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Racism, Russophobia and Nazi agenda collaboration

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posted on May, 3 2014 @ 10:28 AM
I've been following threads on the current events unfolding in Ukraine.

The same pattern is taking place in all Ukraine related threads. While clearly racist anti-Russian posts are supported, anti-Nazi posts are simply suppressed. Apparently saying "Nazi scum" is not politically correct on ATS, because God forbid it'll hurt the feelings of some Nazis, but saying absolutely horrid things about pro-Russian Ukrainians and Russians is totally cool.

Posting videos that literally prove blatant CIA disinformation campaign will only result in post deletion.

So once again, all the years after Operation Paperclip, as long as it's anti-Russian then anything goes, regardless if they are radical IslamoFashists or straight out Neo-Nazi SS combat units.

In the name of American people, absolute worst kind of scum is being financed, trained, armed and then sent to murder people, while the very discussion of such topic is tabu.

My position is anti-Nazi, and apparently that position is simply not allowed by ATS moderation, while clearly anti-Russian members and their views are fully supported and protected.

I have seen enough proof that this trend is not a mere display of twisted, hypocritical political correctness, but a coordinated censorship of anti-Nazi topics.

As history clearly shows, when anti-Nazi views are being repressed, Nazi dictatorship has already took root, and violent force is soon to follow. Nazi movement in Ukraine has been openly fostered, financed has escalated into a full military force called the Right Sector, by very clear interest of American 5th column.

When a corrupt minority in the name of America sponsors not only Islamic extremism, but openly creates a fully armed Nazi force, and uses it to ethnically cleanse territories of people because of their spoken language, there shouldn't even be a debate about it, but in the current reality of America, even mentioning this view is a cause for censorship.

Just yesterday, I've heard a first hand account, when a native Ukrainian that lives in Russia, drove to Ukraine to pick up his mother, was viciously beaten by Right Sector Nazi thugs simply because the car he drove in had Russian license plates. That level of nationalistic, Nazi driven hate is no longer in history books, it's on the streets of Ukrainian cities right now, but that reality is not acceptable on ATS forum, because the agenda is to demonize Russia.

It's this simple, regardless of what the causes of the unrest in Ukraine actually are, when one side is pledging the allegiance to flat out Nazi SS murderer that was tried at the Nuremberg trial, at the very least America should have absolutely nothing to do with such people, at all. Yet with literal approval and defense by the White House, the Ukrainian puppet government is honoring such a criminal with full honors, and upholds him as inspiration and example of leadership for the current Ukraine.

How sick have we gotten as a society, when something like this is not only immediately condemned by the highest levels of governance, but can't even be socially discussed and condemned in open forums.

Such is a state of real Fascism, when Nazi SS leaders can no longer be condemned in open forum, can only mean that those are the very same modern leaders that control the media and public opinion apparatus.

Exactly the same events took place in Germany of the 1930s, when people just turned a blind eye to the extremists, allowed them to march through their streets, to sensor public opinion, to silence all discussion, to burn books, and finally to push the entire nation into a world war.

If American people allow the very same extreme views to fully saturate public opinion, then corporate Nazi-USA will no longer be some speculative conspiracy theory, it will be a cold hard fact, and all those Fema camps will begin operating full time, sorting and processing all those who do not accept the status quo of de facto Neo-Nazi domination.

Before WWII most people in Germany didn't think that a tiny extremist Nazi Party had any chance of even making it to the parliament, yet like a virus extremists quickly took control of the entire country.

Exactly the same process is taking place in America, when a shadow 5th column operatives are purposefully pushing America into foreign wars, and using America as a cover to run their "controlled chaos" operations, even the discussion of their factual operations is simply squished.

Right wing NWO Nazi agenda is just a cover which is exactly the same as the Islamo-Fashcist agenda, they are the same forces simply tailored to their geopolitical requirements, they are all the same violent extremists who are remotely controlled by their puppet masters.

At this very moment, people in Ukraine are taking pledges on both side, the West and the East. In the West the pledge is for the Nazi SS Right Sector and their leadership icon of Stepan Bandera, in the East the pledge of the Sacred War against the Nazis plague, while in America propaganda singles out a single man, demonizes and labels him as a cause of it all - Russian President Putin.

So in the 21st century, while people are taking sides in a shooting war between Nazis and people that don't want to live under Nazi rule, American people are being fed a steady stream of anti-Putin and anti-Russian propaganda, and if anybody cares to disagree with such BS even on a open forum, they are censored and discriminated against.

