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The ILLUMINATI - Quasi-Relevatory Information from 18th Century Literature

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posted on May, 1 2014 @ 02:07 PM
It has been one of the hottest topics among conspiracy theorists (and, thus, skeptics) for a long time, centuries perhaps: whether the Illuminati is still in existence. There's enough discussion about that - enough that I don't feel the need to get into it too deeply, except to say that my personal opinion is that it certainly does exist, and that it (in some form, whether under the name "Illuminati" or not) has infiltrated governments around the globe and is working toward a "new world order". The connections are all around us. The Bavarian Illuminati supposedly "died" in 1784 when a Bavarian royal decree was made forbidding secret societies including the Illuminati and Freemasonry (modern media loves to make a false association between Freemasonry and the Illuminati, maybe there were members common to both groups, but overall the Illuminati undermined the masons). As we know Freemasonry survived - of course it had been around since antiquity and was well established in other places than Bavaria - but it's certainly possible for, in the roughly 14 years the Illuminati was in existence, it's reach to have made it's way across Europe (and then, maybe, the globe).

In 1798, Abbé Barreul wrote a four part diatribe of the French Revolution, the third part of which is entitled Code of the Illuminati. It is one of the very few comprehensive and historically valid accounts of the secret society, and contains information and quotations directly from "former" Illuminati members' testimonies and literature. It is well known that, shortly after the American Revolution, the Illuminati was one of the driving forces behind the French Revolution, which is, in my opinion, the most underrated historical event as far as the immediate and long-lasting effects are concerned. It was extremely significant and I believe the ultimate consequences of the French Revolution haven't even come to fruition yet.

The book is written, seemingly, without bias; it is, if anything, anti-Illuminati. The author is clearly opposed to the anti-Christian, blasphemous nature of the sect, and that comes through at times, but overall the book is a historical account. It gives interesting insight that further solidifies my thinking that the society, or some offshoot of it, are turning the cogs and gears of governments today.

To excerpt from the chapter titled "Of the Government and Political Instructions for the Epopts" (epopt being defined as "a person instructed in the mysteries of a secret society", i.e. Illuminati members):

Enlighten nations; that is to say, efface from the minds of the people what we call religious and political prejudices; make yourself master of the public opinion; and, this empire once established, all the constitutions which govern the world will disappear ... [Sciences] were to be swept into the common mass of ruin with religion, laws, princes, nations, our towns and stationary habitations. Vandalism and the era of barbarism were to be revived ... To prepare the attack, therefore, it was necessary to make the sciences serve under the banners of the Sect,and through their means captivate the public opinion in [their] favour ... every thing dear and sacred to man vandalized and overthrown; sciences would of themselves shrink back and vanish.

Basically, all establishments and societies broken apart, partly by the vandalism of the dumbed-down common people, under the control of one government, one religion, and one institution which is in complete control of the sciences - i.e. a New World Order. The author further states the clear goal of Adam Weishaupt, the father of the Illuminati (better known in their annals under the pseudonym Spartacus) "was to extend the conquests of [the Illuminati] over public opinion by science, or, in other words, to dispense its anti-religious and antisocial doctrines under the bewitching name of science."

Regarding the organization of the society, the author states that the Illuminated epopts group together in "synods" of nine members, plus one Dean chosen by the group. Of those nine epopts, two are selected as secretaries and the other seven preside over one science each. I found this interesting as you can see how the Illuminati would have had influence in many different areas. The seven sciences were physics, medicine, math, natural history, politics, the arts, and occult sciences:

These functions once distributed, the Epopts are to renounce all other business political or domestic, and every care but that of perfecting themselves in the branch of science which they are to superintend, and of secretly forwarding the brethren of the inferior degrees in the sciences to which they had devoted themselves ... "You will," abruptly exclaims the legislator, "incessantly form new plans, and try every means, in your respective provinces, to seize upon the public education, the ecclesiastical government, the chairs of literature, and the pulpit."

One primary and significant goal of an epopt, as explained in the code of the Illuminati, is to infiltrate all forms of literature. To use the current fashion and write material that would sway public opinion toward the ideas and principles of the secret society. It must be remembered that in the 1700s literature was the main media available. It is certain that today they would treat music and movies with the some tenacity they did books and newspapers. Clearly this could be an explanation for the blatant Satanic and Illuminati references and images ever-present in the media today.

I realized while typing this thread that "Code of the Illuminati" is available in full here at It isn't too long - can be monotonous and dry at times - but is quintessential secret society material. I noticed a review of the book claiming that it was "masonic bashing" but having read (most of) it I would certainly call that claim naive. I've spent a lot of time on that website and I would recommend it for anyone who doesn't want to go to the library, but isn't satisfied with using Google for "research" (don't limit yourself to what Google wants to share).

