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Odessa slaughter: How vicious mob burnt anti-govt activists alive

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posted on May, 23 2014 @ 01:57 PM
Huge problems (happening now) with ukrainian officials at home in Kiev too:

Как сообщалось ранее, в зал, в котором рассматривалось дело, ворвались неизвестные в масках и начали петь гимн Украины. После данного инцидента, судья объявил перерыв в заседании. Позднее работникам суда объявили о том, здание Окружного административного суда г. Киева заминировано.

As previously reported, masked men broke into the room where the hearing of the case occured (called themselves Maidan Self Defence Force), and began to sing the national anthem of Ukraine. Because of the case, the judge adjourned the meeting. Later, the court workers were told that the building of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv is undermined.


...and Kolomoyski, who is one of the accountable oligarchs for the Odessa-massacre, sent his "soldiers" with "PrivatBank" cars to kill ukrainian soliders who earlier resisted order to kill innocent residents in a village in Donetsk region. Here is a video of survivor saved by so called "terrorists" and telling them "...they shoot us because we don't shot civilians..."

The Blagodatne massacre took place on may 22, thursday. The ukrainian "military" will revolt soon.
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posted on May, 24 2014 @ 11:45 AM
a reply to: maghun
Not much news from Odessa meanwhile. People there did not follow the black and white painting and live in peace together, mourning for the dead and don't want more of this.

An Odessa unit has been seen in the East of the country, proudly presenting the flag of Odessa and joining the separatists. Probably they went there, because they had no support at home.

The elections tomorrow will be a new signal. Since the separatists do not want any elections in the east, people there won't have much of a chance to vote for anything at all. Probably Putin will then say that it was not a correct election, because his own agents hindered the people to voice themselves.

The farce will go on...

posted on May, 24 2014 @ 08:21 PM
a reply to: Siddharta

"Which source to believe in this situation? We should believe our south-east sources: they, unlike Kiev, have nothing to hide. As for the losses, the score has long been in thousands of people. Only from the resistance more than a thousand dead and missing (people disappear every day in Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic, in Kiev and Odessa - "daily terror" of Kolomoyski.) And more radicals killed. The exact number of victims of this war we will never know, but more or less the overall figure will be called only after three to five years " - said political analyst Alexander Kazakov.

In some years maybe we will learn more about organ trafficking, the organs of wounded Right Sector members are "integrating" into western bodies faster than they ever dreamed about it.

russian source with pics

Official news from Odessa? "Molotov Cocktail News":

Fake: Suicide of Odessa Schoolgirl is Connected with Events of May 2

“According to TAIMER, the suicide had nothing to do with politics: she committed suicide because of the unfortunate love.”
“Taimer” in fact reported the girl taking part in the events of May 2. Yet, there is no evidence it had anything to do with her suicide.

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posted on May, 25 2014 @ 01:04 PM
a reply to: maghun

At least we don't have to wait years to see how fascistic the Ukrainian people are.
Dmytro Yarosh, head of ultranationalist RightSector, has only 1.1 % of the votes in the elections today. Even though these are just first results, he surely won't climb up to any mentionable number of votes.

So what is your new explanation now? Is it again a false flag and Poroshenko is just a puppet for the RightSektor and the fascist EU/USA/NATO? Or is Poroshenko a fascist too? Or is that 1% that voted for Yarosh the 1% with all the money and power and thus he is the real winner?

I guess, Putin and the anti-Kiev people now will argue that this election is not acceptable, since millions of voters could not vote in the east, because self-acclaimed self defenders of the Novorussian Republics did not let them and Chechen fighters openly helped them to prevent people from voting.

In Odessa the elections went very well, as far as I read. Observers said, people hope that life can get back to normal after this day. I wish them the best for this. And also for the rest of the Ukraine.

Edit to add: This a a tweet from Russia Today a few minutes ago:

#UKRAINE: Far-right candidates Tyagnibok and 'Right Sector' leader Yarosh get 1.3% & 0,9% respectively - exit polls

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posted on May, 25 2014 @ 05:09 PM
a reply to: Siddharta

I'm glad you start to understand the situation in Ukraine, a country of 42 million or 35 million depending on viewpoint (Donetsk and Lugansk region has approximately 7 million residents, but they are Novorussia now).

44,573,205 (including Crimea and Sevastopol)/ 42,227,200 (excluding Crimea and Sevastopol)

From 35 million residents the voters number is about 27 million, and about 50-60% of them voting (officially???), it means Yarosh (1%) has about 150.000 voters, not too many for a big country. The so called "euromaidan" had less participants (10-30.000), most of them was well sponsored (with chockolate too...).

Kharkiv 'Transparent' presidential elections May 25, 2014 'Flood of voters', 'huge queues' and the response.

Oligarchs (or politicians) are working with the Nazis from the beginning of the protests, feed them and pay them ...

Poroshenko has only $1.3 billion.
Forbes #1333

Akhmetov has at about $23 billion.

Kolomoyskyi, owner of Dnepropetrovsk and one of the organisers of Odessa massacre $3 billion (Forbes, 2011) $6.5 billion (Korrespondent)


According to Forbes magazine, he ranks among the richest people in the world, with his estimated wealth being over 2.7 billion US dollars.


