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X-37B Shuttle Staging The Moon Landing

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posted on May, 10 2014 @ 09:22 PM
a reply to: AutumnWitch657

Well I am sure the astronauts must feel like Al Bundy after NASA recently shelled out $19.000.000 on a toilet of russian manufacture (Ok so it recycles waist water from urine into potable drinking water but how much and then there is this little thing, it is not only NASA but appears endemic in the system, We have it here as well in england.
Now we have all seen the film independance day with the dreadlocked aliens and it's subliminal message about our consumer society but it turns out there is large grain of truth.
There are thing's here and in the state's that can not be put on the book's, project's and technology's which if revealed would remove a hidden line of defence that INTEND's to keep the state's and it's allies safe, putting the costs and senate reports on the record would compromise that security so I do not see incrimination there but it is nevertheless very interesting.

I for one actually DO believe they went to the moon but I am not convinced all mission's were real and do think it is plausibe a back up movie crew may have had a set and props just in case it all went bad as after all that would have been moral shattering for the nation.

Here is a good video which contradict's many hoax believers.
And also we have now high resolution imagery showing the shadow of the flag and the lam base module still on the luner surface, this however does not mean that all missions were what the public were shown and you are also aware of the other conspiracy theory's to which I for one believe there is voractity too and was most convinced by what I take to be an ancient oblique crash site.
Now I draw that conclusion based on the area's and artifact's I highlight in these edit's (Note they are the same image and zoomed cropped portions there of merely red outlined.

Then there are other enigmatic image's.

You of course remember the story of how Charlie Duke spoke of a dream he had on the moon,

I for one do believe they are hiding something and maybe even from most of there own scientists.
Even in the 1970's rumors of faking were very strong but I believe it to be a mixed bag of actuall and stand by fakery but at least half or more of the missions were real and they DID GO TO THE MOON.
But what did they encounter?.

The artifact's above I believe to be at least several hundred thousand years in age and perhaps many millions, decay does happen on the moon as does de crystalization, processes such as thermal variance, solar and particle irradiation, micro bombardment and impact splash would over such time scales degrade nearly all artifact's, biological remains would simply turn to dust leaving at best a sand castle like impression and metal would fall apart as the weaker monovalent bond's in it's macro molecular crystaline make up succumbes and caused the individual crystals to seperate also into dust.

posted on May, 12 2014 @ 09:48 AM
a reply to: VoidHawk

And what of the workers and their families that lived through all of that?
If they just wanted the money. they could of saved a lot of it and not payed thousands of engineers.

I don't buy it.

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