea, at any given moment, that you are. Is all of this translating into your language appropriately? Are you following along? AUD: Yes. Yes.

posted on May, 15 2014 @ 10:33 AM
How to connect to "knowledge" that seems secret....

"Again, we understand that individuals may make attempts to hide information for a variety of positive
and/or negative reasons from time to time, depending upon circumstances and situations. We are not
saying that you cannot in that sense keep something to yourself; however, when we say there are no
secrets what we are reminding you of is that every single one of you has the ability to access any piece
of information at all, and in that sense nothing really can be kept a secret if you have a desire to know it.
There are no secrets ultimately in the sense that everything is accessible to all of you. Nothing is kept
from you in creation, nothing.
But the idea – and here is where it gets very interesting in your society – the idea itself, pay attention to
this, the idea itself that there are secrets is the first step toward the idea of control. Do you understand
this? Keeping you trying to figure out what the secrets are is the way to actually remain within the idea
of control, or the domination of those that want you to believe more than anything else that there is such
a thing as a secret you don’t know.
It doesn’t even many times matter whether there’s any information behind that. The very idea itself that
there can be such a thing as some secret you can never know is all it takes to keep you running in circles.
So, pay attention; the idea is again – not that there haven’t been individuals who have in some senses
participated in what you might euphemistically call a conspiracy here and there, or attempted to keep
something hidden here and there – but the idea itself of getting caught up in the fact that there is a secret
that you must break, that there is a secret you must expose, is part of the manipulation.
When many individuals on your planet think they are getting to the point where they are about to expose
the secret, they think, in that sense, that they are breaking the manipulation, when in fact by believing
that there is a secret, they are reinforcing the concept of being manipulated.
All you need to do in any circumstance is understand, from the beginning, there are no secrets. Every bit
of information that exists is available to each and every one of you, if you want it. If you want it. And
that’s is
the key. Because many times you will find that you will actually not want it, because you love the game.
And you might create fear within yourself to find out what it is that you are afraid to find out. Because
for some reason you may have a definition or a belief about what that will mean – it will lead to this, it
will lead to that
so in many ways you actually perpetuate the game because you don’t really want to know.
But I tell you this; any thing you really, really, really want to know is available to you. There are no
secrets. None what so ever. Take that to heart. Now, again, we remind you not because any one thing
necessarily needs to work any better than anything else, all things being equal, and they are.
Again, we remind you to take advantage of what you already have available to you in your society.
Allow yourself to understand that we will once again at this time recommend – suggest to each and
every one of you that because you have already created it, and it is already available to you that you
make use of some of the literature that exists that can help you. But it is very clarifying, and again, we
suggest, for now at this time one primary suggestion and recommendation the creation of the literature
by the individual you know as the name of Walsch, that book you have called Conversations with God.
It is clear. It is direct. If you will read it until you know it, you will never, ever, need to speak to anyone
3but yourself again to know anything. So I would suggest you learn it. I suggest you live it. And that is
all it takes."
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posted on May, 15 2014 @ 11:11 AM
You lost me when you said the statement was by "an advanced alien". It was said by a guy, Paul Anka's brother, pretending to channel an alien. If he would just 'fess up and then begin teaching and touring as himself, someone who has a good gift of gab while speaking some nice positive-thinking information, then maybe people would have more faith in him. An advanced alien indeed. Mork from Ork is my idea of an advanced alien.
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posted on May, 15 2014 @ 12:22 PM
a reply to: Aleister

i know aleister. I know.
We talked about this.

Isn´t it strange how something like that can cloud the fact that a profound massage is brought?

If i would be in your position (not believing that bashar is the real deal) i would still see that darryl anka talks about profound and inspiring stuff in "perfect flow"... But you can not perceive that. You just hear "a liar".. And that proofs that what he says is real TO ME. Because i can not even begin to understand how you can not perceive a higher intelligence...and higher form of flow.


posted on May, 15 2014 @ 12:30 PM
We are quantum holographic Souls incarnate in earth vessels. We are not our bodies. We are Spirit. That's why we seek release through video games and drugs. Were missing a part of our selves that was always with us from the start.

posted on May, 15 2014 @ 12:38 PM
I never heard a bad answer from him in 4 years. Even if its fake..its pure Art and flow: its perfection. There is no "ahhs" or logical flaws.....Its a wonder.

I never hear him giving an answer that did not "resonate with my intuition".
I dont care if some people can not feel that. I don´t post this for those who are not interested in it or not open for it.

