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elderly care exposed(could it be your mum)

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posted on Apr, 30 2014 @ 08:34 PM
this is the second documentery i,ve saw about this in the past year.

you ask me there is a problem,how can this be exposed 2 times in 1 year?

can you imagine watching any of these and it being your own mum?i know how i would react. we shouldn,t even see this happen once.
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posted on Apr, 30 2014 @ 09:11 PM
I am outraged when I hear of such things! Thank God that woman was able to take footage and get those people fired. Still, they should have closed the whole place down!!

posted on Apr, 30 2014 @ 09:20 PM

originally posted by: Night Star
I am outraged when I hear of such things! Thank God that woman was able to take footage and get those people fired. Still, they should have closed the whole place down!!
was one last year or year before with people with special needs that was exact same and that was closed down,its a shocking state of affairs,got my own mum telling me don,t want to burden you and aint going near one of them care homes when i get to that stage,her words to me were the wills set,you and your sisters will be fine,i,ll go join your dad before you see me in one of them.says it all.

posted on Apr, 30 2014 @ 09:34 PM
My own Mom is 90 and has been extremely fortunate. I live in the apartment above her. She owns this 3 family apartment building. My niece and her husband and little boy are on the first floor. My older sister takes her for doctors appointments and does some errands. I do her dishes and laundry and grocery shopping for her. Me my sister and aunt sometimes cooks so she doesn't have to, but she is still able to do so. Many times I have had to call an ambulance or take her to the emergency room. She has a lot of pain walking, but uses a cane and a walker to get around. I will help her as long as I possibly can. I am disabled with a bad back so can only do so much. I pray she will remain in her own home until it is her time to go.

posted on May, 1 2014 @ 12:38 AM
a reply to: sparky31

That's just horrible and if I saw that man at the beginning smack my mother I would find him and settle things to where......let me not finish that thought NSA.

I am not sure what the laws are there as compared to here in the US for adult care but I am learning the laws here in the US out of necessity.

Now before I get into that let me say I feel a bit of disgust towards her daughter. I am sure she has some say in where her mother wound up and it seems like she just dumped her off without even investigating the home to get references and a great deal of other things a son/daughter should do before finding a adult care facility.

Doing so is exhausting, frustrating, confusing, yada yada.

I am in the process of doing so for my mother and have been for some time. Every facility is after money first and are not forthcoming on Medicaid Medicare acceptance some outright lie and I have reported a few that have.

Each facility I have been to that passed the first of my expectations to where I feel could be a possibility I will visit unannounced at least 5 times at different periods of the day I will check to see if they have been reported and I will talk to other people who have put there loved ones there. You have to investigate these places before moving you parents there. Afterwords placing your mother/father you must continue to check up on them and do so at different times unannounced yet again. Your parents become the child to where you have to make sure they are being taken care of properly.

I have a cousin that has had her mother in a nursing home with Alzheimer's for some years now so I feel lucky she can tell me what to expect and what to look out for.

I would never put my mother in a place such as the one in that video that is not a life that is a living hell for the woman's mother.

Honestly I just met yesterday again with the elder care attorney I retained for my mother when my father died last year and i became aware of the onset of dementia, sundowners, and schitsophrenia with her to where it has recently gotten so bad that I had to move into the house because she nearly burned it down trying to cook. When I am out for long periods I have to hire people to come and sit with her.

The advice I can give everyone is to start planning for placement long before there is a need get you powers of attorney in order, the wills, trusts, talk to them while they are still capable of understanding and where they can relay what they wish to be done. Hell make sure they have a say as that would eliminate a lot of angst for you even because it sucks having to make all the decisions not knowing if they would like the general direction type of place etcetera.

I am lucky that I have done well enough to afford good care for her to make up the difference for just about any place and I ahave things to where I could take the time to do all of this but is still stressfull as hell. I think I understand why my pops had such high blood pressure. I loved my pops and my mom so i would never think of taking shortcuts now that she is sick but I really wish I had sat down with them years ago where we would have had a discussion about such scenarios even as uncomftorble and awkward as it would have been. Trust me it would have been worth the discomfort.

At least my pops had talked to me a few times about his wishes on funeral or cremation and things such as that. With my mom she is past the point of even having such a discussion because Alzheimer's is setting in.

Damn long rant there from me. Sorry about that folks as it is all on my mind right now me being out of town in the hospital from surgery this morning for such things I have adult resources check on her periodically which causes its own problems especially with the sundowners.

Plan ahead for there good and yours and hope like hell Alzheimer's or dementia doesn't become an issue. BTW after they are diagnosed with either your going to have a serious problem getting any power of attourny if you even can and it would cost you a fortune but it can be done very cheaply beforehand. At the very least you can go to office max and get a cd with the forms for all the various powers of attorney living wills final wills and get them notarized at the bank. At that point get either a safety deposit box/fire safe with lock or whatever your family is comfortable with. You will never regret being prepared for circumstances that you hope will not happen.

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posted on May, 1 2014 @ 02:54 AM
It is disgusting people like that get employed in the care profession.

The good news is as an ex carer of old folk most carers do the job because they are of a caring nature, crap pay and bad working conditions didn't stop me nor all the guys who I worked with giving 100% towards the elderly folk..we cared for them like they were are own.
I work looking after people with LD's now and I saw a support worker raped people with LD and he got sent to jail...good.
BUT don't paint all of us with the same brush the media never points out the hundreds of thousands of dedicated people who work in the field who do a great job.

