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North Korea Issues Another Nuclear Threat

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posted on May, 12 2014 @ 11:33 AM
a reply to: yuppa

Target marking, huh? Well, many doctors have said otherwise, that many of the wounds showed signs of chemical weapon use, like phosphorus bombs and

The documentary 'Gaza Strip' by James Longley shows Israels use of chemical weapons.

Biological warfare is nothing new to Israel either;
In 1948, in the city of Acre, Zionist gangs injected typhoid in the aqueduct. Many Palestinians and about 55 British soldiers, who were in the city, got infected. This crime was called operation “Shlach Lachmecha” as described by the Israeli military historian Urin Milstein.

According to many doctors and other professionals, there's much evidence that Israel used WMD quite a bit even to this day. I guess they are immune from the Geneva conventions.

posted on May, 12 2014 @ 01:36 PM

originally posted by: thegeck
a reply to: Wirral Bagpuss

USA likes to demonize countries. USA has concentration camps. Did you know? Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib. If we count all the civilians the US has killed over the years, it would make up for a small European country. North Korea does not do that kind of stuff. Yeah, they brag about kicking ass, but, seriously, how gulible does one have to be to take it seriously?
But nice job in makind them hate US as much as it does now. Oh, and it's just the beginning of the list. US pissed off Russia, it totally dissed Merkel with the NSA phone tapping, It lit up the Ukraine. German "Bild" newspaper is talking about US mercs fighting side-by-side with Right Sector in Ukraine. And now Obama comes to Japan and spits on China, saying that it supports Japan in their territorial disputes with China. It dissed india not too long ago, there was a big scandal. What are you doing? Are you guys INSANE? You own China trillions of dollars! You are bankrupt! China just has to ask the US to pay up in order to topple the US economy over. I'm sorry, but US has got it's hands is the # up to the elbows and put on white gloves, as if nobody would notice.
But hey, back to reality, Europe would want the Middle East for themselves. They don't want US there. They have theis own interests. And China woul'd mind having it for themselves either. You think a 17,5 TRILLION debt would help the US? What are you gonna pay with? Alaska? China wouldn't mind.
And people starve in the US too. Beacuse, likewise, not all people starve in North Korea. They are still alive. Add 2+2. What do we get? Exactly, they have enought to sustain themselves in a way which they got used to over the years. And hey, the're not so poor because they're lazy or stupid or anything. It's because US has puppeted the whole world and the UN, primarily, it's №1 pet lapdog to blockade it.

America has made far to many enemies and has very few true friends. Even israel. When a US official says the US is ready to "ditch it anytime soon", Israelis kind of wonder, who to turn to next. Hey, Russia helped with Syria. Maybe it will help them with Iran too? Because sure as hell, all America can achieve there is create another "Iraq", where pople blow up by the dozens each day. Look at the news. Constant terrorist acts. Al Quaeda picnic. Do you thing Israel wants to be surrounded by an Islamic wildwire? I don't think so.

North Koreans don't want to die. Chubby Kim doesn't want to die. He got himself a nice piece of ass, he got food, golden urinals and so on and I bet he's got better education than you. Hey, look at the facts. Private schools and top Universities. France, Switzerland. Yeah. He'll just twitch and blow himself up for ne reason and kill his people...what a stupid thing to assume...hell with my nice life. I wand birds to pluck my evey out. Yeah! Yeeeha!
My friend, YOU got more reasons to blow yourself up, than Kim-Chong Un. Be realistic.

The problem here is that instead of flexing it's steroid muscles, the US should go back to what really made it a superpower - smart people with amazing policies and a diplomatic approach. There hasn't been a sane American leader since Kennedy. White trash JWB Junior, psychotic old fart Nixon...Obama...Jesus...where's the next Roosevelt? Why in Ron Paul not president already? He was the only sane politician on the last elections. I'm not American, but I always watch American primaries. You always have 90% Husks and 1-2 true leaders. Oh, and one candyman. This time the candyman was Obama. "I will give you money! Change! Cookies for everyone!" "Yay, Cookies! Where do we sign?"