Yanukovich had $14 billion, but he was ousted by his own partners.

The oligarchs hired the yarosh-nazi's to defend their assets (some thousand from the 1% of 40% of Ukraine).

The ukrainian people can choose only oligarchs as leaders? The western part decided to obey the old-new rules. The eastern part (and please don't play fool, not only some terrorists, but the majority of 7 million residents, all of the officials, law enforcers, everybody) resisted the western ukrainian terror (ban of russian language, harrasment on streets by masked "ukrainian democrats with rods", kiev-appointed oligarchs) and had their own referendum. Akhmetov now have big problems with his Donbas property.

Putin talked in St. Petersburg about Odessa massacre and mentioned 50 dead and 50 missing. The case is not closed yet.
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posted on May, 25 2014 @ 06:18 PM
a reply to: maghun

I never played that fascists against terrorists game with you. So you don't have to remind me that there are normal people in the east. I know, that many of them could not vote today, because the pro-Russians acted with threats and presence to avoid anybody to vote at all.

As far as you are trying to tell us that the 1% minority of fascists is still in power after your sophisticated thoughts only can leave me standing here in amazement. Even Russia won't try to watch at this like you do. We will see tomorrow what they tell.

This evening the state tv suddenly pulled up a score of 37% or something like that for the fascists, only to correct themselves a few minutes after this, bringing the correct votes of minus 1%. I guesss, if Putin himself says, the results are okay, you would say, Putin was forced by the fascists all over the world and even out of space to say this.

Sorry, I think I can't help you.

Maybe the crazy pro-Russian fighters on Youtube can. We both don't understand one word of their gangster-rap, but maybe they have some funny part in this, we both can laugh about:

This all between the killing...
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posted on May, 26 2014 @ 03:58 AM
a reply to: Siddharta

We both don't understand one word of their gangster-rap, but maybe they have some funny part in this, we both can laugh about:

I understand russian and nothing laughable about this video and the whole situation. Maybe the Odessa massacre is only a "story" for you, but it has changed many lifes forever. You will not understant this video either, so you have to trust my summary: the survivors are hiding, changing even sim-cards, 19 of them are killed, everybody scared and terrorised in Odessa. About 70 killers was waiting inside the building on third floor for pro-russians to come in and murder them, that guy in bed remembers nothing but one thing: a priest's hands clasped in prayer were cut off by "democratic ukrainians". During that night while the fascists were "cleaning up" the building a bag torn and a head fell out of it. Many bags were transported from that building...

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posted on May, 26 2014 @ 06:19 AM
a reply to: maghun

Problems with my post NVM.

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posted on May, 26 2014 @ 10:55 AM
a reply to: maghun

Sorry but traitors deserve a traitors death. People who rat on someone take a risk. If you cannot handle the risk dont do the ratting or be involved in a group that is traitorous. The revolutionaries in the war for freedom from britain knew they would get a traitors death if they were captured but at least they were men enough to face it instead of hiding.

posted on May, 26 2014 @ 02:44 PM
a reply to: yuppa

Comparing armed revolutionaries to unarmed protesters? You won.

Ukrainian people deserves oligarch? On the left the new ($1.3 billion) on the right the ousted ($14 billion).

The full length documentary starts by looking at the self-benefiting description of the EuroMaidan protests that US officials have used and how it has grossly diverged from reality. Then the Odessa Massacre is deconstructed for audiences.

posted on May, 26 2014 @ 07:31 PM
a reply to: maghun

Thanks for giving a rough insight of what they are rapping. If they only had tried to be rappers instead of fighters.
That whole crazy fighting makes me sad and tired. Men with masks are attacking men with masks and everybody is accusing the other party to kill civilians.

Of course, both are guilty for the deaths of civilians. Especially those pro-Russians are hiding behind civilians. But what I find more important is that the war is transported to other places in the world. Via coments on articles of different papers or like here. Hate is transported. No signal of "Let's talk" or "Let's find a solution" - Only hate and lies.

Ukrainians surely don't want this. It is always foreigners who spread the hate.

Sadly including you.

posted on May, 27 2014 @ 09:44 AM
a reply to: Siddharta

Ukrainians surely don't want this. It is always foreigners who spread the hate.

Sadly including you.

Watch the Nulandistan video and you will understand that it depends only on one phone call from the west...

That call isn't happening. Instead of it one hundred killed only today. Brave new democratic oligarchic country. Wasn't the euromaidan's slogen: "Enough of oligarchs"?

posted on May, 27 2014 @ 09:22 PM
a reply to: maghun


The one popular theme of Maiden was end the corruption of the oligarchs, and the result of the coup was that the oligarchs were firmly and directly emplaced with political power.

In other words, the coup and the current Ukraine regime was the antithesis of the entire foundation of the demands of the revolution.

posted on May, 28 2014 @ 07:33 PM
a reply to: Vovin

I see, you two want the murdering go on and on. No elections are accepted. You want more blood.
You will get it, but not as you wish. There are some deals behind the curtains.
It is very obvious now that people from Russia are fighting in the East. Even the self aclaimed mayors and bosses say it is true. But they call them volunteers.

