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Mystery object in Saturn's ring may be a new baby moon: Peggy !

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posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 09:24 AM
I knew the neighborhood of Saturn with the rings and all was fairly busy but (1) I did not know there were 53 moons ! The evolution of the moons and their water content has always been something that interested me as the other moons of the outer planets. Anyway hope you gain some info as I did and enjoy.... Peggy certainally adds a personal touch, No?

The moons that orbit Saturn may be increasing by one -- an icy, pint-sized object that astronomers have named “Peggy.”

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has spotted evidence that a mysterious object measuring perhaps half a mile across is disturbing the outer edge of Saturn’s large, bright A ring. The object’s gravity seems to have roughed up the ring’s usually smooth profile.

There’s good reason to think Peggy could join the very long list of Saturnian moons (a list that includes 53 official moons and nine provisional ones). Astronomers have theorized that the moons started out as collections of ice from Saturn’s hefty rings and then drifted into orbits farther away.

The oldest moons probably formed when the rings were more substantial. By coalescing so much material, they grew large and drifted into orbits farther away from the planet.

posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 11:50 AM
Not to be rude but, where have you been the past month? This is old news and has been posted here many times.
I suggest getting familiar with the search engine built into ATS or just write the title or similar title to your article in google and write Above Top Secret as well. That will give you any results.

Can someone please post a link to the threads on this topic?

posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 01:18 PM
a reply to: Kuroodo

Here ya' go...

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