I bet Kennedy would find a way to solve the North Korean crisis. He would go there and he would solve it. Just like he did with the cuban Crisis. He is one of the few politicians that are openly respected in Russia by politicians and military alike.

You're talking about putting down another evil regime, but there is just one Evil rejume that is asking to be put down. And it's not North Korea, that has'nt hurt that many people so far.
Please stop hating people. North Korea hasn't done you anything bad. Lift blockade. Help the people of N.K. sell their produce and buy food. But you don't want to help those people, you hypocrite. You want to bomb the hell out of them. 'Murica.

First of all please don't go throwing personal insults like calling me a hypocrite. And please don't make assumptions about my educational background.

When in my post did I say I hated people? I don't hate the ordinary North Korean people. They are victims of a repressive One Party, heck not even party, one family dynasty. I agree the USA were wrong to hold terrorist suspects in Cuba in the way that they did. However it was hardly a concentration camp. People were not worked to death like the people in North Korea are. Whilst I will accept that a certain level of torture took place in Cuba and should rightly be condemned, the torture and deaths in the North Korean concentration camps are far far worse and beyond imagination.

You talk of people being alive in North Korea and starvation. Perhaps you might want to do a bit of research. North Korea has had severe famines. Millions have died. Many more are malnourished. The only reasonably healthy North Koreans are those in the military and the Elite who are in the North Korean capital. Kim could not give a too hoots about his own people. He just looks after number one. Don't forget he executed members of his own family.

So whilst I agree USA has many failings and have to a large extent been corrupted by multinationals and the military-industrial complex, it still does not excuse the behaviour in North Korea. The UN has recently compared North Korea and the concentration camps to that of Nazi Germany.

As to Russia. Well Putin is clearly wanting to expand Russian borders. I would not trust him to change my cat's litter tray. He has shut down free press in Russia. Once KGB , always KGB.

posted on May, 13 2014 @ 08:30 AM
a reply to: Wirral Bagpuss

I'll explain.

Wirral Beagpuss, have you studied in a private school? Statistically, you haven't. Have you studied in top European universities? Statictically, no, you haven't. Therefore, statistically, Kim Jong-un beats you at education. Am I wrong? Prove that I'm wrong. Go on. I enforced my point with arguments. You enforced yours. I have nothing against that. If you prove me wrong, I will agree.

Calling you a hypocrite is not a personal insult. It is a statement. I don't find statements insulting.

Here is the definition :
1: a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
2: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings (our case)

You talk about Evil regimes hurting people, about concentration camps and poverty.
Excuse me, what were the people on Wall Street protesting for? Were they heard? Many of them lost their jobs and homes. Homes, Wirral Bagpuss! It's when you have to live on the street without acess to ATS, you lucky man. Evil regime, are protesters treated in the US? Tear gas and pepper spray in the face? While Maidan was a peceful protest. Cops burned alive is Ok. It's peaceful protest. What I'm leading to is you got to decide on which side of the information wall you are on. If you are pro fox-news, we will not come to any common points. If you do not question what you see, we will not get along. If you say their hands are bloody, don't hide your own - and we will get along just fine. All countries have their good and bad sides. A call for honesty on this part.
Now concentration camps. Until recently, torture was absolutely OK with American war prisons. What war? War on terror. What is terror if not an ideology. Now there were quite a lot of witch hunts in the US and abroad - like with Jews in 3d reich, terrorist have subject a number of "tags". You look muslim and wear a turban? You may be a terrorist? Black hair, crooked nose - you may be a jew. See the similarities. Now this guy here looks like a terrorist. We need to detain him. Also he said some weird stuff in Arab. We got to interrogate him. He says he doesn't know anything about terrorism? He may be lying. We got to torture him. Get his Arab friends in too, maybe they know something. Lock 'em all up. Concentration camps. But no need for Cyclone B. Inject something, causing heart-seizure, state death from heart attack due to stress, bury the body. Gone without a trace. 1 "terrorist" less.
No, I'm not drawing any parallels, because the US is not doing it on a major scale and I strongly believe that in some cases they have all rights to do it. But it kind of makes your concern about "concentration camps" in NK obsolete. It you were that concerned, you'd be talking about abolishing Guantanamo and some European "prison" camps. BTW, I wonder what dirty secrets they will reveal some 50 years down the line. I bet my ass there are a lot of prisoners, who were shouting about the "US takeover of the Iraqi oil industry". So what I'm leading to is if you got a dirty ass, don't mention MY dirty ass or anyone elses.
About nuclear weapons. So what, North Korea tests nukes. Excuse me...Manhattan project nuke tests. From 1946 to 1954 USA conducted around 70 nuclear tests. What is it the US can do that other's can't? Also, one can't call North Korea irresponsible. They were not the ones that used nukes on living people - Hiroshima and Nagasiki. They're not deploying bases all over the world. Take a wild guess, who I trust more?
And China's got NK under control. Chubby Kim will be eaten alive by flies if he does something to endanger the Chinese dragon. They will pour in and they will wipe NK clean ok Kim in a couple of days.
There are computer games and movies, where North Korea...ALONE...nukes and\or invades the paranoid does one have to be? Is the US THAT weak to get scared over a country the size of New Jersey...cmon, Wirral Bagpuss!

