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The Delta Kappa Alpha Cinema Fraternity (info needed)

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posted on Nov, 28 2004 @ 07:13 PM
I'm researching into the origins and history of the now defunct Delta Kappa Alpha (DKA) fraternity at the University of Southern California. What I've gathered so far is that it was an honorary film society--the membership of which included George Lucas--that became extremely influential and held annual banquets centered around the "Pioneer in Film" award for many great filmmakers (including Alfred Hitchcock and Fred Astaire.) Its legacy is such that the weekly campus screenings are still named after them.

But where did it go, and why? Rumors I've gathered from Skull and Dagger contacts is that (around the late 70s) the society ultimately became too powerful for its own good, controlling the campus newspaper and the Cinema Student Council. The film school, threatened by this group, had it banished from USC. Is this the case, or is there more to the story? Furthermore, I've heard that this fraternity had since spread to other universities. Is this true?

Remaining vigilant, as always.

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