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The Reality of The Day After Tomorrow

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posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 11:06 AM
I remember when I came home after watching the movie I did google search about everything connected to the topic and found a lot of articles with "scientific" proof, that the idea behind the film is far fetched. I've read there, that the "doomsday" scenario hasn't to do anything with current climate changes - our world is facing some global warming problems, but nothing to be really afraid (at least next 100 years). I found there couple of serious warnings as well. From these ones I've learn, that however many events shown in the movie are impossible (e.g Superstorm), we will be likely witnessing an "abrupt climate changes" soon. Today browsing the news I found a article about Asia facing it already:

Asia Faces living Nightmare from Climate Change

In the decades to come, Asia -- home to more than half the world's 6.3 billion people -- will lurch from one climate extreme to another, with impoverished farmers battling droughts, floods, disease, food shortages and rising sea levels.

"It's not a pretty picture," said Steve Sawyer, climate policy adviser with Greenpeace in Amsterdam. Global warming (news - web sites) and changes to weather patterns are already occurring and there is enough excess carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to drive climate change for decades to come.

Already, changes are being felt in Asia but worse is likely to come, Sawyer and top climate bodies say, and could lead to mass migration and widespread humanitarian crises.

According to predictions, glaciers will melt faster, some Pacific and Indian Ocean islands will have to evacuate or build sea defenses, storms will become more intense and insect and water-borne diseases will move into new areas as the world warms.

I know climate changes topic was covered quite often here on ATS, and this what's happening with the climate is not a total surprise for most of you, so to do not start another thread like - OMG - we gonna die !
, I propose to "play with your imagination" and write possible (scientific references are welcome) scenarios of " The Day after Tomorrow"

Some links:
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ATS forums:
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Any takers??

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