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Zen(inspired) poetry

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posted on May, 11 2014 @ 12:35 PM

Whirl yourself -
In brand new realm.
It's anything -
In no one's cell.
A crazy glitch -
In the logic pale.
From chaos born,
The beauty's there.
Nothing, never, is,
Without your shade or kiss.
It's now - together
We all dwell...
We're born and dead,
We're just a spell,
Perfection never do -
Repeats itself,
The moment brings,
And kills the realm -
But it's still there...
Through the never.
Calling out - the spirit,
Fracturing - the bone...
Split the two - in second,
Right in front the whole!
Grasping the infinite,
Nursing all abound.
Fell what's like, then kill it -
Walking through the mourn.
Crawl upon what's empty -
Trying to explain,
That there's nothing there,
That we're all insane.
Touch the thoughts of many -
Like any every's one.
For it's river - let it...
In the essence of your soul.
Sit, upon a mountain,
Let, the ashes rest.
Calm, the wind - to silence.
Standing, three days - straight!

posted on May, 11 2014 @ 12:39 PM
I would say in the next there is more connected with Hinduism, but as Zen derives from there, (and actually who cares) I post it here.


By pounding heart the wish - Is born.
For what's inside the eye - Unfolds.
The real passion cuts - The rope.
Forever turned - Forever one.
Try this ale - You'll ask for more!
All about is only breathin',
No more or less, and no solution,
Of how to get and when to rest.
No rules, nor sign, it's bane, a hex!
On thunderpath, we sail,
Forever turned, explorers mad.
Always half way done,
And two times more to get.
This is our home - beneath the crest...
Rattle skin - you're awake!
Another breath - another debt.
Devil cares - hell awaits!
Holding oath - in blood quenched,
Sinking, sucking, rising...
Then again dissolving in the end,
As the black cat approaches...
Swallowed by the omniscient,
There - my silver shade remains...

posted on May, 11 2014 @ 05:12 PM
This is my daughter Lucy' poem
website: Moirian

Sick heart

The invasion was subtle at first,
charts and maps with lines drawn on it,
the navigation slow and our compass
pointing ‘right’ – it all made sense when
we contemplated, but as time moved
inexorably to the point,
I was brought up short and left alone,
a single soldier to hold the fort; but it was
a subtle maneuver, so friendly
and so fun at first glance, until I saw
the invasion coming:
and there was no stopping…
my heart is sick, I think to myself, so
I retreat further in – first the house,
then my room, then an even smaller space
until my mind outside refused to activate;
I spent days in a silent agony,
feeling baited and betrayed, always
slinking around my own sanctuary,
and trying to not admit to that pain—
but my heart is sick, I have a right, I think,
and though my mind agrees and
the compass is reset: I know
that I’ve trapped myself… where, then,
is sanctuary?
is only my own mind left to me?
I’ve left by choice and by force of fate,
and I have learned to let go
but when even the little things are touched,
through simple tactless ignorance,
I say: my heart is sick,
I can take no more of this, and I
try to escape… my shelter is shrinking,
my heart is twisting in its weakened state
and I run until I can run no more, and
I can only hope that my new sanctuary
is more bearable than the one I’ve abandoned…
I can only hope that my heart is safe,
in a place where healing can come
and where my shelter is more than a place,
rather, somewhere I can call home.

posted on May, 12 2014 @ 06:20 PM
a reply to: Egoismyname

Nice job! I like it

I like them both a lot actually. Thanks for sharing these

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