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Norse Pagan(inspired) Poetry

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posted on May, 11 2014 @ 12:33 PM
As I love to do, this is collaboration of few different ideas who turned into existence and were shaped in the time prologue of several years. It started as an idea for a song, and turned into...


Ragnarok is here,
We're the free who's left,
Free yourselves from fear,
Let'em feel the blade!
Mount the saddles,
Be prepared,
For the battle.
Give no mercy,
Feel no pain,
Ride like wind,
And die like men!
We're the strongest,
Last in line!
In the last rebellion -
On earth!
Eyes that point in distance,
Never falls into demise.
Offering my body,
May slaughter me -
I shall no plight!
For those who dare,
To Meet their maker -
They'll be never found.
Hidden by the winds,
Drawn by forest beasts,
Swallowed deep -
In smoke and shadow mists.
Swords will crack,
And shields will rust.
Pale remembrance -
For the dead man,
In the dust!
Let's meet our maker,
lets face the death!
Lets fight,
There's nothing left!
Far beyond these days -
The harness will be found.
And the newborn'll hold,
The legacy of those,
Who worn the plate,
Buried in the dust.
The memory of men -
Like us!
Following the whisper,
Painting black in crimson.
Challenge -
Laugh at danger,
The ripper's step behind.
Death's been never problem -
The higher ridge gives better sight!
Go through the doorstep -
Embrace the unknown!
Fire and lightning -
Are making us whole!
Ride on thy chariot -
The path that's foretold.
For I am the master -
And you are my son!
Mating with the fear.
Holding pain too near.
Let me now to hear...
What you have become -
A manifestation -
Of the one!
Blow tension,
drink cup of pure erection,
From the blood metal rite -
Of resurrection!
Gods of blood and steel,
From the pits of sacrificial madness,
I summon thee...
By moonlight ride again,
Set free!
Made -
Of unexistence,
We are inhumane.
Masters of creation,
Gods of mortal men.
We've brought hell and darkness,
We've created the game.
Forget just to remember -
And be the light again!
You my child grew stronger -
Banished us away,
But we are now returning -
Our kingdom to reclaim!
We're divine, we're masters -
You are doomed to fail.
Accept your fate, surrender -
Join the inhumane!
Ritual of sacrifice -
Meet your maker!
Death -
Eternal bringer of the light!
Join us...
Join us...
We are dark avengers -
Risen from the graves.
Corruption servants fall now -
By our hands of fate.
We are one and many -
We're the Legion -
Spirit split by mirrors -
Hunting mind of men!

posted on May, 11 2014 @ 12:35 PM
one word. Epic

posted on May, 11 2014 @ 01:39 PM
a reply to: Egoismyname
Well done good stuff. Makes me want to get my hands on a sword and fight. ((Shouts))To the end!!!

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