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Republicans are Sneaky...

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posted on May, 11 2014 @ 11:38 PM
"...If Democrats are so f*cking smart, how come they lose so f*cking always" - Jeff Daniels as Will Mcavoy

Democrats are often seen as the more intellectual party but that's a misnomer. Just look at the GOP election machine and their PR work. It's far more effective than the Democrats. That's why FOX news is #1 and they keep winning the house.

Congress has it's lowest approval rate in forever and was the least constructive congress in like a 100 years. This is happening under a mostly republican run congress, but for 8 years this inept congress is under a Democratic executive office. Which most people would blame the President for how useless the members of the house and senate have been and will be during his term. All this paints quite a picture for how incompetent the federal government is and how it should be made smaller so as to reallocate resources to the state level.

It's almost as if Republicans deliberately shut down the government, filibustered any democratic or by-partisan bill and held up Senate confirmation hearings for cabinet and director jobs for no reason other than the President picked them so as to make the federal government look so inept that the electorate would start drinking the red Kool-Aid the Republicans have been passing around.

If their message is smaller and less federal government governing, then deliberately sabotaging government progress under your opposition party's term in the executive branch seems like the best way to get people to see your side of things. My point is, if the Republican party believes that the federal government is incompetent, than wouldn't they try everything to make that fact visible to the electorate, including becoming the sand in the gears of government. Anyway, they've done a good job. Unless Democrats start passing around their own blue Kool-Aid they'll keep losing elections.

posted on May, 11 2014 @ 11:43 PM
Democrats cheat to win and Republicans are sneaky.

Both parties are garbage. True story.

posted on May, 11 2014 @ 11:51 PM
a reply to: Metallicus

Some of the most underhanded have read the tea leaves and are self-identifying as Libertarians and TPers.

I really hate politics.

posted on May, 11 2014 @ 11:54 PM

originally posted by: Metallicus
Democrats cheat to win and Republicans are sneaky.

Both parties are garbage. True story.

I think you missed his point. He's talking about the effects of the sneakiness, not lamenting.

It's a decent point. I would buy into it more if I believed the Republican party truly wanted state-level governance but I think that's just another way to attract certain demographics. Without large corporate interests being able to lobby on a federal level, most republican politicians would be hurt. I don't think they will ever truly advocate decentralization.

That's what libertarians are for.

posted on May, 12 2014 @ 12:10 AM
a reply to: GokuVsSuperman0

Republicans are, but liberals are too. There should be no doubt that clever power is equally distributed.

The great people are those who take their slaps from either party, and present their truth either way. People who believe in that they believe. Free thinkers. Honest people.

These are who move America forward. Though they would find themselves criticized by either party.

posted on May, 12 2014 @ 12:48 AM
The biggest difference I see is for example Bush Jr wouldn't lie about what he would do, he would just do it and say to the people: "yeah, what?...I'm doing it!"...

Obama on the other hand would literally tell you one thing and then blatantly do the opposite...

Both parties are lead by corruption and greed they just go about it in different ways...

posted on May, 12 2014 @ 12:49 AM
a reply to: GokuVsSuperman0

Mostly Republican Congress? The upper house has been under Democrat rule since Obama got elected. They controlled the whole congress for two years.

posted on May, 12 2014 @ 12:59 AM
a reply to: coastlinekid

If it turns out that Obama is behind Syria and Ukraine, then yes I totally agree. Bush was unashamed about his imperialism. But if these were organic movements from local people, Then no shame to Obama. History alone will tell. This is a period of great uncertainty for most people, while the eiltes play with their information warfare toys. We are largely disconnected from what's going on. But each of us still has our own little lives, our power to give a smile to a stranger when it matters, the power to preserve the decency of the people even if we don't know what's going on in distant lands. I for one, intend to use mine, to exert my individual force to make people happy, and to oppose warfare. Each of us has this power of peace within us!


posted on May, 12 2014 @ 01:02 AM
a reply to: GokuVsSuperman0

I got news for you, the Democrats had both houses when Obama was elected, and the GOP just took the House in 2010. Thank goodness there was some way to slow down the Obamachine, but the Senate is still controlled by Democrats, and a filibuster didn't stop Pelosi et al from forcing OCare down our collective throats.
But remember, regardless of how popular Congress is or is not, Democrats own Obamacare and Obama still has his mighty pen for running over the Constitution and doing whatever the heck he jolly well wants to regardless of the consequences. Everyone knows by now that he just uses Executive Orders to enact legislation without Congress.

