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The X Files

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posted on May, 26 2003 @ 09:43 AM
does any one think the x files is linked in with the stuff that is goin on now days

posted on May, 26 2003 @ 02:05 PM
The majority of the storylines in the X-Files (especially the first few series) as well as the continued story that ended with the show were based on conspiracy theories and known personal encounters and worldwide events.

Chris Carter not to mention many of the writers had said this during many interviews.

posted on May, 26 2003 @ 06:07 PM
God I love the X Files. Its my fav show ever!!
I wonder if they are going to make more movies. Lets hope so!!

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posted on May, 26 2003 @ 07:05 PM

posted on May, 26 2003 @ 08:01 PM
I loved the X-Files as well. Great show. Although, it really started to get bad towards the end. Especially some of the episodes with Robert Patrick and that other woman. Ugh.

I liked the movie as well. Now, I just have to get the first season DVD.

posted on May, 27 2003 @ 04:38 AM
I have the shirt to prove it
And yes, I'd certainly think or atleast like to think that there is 'truth' to some of the stories..some of them I found that I could relate those for sure seem based on truth.

The movie kind of freaked me out..with the bees and hives because I've seen the connection there with my own eyes in real life! I haven't figured out what the heck bees have to do with it, but theres something there that's for sure..
Anyone know??

OK I said S H I R T above LOL!

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posted on May, 27 2003 @ 04:56 AM
well i only really started to get in to all the stuff on this website because of the x files cos i thort all this s*it could reall happen

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