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Spiritual DNA

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posted on May, 11 2014 @ 01:21 PM
This theory is based on many factors i have found to be influencing us humans from the animal and plant world. It may be the case that our dna is a series of incarnations into the animal and plant world from a place that exist outside of our known time. This would allow for your human form to coexist along side your previous incarnations right now.

Firstly just look at the visual simularities of a tree and the human nerve system. From the roots that imo mimic our lower regions up through the trunk of the tree that is simular to our spine then up to the branches and leaves that resemble the brain. Now take into account the great feelings that spring can can give us that coincides with renewal of leaves. The bible speaks of men walking as trees but i will only say that was just a clue to point us in the right direction of thought.

Now let's take into account all the vegatable plants that bare seeds and such that resemble all of our organs. In my mind that brings up the question of the health benefits that may stem from eating vegatables simular to the shape of our failing organs and also raises the question of what effects chemicals can have on such plants and thereby effecting ourselves not through our ingestion of these plants but through dna minipulations carried on to our own dna by our spirit.

When we look at the animal realm vs peoples body characteristacs. Quite often people look simular to their pets in small ways. I suspect that in order to form human dna your spirit would start low on the food chain and work it's way up to the top of the food chain. It is just a guess but possibly the insect world may not be involved directly. However there are estimates that humans and ants exist pound for pound on this planet.

In this theory you and your actions have serious repercussions on yourself that requires no knowledge of this in order to survive here. So that could mean very well that harm you cause to the system is directly effecting your personality. It brings new light to the saying of we are what we eat. Just imagine what the potential is if this is true and some people with power make decisions that effect the dna of these realms without knowledge of the full effects.

What this would mean in medicine is that most of our remedies are only treating symptoms of problems that stem from something other than ourselves and come to us in the form of chemicals produced by our body that throw our system out of balance. Things like the need to smoke,body minipulation,amount of sun we get and most other behaviors that we produce could be altered in this manner.

posted on May, 15 2014 @ 12:33 PM
I wonder if cutting off the balls of all our cattle and spay and nuttering all our domestic animals would have on us if it is true that we share dna. We could have a docile group to herd then. I bet if we genetically fattened up all our food sources then maybe that would carry over. So many people suffer from obesity but never over eat in a manner that seems equal. We have teenage girls growing huge breast and their moms getting implants while eating chickens modified to have large breast all while men running round calling them chicken head. wake up people you are being altered but the first step was to cut the balls of the bulls in order to quell resistance by the ones that could make a difference. Now we have every branch of gov that deals with food production and land management locked and loaded. I am surprised i am the only one that can see what is really happening here. Damn we even have plenty science expierments with the double slit and god particle to back up my theory. I will just have to assume that the majority of you want this to continue.

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