If their message is smaller and less federal government governing - See more at:

No, only real Liberty loving conservatives desire limited government. The rest are at best moderates and even Progressives in GOP clothing or bought out by the Shadow government, or blackmailed Eyes Wide Shut style, the Bohemian Grove crowd, the good ol boys establishment. The young conservatives who are trying to change the status quo are dismissed by Establishment GOP. There are far too many CFR of both parties running things.

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posted on May, 12 2014 @ 01:33 AM

If it turns out that Obama is behind Syria and Ukraine, then yes I totally agree. - See more at:
a reply to: tridentblue

Forces from al-cia-duh were sent into Syria to disrupt,... and it is becoming increasingly clear mercs from Blackwater aka Xe are in the Ukraine shooting citizens that want to join with Russia after their elected government was run out of town by mercs sent in from the west... it is starting to look more and more like Putin is being pushed to go hard-core and maybe even nuclear...

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posted on May, 12 2014 @ 02:23 AM
a reply to: coastlinekid

It's starting to look more and more that the "americans" - whether dems or repubs - are working with putin to destroy the USA.

What is the difference between the dems and the repubs?

Has either party spent any time securing our borders? Who is coming over our borders? Who armed the people that are coming over our borders? Who is doing nothing to stop the "dems" from attempting to disarm the american citizens?

Who is doing anything to protect the US dollar? Who is not using our mineral/oil wealth to secure the USA into a self suffienciency? (SP?)

Who is waiting for the US dollar and the IMF/world bank to fail - so as to create a NWO - new world government? new world "currency"?

I don't see anyone protecting the USA in the gov't right now. Does anyone else?

How about the BLM? How about "state's rights" ? How about individual property owners rights? How about someone doing something to fix the complete devestation of our health care system? How does an illegal immigrant get free healthcare - and an american citizen gets taxed?

People need to wake up to the dems/repubs destroying our country together - all for the new world order.

posted on May, 12 2014 @ 04:30 AM
a reply to: GokuVsSuperman0

Unless Democrats start passing around their own blue Kool-Aid they'll keep losing elections.

They did, and they're paying for it. They had total control for 2 years. The Presidency, Senate, and the House.

111th Congress wiki, January 3, 2009 - January 3, 2011

Senate Majority: Democratic Party

House Majority: Democratic Party

In general for the Senate, it was Democrats 59 to 41, a seat or 2 vacant on some occasions.

In the House in general, it was Democrats 255 to 179, with a few vacancies here and there.

The Democrats got hit hard in the House come the 112th Congress. They went from roughly 255 down to 193. At the beginning of the 112th, it was Republicans 242 to 193. Just a few seats were changed in the 113th. With the way public opinion has been going, atleast according to the MSM currently, the Democrats are going to be hit hard again in this years mid terms.

They had total control for a couple years, and the backfire is still hitting them.

(ETA - If anyone's wondering, im glad the Republicans took the House in the 112th. Total control by either party is a terrible situation.)
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posted on May, 12 2014 @ 04:53 AM
a reply to: buni11687

And the republicans are pushing the same bull# nwo crap - amnesty for illegals - not doing anything to fix our healthcare system - don't see anyone standing up for state's rights - don't see any private property rights - don't see anything related to 2nd amendment rights -

How is rand paul, ted cruz, marc rubio, or any other republican securing our democracy?

Just going along with the nwo democrats........

posted on May, 12 2014 @ 04:59 AM
Really. A sneaky politician? I wouldn't have thought such a thing possible. The only good politicians are those who make civil liberties and freedoms their priority. The best governance is the least governance as Thoreau said. The best gov. is that which governs least, or not at all. So any politician who fights for smaller gov. is on a less sneaky path.
Thing is you know the truth when you hear it. It rings clarion clear. As they stand now, any administration is so deeply controlled by the shadow gov. that it makes little difference. Overhaul and reboot will be the only solution. Ventura is on the right track with his ideas for the American future of politricks

posted on May, 12 2014 @ 05:23 AM
a reply to: GokuVsSuperman0

Yes they are sneaky in the Fact that republicans have held the white house for 28 years and the democrats have held it for 17 years since Nixon yet somehow everything wrong with America are liberals and liberal policies......

They want to criticize Obama for failure to lead yet look at what the house is doing...or not doing.

They claim to want limited government yet look at the monster that was created with there patriot act, I guess limited government doesn't mean swat or the prison industry.

In the time mentioned in 1970 our middle class peaked, and now after so much liberty loving conservative rule where is the middle class?

Benghazi happened under Obama yet there were 13 similar attacks under Bush, but did they call for Condi to step down?

The republicans and there talking heads warned us of Obama pushing us over the fiscal cliff and this would be the end of America, they warned us about the government shutdown, only it was the republicans that did all this.