And how do you know free press is shut down in Russia? Lol, have you been there even once? I'm from Russia. And I'm all over the Web. How can anyone hide anything from me? Once you release something into the web, it's there and you can't take it away from the people. How can you shut the people up? You can't. The Soviets couldn't shut people up when all information was on paper. Hell, my grandfather listened to "Voice of freedom" and BBC on the radio.
How ignorant does one have to be to think you can shut people up in the age of the Internet? How ignorant? Wirral Bagpuss, want to talk about brainwashing?
You got the web - the truth is at the tips of your fingertips. Reach out. There is nothing you can hide. People know what you jerk off to for FS. What "shut down of free press" are you talking about, lol?
The Russians tried to lock down a torrents site, like or something. You know what happened? It went .net, .org, .younameit. Same with other sources. Same with news. You can't withhold ANY information, if it is online. It's impossible. So they don't do it.

And Expand Russia where? Have you looked at the map? Russia is huuuuuge. Have you seen the population density charts? How is that by any means a smart strategy to expand further on? It doesn't make sense. And as far as Crimea is concerned, it was one of the main Russian ports throughout modern history. Read about the Crimean wars. That's all Russia needs. Europe is of no interest to it, strategically. It is poor in resources, it's divided and fond of bearded she-men. Makes a poor trophy.
Oh, and expand North. Because if Russia does not claim rights for the North Pole, other countries will. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. That's just bareface geopolitics. If nobody claims rights for the NP, neither will Russia. But if we divide the pie, we Divide the pie. Because the US would be glad to set up AA and nuclear assets there. So will the rest, like China, European countries. Britain is exceptionally actively lobbying their rights for the NP.

And while the US has failings, as you put it, what it hasn't lost is it's proud moments in history, it's heroes. It's never late to expand on that. It's never late to re-do all the good things that were done before. I would like to see it straighten up and close that 17 tril dept, so we could go on. A strong US is easier to deal with than with US in it's current state. Also, I'd rather go to space through US and Russia partnership, than all burn and die in a nuclear apocalypse. Some idiots think they can survive if the statement "world can be destroyed X times" means that the results WILL NOT be X times worse. Funny. I wish it were so.

I mean why all the hostility? Russia doesn't shout about America taking Cuban territory in Guantanamo or the referendums in Puerto-Rico or Hawaii or you name it. Why is the US being an asshole about Crimea? We fought for Crimea for centuries. The Crimean "Hazar Koganat"(alliance), invaded Rus territories some 10 centuries before Colubus made his famous journey to "India", hence "American Indians". Gradually, the Rus pushed the Hazar back, fought over it with the Turks and Co. from time to time. And so on and so forth. WHAT HAS AMERICA GOT TO DO WITH IT FFS???? Not 1 American has died for it. That's hipocricy to talk about Crimea when they have Guantanamo and so on. Is the US picking a fight with Russia over historically Russian soil? This is madness.

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