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Can The Bible Be Used To Justify Any Kind Of Opinion, Behaviour Or Attitude?

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posted on May, 6 2014 @ 08:28 AM
a reply to: TrueBrit

My condolences...

All I would add is to try to avoid rage fueled tantrums when entering temples and to not whip people that displease you.

......and to love those in your life just a little more than the Jesus character no matter how much he attempts to bribe or threaten you....

.....and to avoid amputating limbs or body parts that sin......and running herds of pigs over cliffs.....bacon tastes good!

posted on May, 7 2014 @ 12:38 PM
a reply to: TrueBrit

It does give me cause for consternation to see the adherents of such a reputably "selfless" movement use the afterlife as an excuse for being so kind and compassionate. As though heaven is the only reason you are doing it. If every act of kindness earned you one solid decade in hellfire, how quickly would your neighbors act to feed a homeless man, or adopt a stray puppy, or help someone with their groceries or hold the door open for a stranger or call the police if you see someone getting mugged or whatever it is that makes takes your fancy. How quickly would these Christians, these selfless and upstanding members of society, sacrifice their own happiness for that of others in a very real, very palpable way? If it meant defying the universe itself, breaking the laws of physics with every step, destroying themselves piece by piece until not even their soul was left, would they continue to exercise kindness and compassion?

It seems as though they are only Christians because of the health benefits, and not because they actually want to emulate Jesus' example and be better people.
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posted on May, 7 2014 @ 08:05 PM
a reply to: AfterInfinity

Well, that is one way to look at it I suppose. I look at it this way:

He is Jesus Christ, my personal lord and saviour. The saviour part is not just a title that people bestow upon him willy nilly by rote. By coming to Jesus, so the stories say, the soul can be saved from eternity bound in hell.

If we did not need saving, I imagine his title would have been Jesus Christ, The Marginally Redundant,both as a plot device and deity, depending on what level of importance you place on these things. The other thing I ought to make clear, is that once a person who truly believes starts to act as if they do, it stops being just about their own soul, it stops being a matter of self interest, and starts being about what they can do for the cause off their own back, to help others come to Christ.

posted on May, 12 2014 @ 03:06 PM
a reply to: 8BitOperator

Your post as the OP comes across as not very intelligent but textbook of todays people trying to rationalize their individuality. The problem I see is that most of us have a poor grasp of history or economics and customs of the time.

Many use this concept or idea you post 8BitOperator to attack the Bible or The Word without knowing what the nations around the mid east were doing among their people through their religions and holy books at the time the Bible or The Word was written. People who know this history would be shocked to know what was going on in other nations..inclcuding the sacrifice of their children and particularly the first born.

Rampant runaway sexuality and debauchery around the pagan holidays and and public.

This history is carefully hidden from most of us unless we learn to read carefully..not only from Biblical sources but from secular as well. It can be found and it makes Hugh Hefner and the like look like kindergarden children in order to justify whatever men could rationalize.

One of the things the Bible teaches its Believers is that they do not identify themselves as to whom and what they are by their sexuality...male or female. For the nations surrounding Ancient Israel were already doing this very thing. This is the part of history that is hidden and concealed from us but can be found in certain careful reading of the Bible.

The Children of God were to identify themselves by the God who lived in them daily. Not by their sexuality...ever.

Once one knows this fingerprint you can look around you at how people think or don't think today and see rampant cultivated stupidity trying to pass as excellence.

There are those of us out here ..however few ..who think that people should be more than sex and sexuality..much much more.

People define themselves historically by their lineage, their occupations, or some great work they have done and left to posterity..never by their sexuality. Only public education can dumb a people down this far into institutional stupidity.

For people are so much more than sex and sexuality..and this was in fact what the nations around Ancient Israel were doing all the time and particularly around their holidays and festivals.

Try to find a public school teacher or for all that matter a minister who will teach you this history..they are hardly to be found anywhere while cultivating standard stupidity.

All glory was to go to the manner these people dressed, planted their fields, ate. prepared their food etc etc..raised their children..all this to show that they were not like the nations surrounding them. They were not to do as the nations surrounding them did.

This is missing from your OP...carte blanche and replaced with man made logic and reason. This is also called in the Bible

as "The Traditions of Men".

Once one knows for what to look is glaringly missing from your OP..and replaced with the traditions of men. No problem by me..I merely point this out.

This is also missing from what attempts to pass for intelligence in public schooling today in order to get everyone stamped out the same. This is not a Biblical principle.

You also do not seem to know the economic principles of the time ..the hardships..the lack of time saving machinery and the effects it has on a nation/people economically.

In an economically affluent social structure... for which we take for granted can afford such time warp thinking or foolishness..but not in third world nations..which is what most nations were back then when the Bible was written.

The Hebrews as a people did not suffer most of the health maladies for which most of the other nations suffered due to the lack of refigeration ..or food preparation knowledge. This knowledge was given to these people to help them and to show that they were not like the nations surrounding them. This knowledge also had health benefits to them.
This also is not taught today as we take refrigertion for granted. It was always not so..even here in America.