Sneaky is the correct term to use.

posted on May, 12 2014 @ 06:06 AM
dems ain't as smart as they think.

just listen to pelosi and holder.

the pencil necks they throw out there, with harry reid and the rest of them, gives me heart burn.

hillary is the worst of them all. they love her. good.

throw her out there, that's all ya got. failed everything. do nothing senator and more fail as sec state.
old bat wants to run?
my pug could out run her.

dems are stupid. biden? seriously? cummings?

repubs are not sneaky. lol!!

posted on May, 12 2014 @ 06:40 AM
I've said this elsewhere ... I'll say it again here ...

The left has MSNBC. The right has FOX.
The left has Al Sharpton. The right has Sarah Palin.
The left has NY Times. The right has Wall Street Journal.
The left has Huffington Post. The right has Drudge.
The left has Obama claiming transparency, but telling lies about everything.
The right has Bush saying 'trust me' but also told lies about everything.
The left has Valarie Jarrett. The right has Carl Rove. Same/same.
The left has the race card. The right has the God (morality) card.

The left screams 'tolerance' but then is intolerant of anyone who doesn't agree with them.
The right screams dignified equal rights but then withholds marriage rights from homosexuals.

The left claims to care about children but then doesn't mind that black children are mass slaughtered in abortion to the point that many black leaders in this country call it black genocide.

The right claims to care about children but then doesn't do anything about the 1/5 of children go to school hungry.

The left fights big business but then expects big business to pick up the tab for entitlements.
The right claims to care for the poor but then wants big tax breaks for business.

The left says the defense budget is bloated and they want to cut it, but at the same time they don't care that it will put a lot of low education and lower income people on the street ... and that by weakening our military we won't be able to go on missions around the world like we did with Fukishima ...

The right says the defense budget should not be decreased, but at the same time it doesn't want to have to pay the taxes to keep it up.

Politicians in both the right and left wing are heavily invested in their particular business ventures and they skew legislation and politics toward their investments so they can get richer. Pelosi is seriously guilty of this ... as is Obama and Bush43 and Cheney. etc etc Same/Same.

The left says 'peace through tolerance' but invades Libya, bombs Iraq, bombs Pakistan, bombs Afghanistan and tries to invade Syria.

The right says 'peace through strength' but invades Iraq, bombs Pakistan, bombs Afghanistan and tries to invade Syria.


posted on May, 12 2014 @ 06:50 AM
If there is to be any hope for 2014 and subsequently, 2016 (politically) then we, as a united front, have to start holding our representatives accountable.

That means providing NO pass for any politician, even if that politician belongs to the same ideology as yourself.

We all have our own agendas, goals, wishes for the future.

This varies from person to person.

But the current ideology infesting Washington provides for NO-ONE.

We have a poor economy.
High unemployment.
Poor foreign policy.
Discouraged military.
Cynical populace.
Failed healthcare.
Unfair tax rates.
A sham of a stock market.
We have;
Patriot Act
Drones filling our skies
NSA spying on us still
"Free speech" zones
An ideologically divided Supreme Court

Is this what any of us want?

Is this what any of you envisioned for the future?

posted on May, 12 2014 @ 07:15 AM
You know, 10 years ago I read that congress had the lowest all time approval rating and I have heard that every year since. What's even more interesting is that back than it was hovering around 12% so it seems to me that the approval rating should be reading into the negative digits by now.

How it is even possible for so few Americans to approve of their leaders and yet still permit them to govern is beyond me. Perhaps if you wanted evidence that we are not free, you needn't look any further then here.

As for Republicans or Democrats being sneaky.....

Well lets look at recent history yes?

Bush lied about the pretext for the Iraq war. Many Americans in fact, still believe Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction and was responsible for 911. Some even think Saddam was cahooting with Al Qaeda (I wonder where they got that from..... *scratches head*)

I think its pretty safe to assume that was pretty sneaky.

Now we have Obama and to be honest I'm still trying to identify if ANYTHING about him is as it appears. But I think its safe to assume something smells rotten in Benghazi and the pretext to slaughter Gaddafi is also suspect.

You know else is sneaky.....them Chinese and all the land buying they are doing in America. I'm none to thrilled about there massive purchase of our debt either. Don't even get me started on Russia. But something tells me there's little truth in communism either.

Perhaps Kingdoms! No wait....Saudi Arabia, lets leave it at that.

Hmm, nah, that's just crazy talk.

No maybe the OP is correct......Damn Rupubs!
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posted on May, 12 2014 @ 07:16 AM
so from the whig party...
OP is saying the game is whigged?

why am I not surprised

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