I think abuse in care should have a mandatory jail sentence. Better training is needed and to be honest pay better and you will get better people.

posted on May, 1 2014 @ 03:48 AM
a reply to: boymonkey74

I don't know how it is in the UK but in the US care workers "should" be getting great pay but i am probably wrong as like almost all capitalist things nowadays the pay scale is extremely lopsided.

It would be good to find out and I am sure there some US senior caregivers here that can fill us in.

Several ALFs I have checked out where none are bellow 2200 a month for studio type apartments that was the smallest and the highest I saw was 4800 now that is here in Florida retirement capital of the US. Plus extra cost exorbant extra I would certainly expect the workers to be compensated exceptionally well. You know some want a 5k move in fee pluses first and deposit. My cousin has seen where some of the residents where her mother is currently writing monthly checks of like 9k and the cost for her mother wax like 2k for the same place. Difference is she has an elder care attorney.

They have it set up where I believe they milk every saved penny out of those folks unless they have family or attorneys protecting them. Man I am still trying to figure out so much even with an attorney. I don't want to place her and then have to uproot her because they don't want to deal with Medicare once things are spent down.

I do know there are good people in the field but that doesn't make the news however I will say this. There were a few places I went I felt like I was being worked by the management that does the tours. I sold cars for a year once and let me say they gave me the feeling that the dealership management did. I asked what the 5k fee was for at this one place that showed me a small studio apartment. They said it was for fresh coat of paint and new carpets. I stared at him till he spoke up first to say it was also for paperwork. At that point I asked him how many times he practiced saying that with a strait face. Dude I'm seriously stressed out over everything as it is needing to find my mom a good home that will give her the care she needs and improve her remaing years but to need worry about being legally financially drained just because they can to the uniformed. Hell car sales has more morals and ethics. I distinctly feel like they are feeding off those in dire straits.

I am not classifying care workers like that but the managers/sales realy give me bad vibes in some places.

Sorry dude I haven't slept something in the medications here at the hospital keeping me awake and I obviously can ramble with text.

posted on May, 1 2014 @ 03:55 AM
a reply to: Grimpachi

It is the same here tbh the people who own the homes just run it as a business and when one died they were not upset about the person but the empty bed

posted on May, 1 2014 @ 04:47 AM
I visited a friend in a OldPeopleContainmentHome in the UK.

She said to us: "It's like a prison. Get me out"

A nurse came into the main room where there were elderly people sat in comfy chairs along all walls. Must have been abot twenty/twentyfive of them.
The nurse went from one to the other and tossed the elderly person a small bean bag (to catch).
Once per person.

After she had done the round she looked at us as if to say, "we do keep them fit and alert you know". And she left with the air of superiority.

My wife and I have often talked about going in a home when we grow old, but we will likely take some pills to end it all, before it comes to that.

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posted on May, 1 2014 @ 04:54 AM
a reply to: boymonkey74

So your saying that the impression I am getting from the management/sales being money grubbing bastards iris probably dead on?

Man that blew me away when he said there was a 5k move in fee. I mean all together just to move in to this small studio apartment they wanted 13k to 14k and you pay extra for phone or cable.

Here's the thing after the stare down he talked first ( in sales the one who speaks first after the pitch loses) and he tried to say it was also administrative paperwork fees and I called him out then the lady manager that was with him(she was a closer) spoke up and tried to smoth things over saying he was new still in training. At that point I asked what kind of paperwork requires that much time and effort after you have told me you don't except Medicaid which is the main paperwork that everyone reports as being the pain in the arse.

They tried to hard sell me and pushed for my home number at the end I strait up told them their business model reminds me of how I was trained as a car salesman and that 5k seems exactly like a bump sticker on new cars that is really nothing but the salesmanship proffit and dealership profit or even something to give in to make the customer feel like they got a deal.

You know they really didn't like me saying that but they also didn't disagree with me.

To be dead honest the entire experience was exactly that in car sales instead of test drive they show the rooms.

In more than a few places they showed me private residence rooms which completely invaded their privacy.

Does any of what I am saying sound familiar to what you have seen. I only sold cars for about a year but I learned a lot about sales that has really opened my eyes to a lot that otherwise I could have been duped 100s of times over. The perfect sell is when you don't feel like your being sold and if you do you feel like you won.
Those that make a deal and feel like they are still being screwed at the end are the ones who were always the one who practically stole the car.

You know it is time for me to dig out the old sales books and brush up on all the tactics I used to read a lot of different pitch books and such zigzigler art of the sale and so forth. BTW as I mentioned they do except Medicaid Acording to senior resource alliance because any institute the excepts and federal funds I'ds required to.

Dude I know I am ranting but it's all true I swear.

posted on May, 1 2014 @ 04:57 AM
a reply to: HolgerTheDane2

Dude if I ever become diagnosed with alzhimers I am going to pull a captain Dan from forest gump and head out to sea during a hurricane.

Alzhimers runs in the family on my mothers side.

posted on May, 5 2014 @ 10:40 AM
a reply to: Grimpachi

Snap dude I will do the same...go out with a bang.
Thing is I was always sure the old dudes and dudettes who were really bad with it would have said the same..

Living wills are the way forward I just don't want to burden others and waste resources on me with dementia or a similar disease, I think the way the world is it would be better spent on the young.
So they should give us the choice while we are fully able to have the choice If we get it.

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