This by 3NL1GHT3N3D1 is textbook of what tries to pass for intelligence today ..reason and logic. It just does not make good nonsense to those who know how the history and Bible read

Of course it can, that's the exact reason it was created, to justify inhumane acts. It was used to justify the Inquisitions and Crusades so it can be used to justify anything.

One cannot justify a crusade nor a inquesition by the Bible. For there exist no such instruction in the Bible to convert people by the sword nor the burning at the stake. This puts a unique light on Islam here. There is no such instruction to kill unbelievers in the Bible. Nor is there any such instruction to have a holy city here on this earth...particularly in the New Testament.

For the Kingdom to a Believer is not of this world...

This knowledge alone should tell you what Jerusalem today too with Rome and any other so called Holy City. They are counterfeits. Traditions of Men.

This alone should tell you sufficiently to know that the RCC is operating outside of the Biblical instructions for a church and has by this ...lost the candle stick. No Christian Church has any such instruction to so do according to the "Traditions of Men" being substituted for Bible Doctrine. This substitution is a phony and a counterfeit.

But most of us are not trained to spot a counterfeit..either by public education nor by our Ministers...but Biblical training and thought can teach this to one if one pays attention to the details.

The Inquisition and the Crusades are historical examples of the "Traditions of Men " being substituted for the Word of God..a counterfeit and phony. This should tell you the name of the god involved here...the Counterfeitter...without most even knowing it.

People who today try to teach this to people as reason and logic...about the crusades and inquesition are getting people to take a huge bite out of a counterfeit principle as if it were is not true once you know.
The Roman Catholic Church had switched gods and told no one they had done this . Switched gods to the counterfeitter...the liar and deceiver..and told no one they had done this.

There are other examples of counterfeit doctrines and beliefs in the Bible .."The Traditions of Men" attempting to be passed off as truth by very educated peoples. Once you know...them you can spot more of them around you ..daily...and by supposedly educated people.

Just some informations for you and the readers out here. No cover charge.


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posted on May, 12 2014 @ 03:21 PM

originally posted by: 8BitOperator
I feel this fundamentally goes against the overall message that Jesus was delivering;


posted on May, 12 2014 @ 09:54 PM
Keeping this in mind "Jesus Did Not Write The Bible"; it was written in his "behalf by others with pure intent" having personal agendas (dogma attached would never have agreed to conditions and terms of faith/belief systems and incurring tithes/selling of ones soul).
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posted on May, 13 2014 @ 06:14 AM

originally posted by: FlyersFan

originally posted by: 8BitOperator
I feel this fundamentally goes against the overall message that Jesus was delivering;


You forgot the part about Jesus ordering you to love him more than your wife and children, and the fact he (Jesus) wants you to abandon them for him.

Funny there are no memes with those messages....

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posted on May, 13 2014 @ 02:14 PM
This looks good on paper...but......

You forgot the part about Jesus ordering you to love him more than your wife and children, and the fact he (Jesus) wants you to abandon them for him.

This must be why the commandment is there to Honor Thy Father and Mother. Also instruction for the family relations and the home pecking order.

This kind of thing is more Jerry Springer per se...than real thinking. Fear and inescurity based..not real thinking.

I keep telling some of you to try thinking not emoting....Jerry!!!! Jerry!!!! Jerry!!!

A television and movie education based on emotional instant gratification beliefs and insecurities.

The Bible states ..Let us reason together...

It does not say ..let us emote together.

Hope this helps,

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posted on May, 13 2014 @ 02:14 PM

Keeping this in mind "Jesus Did Not Write The Bible"; it was written in his "behalf by others with pure intent" having personal agendas (dogma attached would never have agreed to conditions and terms of faith/belief systems and incurring tithes/selling of ones soul).

This reminds me of what politics today has become. Voting and supporting a blank check and then after a thing is voted in ..only finding out that the product for which one voted is not the product which was advertised.

Does this mean that politics is being sold and advertised as a religion?? Just have faith??

As I recall the other name for Jesus, among many many names, Is The Word.

This means that The Word is also a name for God. This means it is His Word...His Book.

Interesting what people come up with when only certain kinds of thinking are allowed and cultured.

It states in the Word ..that the Word took on Flesh ..and we beheld his glory...

He Wrote the book..He is the author.

About Judging. This one is textbook of todays logic and reason attempting to pass through as if all the cards were in the deck...they are not.

People judge according to a standard in which they believe. To believe means to Be Living. It does not mean to only have a pumper pumping blood..but to be living in something solid..real ..with consequenses..good or bad.

This means haveing the knowledge and background living in you to make choices..this or not this choice. It means to Judge.

The Bible doctrine is not to do that which God directs as against His will and His way. It means to come out from amongst them and be ye separate. Not to join in with this kind of stuff. To Separate.

It does not say to start a crusade and put these people to the stake or sword..but to separate.

The way of this world is to keep us ignorant and tolerate everything and anything which comes down the pipe. The two positions are diametrically opposite.

Not judging looks good on paper just happens not to be so.

We make thousands of judgements daily.

Believers are to make Righteous judgements..not judgements after the Traditions of men.

Hope this helps some of you.

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