My position is this; I am fully against the return of the Nazis and I don't care how "politically incorrect" some might see it. To me Nazis are scum, and I don't care if it "hurts their feelings". To me anybody who are joyfully chanting "death death death" while burning people alive, do not have feelings and are fit only for complete isolation from society, in whatever form of permanence it might be required.

If such a view is incompatible with ATS policies of appropriate member behavior, then to me ATS is an arena for Nazi sympathizers.

If in this day and age, if we as a people can not find a consensus that armed, militant Nazis who are openly engaged in military operations while being financed and controlled by traitors and usurpers in American government, is simply as evil as it gets, then the time of debate is over.

When clearly militantly racist views are not only tolerated but are supported, and while anti-Nazi voices are systematically silenced, then the time for debate is over.

When the time for debate runs out, only the guns are left to do the talking, and this is exactly how the sick ruling elite plunge the world into a blood bath time and time again.

When the time of guns comes, then it's only a matter of taking a side, and if that was to be my choice, I would stand against the Nazis, whatever nationality they might be, whatever flags they are hiding behind, and whatever lies they are pushing to justify their plans of world wide murder.

That's my stand, and I don't care if I get banned for it, because the way things are going, I have no doubt that at one point I'll get to meet the ones who are busy pushing their Nazi NWO agenda.

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posted on May, 3 2014 @ 11:24 AM
a reply to: renden

I share your stance against Nazis. Absolutely.

I did so in quite a few posts on ATS, but none of them were censored or deleted.
Ignored or debated, yes - but not deleted.

As for the display of ignorance regarding US/EU/NATO's support for elements that actively destabilized the situation in Ukraine, namely the UNA-UNSO (the paramilitary arm of Prawyj Sektor) since way before Maidan even startet...
well, investigations are taking place and will take time, but the truth will come out eventually, and some people here might find themselves shamed.

As for the consent and support of our bureaucrats for Nazis... I fully agree. Shame on them.

posted on May, 3 2014 @ 12:04 PM
a reply to: renden

Apparently saying "Nazi scum" is not politically correct on ATS

Apparently not as your post is still here.

I've made numerous posts regarding some of Ukraine's current government members being affiliated with NeoNazis and other semi-distant far right groups like Golden Dawn. All you need to do is look up their names and do a little research to see these facts.

None of my posts have been censored or removed.

posted on May, 3 2014 @ 02:59 PM
a reply to: ColCurious

My posts that were deleted had youtube links to videos which clearly showed that ordinary people, citizens, men and women alike took to the streets to put up barricades and defend their land from Ukranian military and Right Sector.

Those images were undeniable, and completely shattered the propaganda image of Russian aggression. While I'm absolutely certain Russian presence in Ukraine is undeniable, how can it possibly not be there if American mercs are conducting military operations?

All these constant double standards are making me sick, it really is the peak of hypocrisy, while 20th century invasions were at least covered up by need to defend the need world from Communist aggression or the need to topple tyrants, this entire 21st century Islamo-Faschist / Nazi thing is completely absurd.

This thread has been completely overtaken by pro-Nazi, anti-Russian "opinions". Its just statistics, whatever straight up CIA or Ukranian state information is presented is immediately claimed to be 100% accurate, while any, be it Western or Eastern anti Nazi information is immediately labeled as propaganda and lies;

The same few members are playing the same game, just kicking the info ball to each other while attacking everyone else. Taking a blatant pro-Nazi stand is completely acceptable, but calling them on it is not. This is a flat out textbook opinion control operation.

Time and time again absolutely fake crap is being constantly shoveled by the same members, and it just doesn't matter how many times they have been proven wrong, there is no consequence what so ever, they simply continue to flood the thread with page after page of the same state propaganda sources and fake pictures.

That is a coordinated disinformation campaign, flat out. All the roles are assigned, and easily tracked.

So after the murder of 46 people by burning them alive, and killing the wounded that managed to jump out of buildings and survive, the official info release from Kiev claimed that the victims have burned them selves. Yep, they set themselves on fire, according to Kiev, regardless of numerous videos where Right Sector is openly doing what Nazis do best - murder.

In a sane world, Kievs junta would have been condemned, completely isolated from the world community, and promptly removed from power to be tried for war crimes, because when genocide is literally being video documented but the official explanation is "suicide", then after such statements any sane person would see that regime for what it is; war criminals. But in our current reality, all that's needs to be done is simple "opinion control", and then any issue becomes irrelevant unless it's affecting you personally.

