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Major Blow to Rebels as Syrian Army regians control of Homs

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posted on May, 11 2014 @ 10:35 AM
a reply to: pavil

would lead to Western democracy. God are our leaders idiots.

That our democracy stinks might be the reason we need to export it at the point of a gun and our democracy in the Ukraine got 48 people locked in a building and burt to death the other day and today our democracy is trying to stop people voting.

Our democracy only works if you repeat what you are told and do not describe homosexals as perverts, never question immigration pushing wages down and making people homeless.

This democracy was never designed for sheep, just farmers and I am sick of it.

posted on May, 13 2014 @ 07:15 PM

originally posted by: pavil
If we had supported the original Syrian rebels fully rather then our half assed attempt, things might have succeeded. Instead, we ignored the actual Syrian opposition and we backed foreign jihadis , ignoring who those jihadis were and how they acted. Our first experience in Afghanistan in the 90's or Libya backing Islamic radicals should have told us how that would end. Somehow we thought radical non Syrian Islamic jihadis would lead to Western democracy. God are our leaders idiots.

The original Syrians who rebelled were worth supporting, instead we supported crazy homicidal foreign Islamic terrorists, what a great plan. What ended up happening the first time we tried this? Where do those jihadis go after they are forced to leave Syria? I guess our best scenario now is Assad at least kills off all the foreign jihadis before they flee and start to attack us. Somehow we created a even more radical group of A.C. then we did the first time in Afghanistan. Those foreign jihadis need to be destroyed before they disperse and cause us more grief in the future.

C'mon now.

What do you consider to be the objective? To take out the current government, or to bring "democracy"?

If it is to take out the government, then the objective has been achieved in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt.

If it is to bring democracy, then the slavery/feudal model of Islamofascism has demolished that goal in every instance in comparison to secular governments.

What most westerners completely fail to understand, to the advantage of strategic planners, is that there can be democracy in dictatorship. Just because the ruling class doesn't change, doesn't mean they won't change their policies to maintain popular support.

And in saying that, there is absolutely no way that Islamofascism is democratic. It is the complete opposite. The only reason they are so powerful is because the west keeps killing them, and the survivors take out their vengeance on anyone they get their hands on, forcing people to join them out of fear or hatred. It is a reactionary movement, the same kinda of ultrafascism that resulted after the massive CIA bombing of Cambodia.

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