Why do you bother?

posted on May, 15 2014 @ 12:39 PM
Next question for me always was : why did the church in a way undermine our "free will" ...What role did Jesus Christ play..

I understood a lot with this answers from "the faking darryl anka."

Ok let me put myself in your perspective. Even if this was fake..i would gain a lot of inspiration from it...a lot!!!

"Q: What is the origin of the Catholic Church?
B: Many of the rituals now embodied in Catholic ritual came from ancient Druidic practices, remnants
of the priesthood hierarchy in the Atlantean civilization. These rituals were redefined to fit notions of
8the different councils and leaders, and so these misunderstood notions of hierarchy were handed down
to the congregation. Mostly it is one of the offshoots, as are many other religions on your planet, of
ancient Atlantean priesthoods. It went through a phase redefinition through Druidic practices, emerging
in areas on your planet that would support the definitions of intermingling – of not only the ancient
Druidic practices, but also some of the interminglings that took place a few thousand years ago with
many Orion incarnations – on certain levels.
Especially where rules and regulations are concerned; especially where structure is concerned;
especially where very deep and heavy energy is concerned – there was, to some degree, a reaction to
some of the negativity spawned in the sinking and the destruction of Atlantis. The idea of placing a very
strong hold on certain aspects of the will, so that through that belief it would be believed you would
regain reconnection to the Infinite through suppression, through order, through domination.

Q: Well, it’s a pretty popular belief that Jesus Christ actually instituted that...

B: Oh, no, no, no. The individuals around that individual instituted it to some degree, but not that
individual. That was never the intention of that individual. But you see, the point is that those disciples,
or apostles, were also full of the knowledge of some of the ancient Druidic practices at that time. Their
interpretation of the Christ consciousness was dispensed according to those ancient understandings, and
interpreted through that flow line into the basic structure you now have. That was their understanding at
the time of the arrival of the Christ consciousness through that particular manifestation.
It was not the intention of the Christ consciousness to establish that particular type of structure. It was
the intention of the individuals surrounding that individual, because that was their understanding at the
time, based on what they already had learned of some of these ancient practices. They were, to some
degree in their own understanding, continuing the lineage. But there was much misinterpretation.

Q: I want to ask more about Jesus. I’ve been reading a lot on his last years, and I want to know about the
period of time when the information was erased from the Bible. Did he go to India, and at what age?
B: There was the idea of travel to the area of India. We perceive that there was a connection at age 17
and also age 30, approximately, and also a connection in the area you call Egypt. In addition, there was
the idea of many out-of-body experiences in order to travel to many different places other than those
mentioned. Do recognize that what the being was allowing himself to know was his own Godhood, his
own Christ consciousness. And he was simply reflecting to you that you can do it too.
Q: When you repeat exactly what he said, that reveals the whole thing: I am the way, the truth, and the
B: Yes, it is self-evident. You see, that is why we are suggesting you do what he did, and not simply
follow him. For if you follow, then you wind up saying, "He said this; he said that," rather than
repeating what he said and feeling the vibration within yourselves for what it gives you.
Q: We are the ways, the truths, and the lives.
B: Yes

Now realize that the terminology, Christ, will mean many things. What you term to be Jesus, was
upon your Earth. There was the connection to the idea energy, in that sense, that your civilization has
1come to label as the Christ Consciousness. But understand that the Christ Consciousness or that type of
consciousness, a representative of which will be, quote/unquote, the aspect you call “Christ” will
pervade an entire density dimension of reality, and will be many places at many times. Do you follow
Q: Yes.
B: And when you choose to use that symbol, you are simply allowing yourself to reflect an idea that was
presented in a way not completely understood in the way it was created by that individual you have
called Jesus, in his own recognition of himself as vibrating at a higher level – if you wish, higher level of
consciousness. But offering the idea to all other consciousness within your civilization that that
vibration was also theirs, to vibrate in accord to, if they wished.
Understand that that individual never sought, nor required, followers; but only offered that each
individual could be as he was. Experiencing the vibration in total communication with the idea that you
have called the Christ Consciousness. You follow me?
Q: Yes.
B: Then, because of the separation that was within your society at that time and still to some degree is
the simple recognition of the energy of that dimension of reality you call the Christ Consciousness was
then applied to the one being who simply knew he could exemplify it. Therefore, he became the Christ,
but only by your appellation, not directly by his own.
Q: So, we created “Christ.”
B: Very good; very, very, very, good. Therefore, understand that that energy comes from you; you are
also the Christ Consciousness, if you wish, you are the creator. You are your own Father, Mother, Son,
Daughter. Thank you."

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