Real war crime is taking place right now, helicopters and tanks are killing actual civilians once again, and this time it's not a NATO coalition on some made up democracy crusade, but actual Hail Hitler, torch parade marching Nazis who yell "kill jews, kill moskovytes" and do it every chance they get, while their junta leaders organize real human hunting by announcing bounty of 10 thousand dollars for every Russian caught in Ukraine, how much more insane does it have to get????

Let us right now, imagine a parade of American White Power Nazis, right through downtown of any major city, with torches and chants of "kill blacks, kill jews", right along withactual beatings and street executions. What would be the reaction of regular Americans that live on those streets?

I know one thing, if in USA< in ANY city, ANYBODY on the street would throw a molotov cocktail at a cop, they would immediately be shot dead with no questions asked, but when Nazis are doing the same against pro-Russians, it's all just fine.

All of that makes me damn sure that any variation of those double standards can and a will be used against me as soon as it pleases the ones in status quo, and that makes me very nervous.

So if it's OK to openly hate Russians to the extent of condoning and supporting the actions of armed Nazis death squads, then it'll be very, very easy to silence anybody for their anti-Nazis stand.

posted on May, 3 2014 @ 03:01 PM

originally posted by: Bassago
a reply to: renden

Apparently saying "Nazi scum" is not politically correct on ATS

Apparently not as your post is still here.

So are you saying I'm making it up?

The post with youtube links was removed, together with other members posts that had a chance to see the videos. That's a fact.

posted on May, 3 2014 @ 03:57 PM
a reply to: renden

Listen, I understand your ranting.
Keep calm, stick to the facts, don't waste your energy on those who can't be convinced anyways (let alone trolls).
This is the internet! Don't let it get to you... take a time out and calm down.

As for ATS deleting your posts, maybe you accidentally violated the T&C in some way?
As far as I know and from my experience you can say almost anything on here.

posted on May, 3 2014 @ 04:03 PM
There is a you tube video a few months back of some US State department bitch choosing who was to be who in the Ukrainian government that tells you all you need to knw about the main agent provocateur

posted on May, 4 2014 @ 05:31 AM

originally posted by: ColCurious
a reply to: renden

Listen, I understand your ranting.
Keep calm, stick to the facts, don't waste your energy on those who can't be convinced anyways (let alone trolls).
This is the internet! Don't let it get to you... take a time out and calm down.

As for ATS deleting your posts, maybe you accidentally violated the T&C in some way?
As far as I know and from my experience you can say almost anything on here.

So, if some one registers as a outright Nazi calling for ethnic extermination of entire populations, that would be cool? Or how about a child molesting serial killer that wishes to share tactics on how to lure children away from their parents?

There have to be social lines of normality, if outright murder is no longer a social line of tolerance, then there is no society, only tyranny.

Bombing the crap out of Iraq in the 90s was explained by the invasion of Kuwait, bombing of Yugoslavia was on the bases of alleged genocide which later proved to be a total lie, but at least it was some sort of cover. Afghanistan was Islamic extremists, invasion of Iraq in the 21st century didn't even need an explanation, and then the string of the so called "color revolutions" and "Arab springs". No explanation needed of any kind. Syria, nope, no reason needed, and now Ukraine, same thing, just yet another supposedly spontaneous event.

So now we have gotten to a point at which out right Nazis are chasing people into a building and burning them alive, but then their leaders in Kiev are making official statements that those people are terrorists that burned themselves.

We as supposedly civilized nation with values of Liberty and Freedom are supposed to accept that now? So our government is fully supporting a murderous Nazi Junta which send Nazi death squads to murder people and to burn them alive, and even in open forum we can't even condemn that sort of thing? Who are we them? What happened to America? Where did it go? Who is in control of our government? What sort of people finance and support Nazi Junta and stage a total media propaganda blitz to manipulate public opinion to support such actions?

The most important question is, if Nazis burning people alive is OK now, what is OK for the same people to do to Americans?

From suicide bombers trained by CIA now they openly stoop down to flat out Nazis, so anything goes now.

posted on May, 4 2014 @ 08:04 AM
a reply to: renden

First, Russia is simply a nationality, not a race. Second, your hysterical name calling gets removed because the language violates terms and conditions, as it is often directed at fellow members and frequently meets the definition of "hate speech." Thus, your claims of censorship are unfounded. Finally, I think it extremely ironic that you, of all people, are using the term "Nazi" with contempt.

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