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What lies beyond the farthest star?

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posted on May, 15 2014 @ 02:49 PM
a reply to: SheopleNation

Would the Fish seeing the Bug possibly be the equivalent of us seeing a Shooting Star or Satellite through the Stratosphere!?!?!

Where as the Fish seeing further out would be like us trying to vision Andromeda without a telescope!?!?!

Peace Sheople!!!

I'm not trying to drift from the topic OpenMinded (OP), just trying to fathom this overall question with analogy!!!

If we were to look at the edge of the Universe as Infinite...
14.5 Billion years becomes irrelevant...
Especially since we judge Years by our 365 Day Solar Cycle...
It could well be 100 Billion years since the Big Bang....
I'm sure 14.5b is only relevant to our System or even Galaxy...

The Galaxies further out from the expansion would no doubt be older than 14.5b Years!?!

This is an almost impossible question to answer but I'd hazard a guess that it's just Space at the furthest point...
Waiting to be filled, moving probably twice as fast as Light...
Understanding this question could also be the answer to FTL travel!!!

Peace everybody!!!

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posted on Jan, 18 2017 @ 02:08 AM
a reply to: [post=17913755]open

Ive had several out of body experiences throughout my life. And studied on astral projection, trying to get to a point where i can have controlled O.B.E's at will. It mostly happens involuntarily while im super tired or already asleep. But one time it happened while i was wide awake. I was playing my guitar and suddenly shot out of body through the roof of my house. I see blue sky. Continuing upward i reach outer space i see stars. Traveling so fast i zip by stars which at this point look like lines of lights (something like youd see in a movie of a space ship hits "hyper warp speed") passing all stars i come to a wall of some sort i dont know how to explain this a barrier maybe? It was a repeating pattern of diamond shapes. Up,down,left,right all i can see is this geometric pattern. The most beautiful thing ive ever seen. Each diamond shap was green around the edges swirling blue into a black center. Initially i think "this is the edge of space" and then had a follow up thought "no space has to be more infinite than this" i decide to try to go through this barrier and so i did. On the other side i was quickly greeted by a face or a head its hard to explain its appearance in words. Ive never seen anything close to like this. This being communicated without words. More like telepathy maybe? It let me know i DID NOT BELONG THERE. I was frightened by this being and next thing i know, im back home still playing my guitar like i didnt miss a note. May sound strange. But this is a completely real experience i had.

posted on Jan, 18 2017 @ 02:10 AM
a reply to: openminded2011

infinityyyyyyyyy ------------- and beyond

posted on Jan, 18 2017 @ 02:40 AM
a reply to: openminded2011
@What lies beyond the farthest star?
It would seem that once you begin to cross those boundaries of visible Star and or Celestial matter there would possibly be invisible matter.
Invisible only because unaware of its materials presence there-
Considering the energy containment device containing this Universe both being a vacuum but also a expanding mechanism, some of the materials further out would in theory be elder to the visible Star and or Celestial matter regions interpreted by those within those inhabited zones (unless heavy mass materials moved fast enough from younger regions out there during secondary+ processes of Creation).

In theory those materials moved furthest out after expansion like processes during Creation.

Deeper? in the ABYSS OF CREATION Beyond the visible & invisible Star and or Celestial islands? 1 would think that area would be more pressurized nearing whatever hypothesized barrier as the vacuum activities and expansion activities of the energy containment device are in closer contact.
Visualize that area where the Universe is pushing and pulling in closer contact. It may seem timeless to any that made it there, or periods of speeding and slowing of time & matter.
It would possibly require bot like or Avatars if not even advanced Astral exploration technologies to explore... This is 1z subjective analysis.


posted on Jan, 18 2017 @ 02:47 AM
Should we ever be able to find the edge of the universe and go beyond it I would not be suprised at all to find the exact same thing...
You see I have long felt the Universe is nothing less then a small piece of an enormous organism...
And so if this was true the most likely thing we would find is the exact same thing as if comparing 2 adjacent cells or strands of dna...
But then with this line of thought perhaps the Universe is the giant organism and to travel past the Universe and break free of it's boundry and look back upon it... Would than reveal the very being the entire Universe gives life to...
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