Russia does not interfere, but sends "volunteers". Right now the Ukraine side seems to be winning more space.

It is ridiculous to call them Nazis after the elections showed that Nazi parties don't get much more than 2%, while in all Europe right winged parties are getting much stronger.

I just come home from a public viewing of the start of a Sojus-project. On board are a Russian commander, a German and a US American. Things are going on as usual and nobody is anybody's enemy.

Only you are. Think about that!

But why I am really angry with you is that you have no peaceful solution, and not even an unpeaceful one.
You are just spreading hate and don't have one thought for peace.

WTF is your solution, but killing everybody you don't like? Where is your solution for the normal people, who are afraid, what the outcome could be? Don't start with fascist crimes again, just be sober for one moment and ask yourself, where the country is going to! You want it's distruction? No, you don't. Or are you?

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 03:48 AM
a reply to: Siddharta

We want to stop the ukrainian military and nazi groups in killing their own people.

The western media don't even checking their sources, the "40-50 Kamaz with armed people" popped up in a four days old website, but was reported everywhere...

I was sure that you will continue to be the coup-appointed puppet government and fake democratic elections supporter.

Meet Cyber-Berkut. They destroyed the SOE Software three days before elections. Then let the junta officials lie about viruses and only change the election web-page for 30 minutes (yes, the Yaros-37% incident).

They hacked e-mails and have posted first list of participiants (237 names on this list, but will be more) of the Odessa Massacre and much more, but you will not understand anything.

Maybe this video will help you in understanding the situation about what the term "neo-nazi" means:

...and they are "working" further...
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posted on May, 29 2014 @ 12:00 PM
a reply to: maghun

Putin recognized the elections in Ukraine as being legitimate. Your constant invocation of Nazis and its all encompassing basis was false.

Whats the next excuse?

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posted on May, 29 2014 @ 12:58 PM
a reply to: Xcathdra

While the Polish special services were training the future participants of punitive operations, the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs made this official statement (02-02-2014):

«We support the hard line taken by the Right Sector… The radical actions of the Right Sector and other militant groups of demonstrators and the use of force by protestors are justified… The Right Sector has taken full responsibility for all the acts of violence during the recent protests. This is an honest position, and we respect it. The politicians have failed at their peacekeeping function. This means that the only acceptable option is the radical actions of the Right Sector. There is no other alternative».

At the same time, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk cautioned President Yanukovich against «disproportionate use of force» against the Maidan. Today Donald Tusk, whose grandfather, Josef Tusk, served in Hitler’s Wehrmacht, demands that the Kiev junta deal with the «eastern rebels» harshly, «as with terrorists».

Polish Death Squads Fighting in Ukraine. CIA Covert Operation?

This are the good guys and russians (living anywhere) are bad?
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posted on May, 29 2014 @ 06:38 PM
a reply to: Siddharta

My words that you quoted:

The current regime of oligarchical corruption and political domination is the very antithesis of the Maidan revolution.

This is why Ukraine is in a civil war: because its state is far worse now than it was before.

So how do you expect the killing to stop if everybody surrenders to the new regime, when it's the new regime that's killing people?

I don't know where you get your news, but the regime is carrying out genocide and crimes against humanity almost daily. You say you want the killing to stop, yet the side that you support is executing wounded rebels and shelling civilians.

Two applicable war crimes are disproportionate military response and collective punishment. The International Criminal Court exists to try officials who commit these crimes. Top members of the Ukrainian regime would surely be convicted based on available evidence.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 07:44 PM
a reply to: Vovin

My main source are the people on Twitter. Normal people and journalists. I also follow the journalists of the Russian media. And they are the ones who have to admit false claims the most:

Video of tanks - which were in the war of Russia against Chechenya.
Picture of dead woman - that was from Venezuela some time ago.
Video of shot helicopter - that was from Syria last year.
Picture of burning factory - that was from an accident in Canada.

They are trying it again and again. They later take it back since they know that you will spread it further.

Today the Vostok Battalion took over the Donetsk Republic building. They said these people were looters. Since both sides are pro Russian this is an interesting development. Two accused looters were executed in Slovyansk lately. Will they now execute the "government" of Donetsk?

At least they took the building and cleaned all the barricades infront of it. Maybe we will see some change these days. Whatever that could be.

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posted on May, 29 2014 @ 09:44 PM
a reply to: Siddharta

Wow man, I barely even know what you're talking about.

My sources are people on the ground in Ukraine, and they are always posting events before they hit the MSM (if at all) while criticizing the inept coverage by the western MSM.

You talk about Russian media showing videos from other conflicts, but every time I see that on Russian media, they are criticizing western MSM. Just today I watched some editorial from RT where the journalist criticized CNN for presenting the Syrian helicopter going down as coverage from Ukraine (for like the third time, btw),

My sources are posting raw footage of army assaults and casualties every few hours. It's pretty hard to disbelieve what they are showing with evidence.

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