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You are Stupid!

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posted on May, 11 2014 @ 02:14 PM

originally posted by: jrflipjr
Why is it that each and every American .... Most are complete idiots who have not spent quality time in school, or other cultures, to understand how the world works.

You've been on this board for six weeks. It's got a ton of Americans that are your co-ATS-ers. And it's brought to you by Americans on the internet, which was itself created mostly by Americans (with a hat tip to Great Britain, and France) . And you say that? I have a few choice words for you but I'd get banned for using them.

posted on May, 11 2014 @ 02:54 PM
a reply to: Ameilia

Ok, screw you're lazy ass friend then. Tell me how and I'll go make some extra money then. Seriously. You make it sound like a sure thing as long as one applies themselves. So let's hear it. What's your plan for me to make money???

posted on May, 11 2014 @ 04:03 PM
a reply to: FlyersFan

Ok, so respectfully...I see the owl, the all-seeing eye, a pharoah-like figure, and something suggestive of Baphomet horns in your background wallpaper and I just wanted to let you know that I totally love UT, too - GO LONGHORNS!

Ayway, so the goth chick is usually shown on a masonic floor in the series:

Like this one! hehe

Ok so if I was an alien, my response would be this:


You iz a NSA troll!!! Or...well, you know.

NSA Troll

But I'm not an alien so I don't know if you are or not. Maybe you are trying to be ironic or you don't know about these things. If that is the case then I sincerely apologize (really...I didn't mean to call you out if you didn't know or if I don't get the joke; I'm pretty socially-clueless like that).

OK...but if you are a government troll then can you please stop microwaving us? I know you ole' alligator skins have natural UV protection but that doesn't work for us Scandinavian types.

Can you also please stop radiohacking my cellphone, too? You and I both know that I don't really need it because I have a landline but it is helpful.
NSA Radiohacking

But if you really need one, I have an extra Babel fish. I have the bluetooth one so I've been needing to craigslist him anyway:

Oh...duh!!! Sorry, I was going through one of my spectrum analyzers and I saw that you left this extreme low frequency message for meh...kinda...whatever, the analogy is close-enough:
Extreme Low Frequency Answering Machine

I always forget about all of the cell phone towers and satellites and all of that other crap. And you think you're so superior in that you got your little worker bees to pay for it all by subliminally-brainwashing them into thinking that the Iphone is Kewl and that cell phone towers are Kewler (or at least not giant, genocidal microwaves). Everything in plain the eye, the owl, the...yawn...

Yep...NO BRAINWASHING DEVICES HERE!!! We need these for Iphones, guys! Of course we have your best interest at heart! It's not like we didn't have this technology a long time ago or anything. You know, like Tesla and stuff:

Epic Rap Battles of History: Edison vs Tesla

But please get your hardware compatibility straight you guys!! It's really embarrassing for you when stuff like this happens:

The Electronic Persecution of Jesus Mendoza

I'm just saying that you need to be more subtle. Really. If you zap someone crispy they might actually notice - even if the answering machine doesn't beep for them like it does for some of us.

BTW you are welcome to use whatever words with meh...I don't offend very easily. I may have misunderstood but he seems to be lamenting systemic injustices, not those of individuals. I don't see why the ad-hominem angle was necessary but I am admittedly slow.

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posted on May, 13 2014 @ 04:24 PM
You know, its the secular focus that makes so many PEOPLE around the world stupid. Blaming a particular sect of people for problems that ALL human beings are subject to, in every country.

I'm not in on the fad of calling all Americans stupid, and that being said, I realize that at LEAST half of our population is actively working against me, because they honestly ARE stupid, willingly or otherwise. Many of them choose their ignorance, and those particular people aren't welcome to talk to me as an equal (I know how that sounds, but those people get old after a while).

Now, OP, as an answer to your question, consider this;

There is no teacher greater than experience. Right?

Ask yourself what Americans regularly experience. Driving tests, school work, 9/5 jobs, paying bills, eating, entertainment via media, and sleeping. Now, consider what so many other countries experience.

Most other countries are different from us in one of two ways; Either they're old and experienced countries who have learned from their mistakes in the past, or they are so underdeveloped that they live only in their poverty-stricken current experiences, which gives them a unique perspective that most Americans do not have.

America is a young country, and we haven't hit our inevitable historical rise-and-fall like most other developed (and older) countries have. Japan, China, Russia, Germany, Great Britain... they've all been there. They have the advantage of experience. We haven't got that just yet. America is snowballing up and up and up, and we haven't yet learned our limits. We haven't learned where to stop.

That leaves our leaders mostly powerful, greedy, and careless.

Now, since we're developed past most second and third world countries, our ordinary citizens are also left without crucial life-supporting experience. My generation has no idea how to garden, hunt, purify water, or anything that actually is needed for sustaining human life. All our passion is channeled into working for a corporation and feeding all our money into bigger entities that take care of sustaining our life for us.

So, you could say that--apart from our older citizens, who came from a time where you planted, hunted, and stored food for your family--both our new generation of citizens and our powers in command are inexperienced in crucial ways. Be it survivalistic, or economic. How to be self sufficient in your ordinary life, or how to run a country without destroying it and starving all its citizens.

So, why are all Americans "stupid?"

Because they're inexperienced.

But, more likely than not, we're approaching a time where that is going to change.

It will be hellish, but its necessary.

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