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The Roshinaya - Skull and Bones - Connection

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posted on May, 2 2014 @ 06:17 PM
I first heard the late Bill Cooper talking about the Roshinaya , Bahman Nassiri has made a film called the Golden Veil , about the Iranian Revolution, he claims he is a 32nd degree freemason, I posed a question to him before this video concerning DNA and the relationship between the NWO and some of the leaders of the world, he claimed he could not tell me which that would be very understandable but he does claim that the people and the way we perceive them, are not fully human, he also said their goal is to create a Nuclear Winter, which is partially connected to the Fukushima incident and possibly another disaster like that.

Anyhow here is an interview from today , but he has some other videos that it seems might be more in depth than this Alex Jones video.

Link to video

I tried to link the video, it is a youtube feature it has a slightly different extension it appears, someone help me out for the next time please or if you are more saavy post it for me please?

This is a more in depth video on the Hagmann Report from last year

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posted on May, 2 2014 @ 08:12 PM
I haven't watched the video, but Fukushima is not how a nuclear winter is created. Radio Active waste land is a start. A nuclear winter would require quite a large nuclear exchange as in a WWIII scenario. You would blow enough dust into the stratosphere to block out the sun and thus drop temperatures to below freezing for several years. A volcanic winter could happen by the eruption of a super volcano if it blew enough ash into the upper atmosphere or the same if a large enough asteroid were to hit. If he is claiming Fukushima was an attempt at creating a nuclear winter, then these people wouldn't be that smart. Killing off large portions of the population would work if say the fuel pool of reactor 4 were to collapse and ignite a nuclear conflagration that could render the biosphere uninhabitable. However, that would be the case for them too.

I don't think these people are part nonhuman, unless they are part of an ignorant species. If they want to get rid of the majority of the world's Human population, a targeted species biological viral attack based on DNA would be a better move. And if these people are supposed to be some intelligent-alien/human hybrid they would know that would be the way to do it and leave all other life intact. Well, that is my 2 cents.

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