To speak one last time, to the point about how it would be only natural - in accordance with the code of the Illuminati - for them to secretly infiltrate modern media such as pop music and film in order to desensitize the masses (especially young people) and subliminally familiarize them with the sect's symbols and beliefs: I have to wonder to myself "why if there isn't a secret society behind the media, would such symbols be popular?" I just don't see how occult symbolism used 200+ years ago would have come back with a vengeance in the 21st century and be used so blatantly in so many different places just because they somehow became "trendy". I realize the use of occult symbols has been by no means unfamiliar in music and movies for the past several decades, but nowadays it's more explicit. Is it only the mystique of secret societies that has drawn modern media to use their symbols, or is something else going on that was specifically stated as a primary goal of the Illuminati 245 years ago?

For lack of space, I will end on the second post with a quote from the book regarding the first duties of any newly enlisted Illuminee...

posted on May, 1 2014 @ 02:07 PM

He must keep a diary... he must vigilantly observe all persons with whom he becomes acquainted, or whom he meets in company, without exception of relations, friends, enemies, or entire strangers; he must endeavour to discover their strong and their weak side; their passions and prejudices; their intimacies, and above all, their actions, interests, and fortune; in a word, every thing relating to them... he must enter in his Diary. Twice every month he will make a general statement of his observations, and he will transmit it to his superiors. By these means the Order will be informed what men, in every town or village, are friendly or inimical to it. The means of gaining over the one or destroying the other will naturally occur ... The Recruiting Brother will carefully guard against giving the most distant hint that he is an Illuminee.

And finally...

...these three great precepts are to be found in the summary of the Code: hold thy tongue—be perfect—disguise thyself

posted on May, 1 2014 @ 02:27 PM
I the context of this post, the whole globalclimatewarmingchange lunacy makes a lot more sense.

posted on May, 2 2014 @ 01:00 AM
So a good Illuminati member will have a diary of all contacts' habits, weaknesses, strengths, & preferences, & will be meeting frequently with 9 and only 9 other members to among other things, share the insights gleaned from diary-keeping.

Where's all the leaks of Illuminati diarists journals? Surely there must be something floating around in the public realm. Illuminati are rich guys with tons of staff & even housekeepers. What a juicy item to share with the world.

That is, Illuminati in the here & now. Where's the juicy, bona-fide Illuminati papers?

Perhaps it's a scapegoat, the theme of an elusive but all-powerful group of rich evil men
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posted on May, 2 2014 @ 09:35 AM
a reply to: kkrattiger
Yes there are no more nine "Epopts" in a district, not including the Dean and Prefect. As a whole they are called a "Synod" and any high ranking superior can attend whatever synod(s) they wish. A member "paid" their dues by the income generated by the things they created within their respective science. Surely there must be private diaries of members still in existence.

One of the most important concepts of being an "Illuminee", as described by the book, is absolute discretion. That is the definition, after all, of a secret society. Nowadays such societies are more public, generally speaking. For example, today masons have no qualms of saying they're masons; they are involved in the community in many cases, and you see the rings and bumper stickers, etc. Centuries ago the Illuminati literally existed in the shadows.

One thing, to paraphrase heavily, is that all knowledge obtained, inventions made - literally anything produced by an epopt in their respective science - was to be shared with the entire group so that he could receive praise and recognition for his accomplishment(s), and while everything they produced within art and science fit in someway to their ultimate agenda, they made sure the public could make no association between their individual works and the Illuminati. The Hellfire Club, Bohemian Club/Grove, and Skull and Bones are kind of modern examples of that principle.

They had a very specific, set goal that all of the work they did was to ultimately accomplish... essentially disorder and destruction in the name of liberty. There are aspects of their mission that I think a lot of us could get behind, but other aspects of their code, as well as their tactics and alleged "track-record", have earned them infamy and the paranoia of conspiracy theorists everywhere. reinstate man in his primitive rights of Equality and Liberty, we must begin by destroying all Religion, all civil society, and finish by the destruction of all property ... a time shall come when man shall acknowledge no other law but the great book of nature

Alas, any potentially positive political, economical, or social system can (and will) be twisted and abused by the greed of men.

posted on May, 14 2014 @ 05:11 PM
Good post.

Whether or not the new world order agenda of today is directly connected to the historical Illuminati is irrelevant. Ideas never die. I believe "they" stick less and less to the shadows because there is less and less belief that they truly exist. Many that do know there is a threat can't decide who the enemy is. Is it the Jews? Is it the Jesuits? Is it the Masons? Is it the Skull and Bones? So on and so forth. Discussion breaks down into criticism of each other in most cases (we've all seen YouTube comment chains like this) and then the fingers get pointed at the very people who bring some of this stuff to attention. Alex Jones, Bill Cooper, etc. Does the Illuminati really need disinformation agents when there is so much mud in the water, the people propagate confusion themselves? More importantly though. What can I do about it? I don't feel there is a damn thing I can do. Try voting? Write my statesman? Form a militia? None of these things are really practical at this stage in their game imo. I don't even bother trying to talk to most people about this subject anymore.

Eisenhower Farewell Adress
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