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What's up with us minorities, anyway? Why can't we just move on?

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posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 11:09 PM
a reply to: ihavenoaccount

Don't give me this 'racism is a part of life' bull, either. When I complained about racism as a kid, that's the response teachers, elders and even my own helpless parents gave me. So I gave up and threw the chip off the proverbial shoulder. But guess what? No matter how much we compromise our satisfaction and shut our mouths, ethnic minorities are still perceived to be ungrateful troublemakers.

It seems to me that all the people you quoted in your passage above were RIGHT and were in positions of knowledge. We are designed as humans to be self preservative. When another thing encroaches into our lives we deem a threat or something that will unbalance our livelihood we naturally do NOT like it!!

Living with this BS dream that we can all get along sounds great. Don't get me wrong, the world would be a much safer and welcome place. BUT that is not life and it never will be.

The class system still exists, racial classing exists, cultural differences are many and can not and MAYBE should not work together or blend seamlessly together. Minorities tend to come to the shores of whever and want THEIR home comforts in the place they are invading!

There are MANY foreigners in LONDON who blend in and adapt and are LOVED by the traditional UK people! MANY. Its always the same few that moan and whine and want something the THINK they are entitled to.

My answer, IF anyone at all moves to another country they should adopt that countries way of life and attitudes and culture. MAKE the DAMN effort. IF they don't wish to or want to....then get back on the boat, train or dingy they came in on and go back to their country or try another.

Its simple....but you are making it complicated. I am a UK citizen born and bred in Bethnal Green LONDON who emigrated to the US in 2002. I adapted to the US way of life...I LOVE the US constituition and SUPPORT it fully and will even fight for it. I am now a US citizen even though I consider the UK my first home. I now consider the US my home from home.

I don't moan and whine about their way of life.....I even considered getting fat to really blend in..But alas I did not!!

posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 12:37 AM
Hmm. Personally I don't really see racism in my everyday life. Blacks, whites, and browns, which make up my area for the most part, just go about their lives. We are all polite to each other, and there is no blatant discrimination that I've ever seen. The problem I have is this, although I am speaking as an American and about the condition as I've seen it in the US: equality has been established.

I feel that certain groups keep pushing the idea that they're oppressed, and that equality has not been reached, which simply further keeps racism rearing its head. I am not saying it doesn't exist, but its existence is not obvious. This is because if someone attempts to discriminate in the US, they very well could have a lawsuit on their hands, so businesses and what not don't discriminate. They are too afraid of the consequences. I am sure there are certain police officers that do it, but discrimination works against all races.

So what exactly is it that makes one think they're being discriminated against? And another thing is that I do not believe that all African Americans, just as an example, want equality. If this were the case then why is it acceptable to have your cake and eat it too, as they say? If equality were the goal, organizations like the NAACP wouldn't exist. I could only imagine what would happen if a group like that were formed by white people. And the reason such a group shouldn't exist is because any discrimination that takes place has nothing to do with the law, since equality has already been established and the majority of people get along with those of other races.

Heck, the majority of white people are so afraid of doing something to make someone think that they're racist that they walk on eggshells sometimes, at least in a sense. The racism is occurring amongst random people, people who don't really affect the people they don't like. They may not like you, but that shouldn't affect you, and that is not justification for pushing an equality agenda imo, since equality has been reached. If that were the case, then why can't white people, as an example, push for "equality" amongst individuals like this, because I have personally witnessed black people who don't like white people...? In fact, I've seen that more than the other way around in my personal life.

And to say that the race card is not played on a massive scale is just wrong. It is. There are organizations who go around in the US just looking for any situation where they can claim discrimination. The truth is that ANY race could do this, but they don't. ALL races are discriminated against. Someone can say white cops don't like black people or something, which can only realistically be true in certain instances, but there are going to be certain instances where black cops don't like white people. That is just how the world works.

My point is this: you are not going to change the beliefs of every single individual in the country. It just cannot be done. Everyone has a right not to like someone else I suppose. So all you can do is eliminate discrimination from the law, getting jobs, etc...It just seems to me that there are certain cases where, for instance, something happens between a white person and a black person, and a group like Jackson's will flock to the scene before they even know the details. That to me means they are looking for discrimination everywhere, whether it exists or not, and THAT is promoting racism in a way.

Like I said, I am not racist, and I have not seen all that much racism between the different people where I live, and I live in Texas. I went to a high school where there were the same number of blacks and whites for the most part. And I've seen racism from all races as well, and that is the honest truth. Another thing is that someone can do something, and they would have done the same thing no matter what race the other person was. But there will be people who claim what was done was done because the other person was of a certain race. THAT is NOT proven to be racism. But it will be claimed as racist, and that is exactly what is perpetuating racism, if you understand what I mean. I probably could have explained what I mean better, but I am having a difficult time articulating just what I'm saying. I don't mean to sound callous or anything, or racist, lol, because I'm not.

That is another thing. Why can't people have conversations dealing with race, and bringing up issues like this, without having someone claiming racism? Not everyone will do it, but some will. But like I said, you cannot expect to change every person. We should run any person who would discriminate out of public office and law enforcement and places like that, and that is all we can do. But it must be proven that the person is discriminating, whether based on race or something else, because racial discrimination is not the only type. So it is very important not to assume someone is discriminating against someone else because that person is not the same race as the one who is doing the discriminating. It is a slippery slope, and the consequences are not good for the population as a whole.

posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 12:55 AM
Here's one from "you just cant make this **** up" department.

I'm totally at a loss for words..........

Perhaps minorities are still concerned about racism because it still exist; even in the world of sports where you would think it would have changed by now. Be sure and read the link before responding.....
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posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 01:09 AM
My main issue with people in general. Is how they conveniently forget why they moved somewhere in the first place.

The truth..... Because it was better than the place you came from.

And why was the place so bad....? Funny enough it is hardly ever the "homeland" that is the issue ( land is seldom the issue ). It was the people that lived on that land that was the issue.

I am from a mixed background. But ALL my ancestors came to NZ to escape something. BS culture and tradition.

It does not take much courage to travel. But to be prepared to actually start a new life, is beyond most peoples level of honesty and accountability.

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posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 01:25 AM
a reply to: olaru12

That was... disturbing. Thanks for sharing it, though.

That's exactly what I was trying to articulate (poorly, lol) as well. He's a powerful man, and he has staunch opinions. He has more than enough agency to act on them.

On a side note, for those who have replied saying racism is just the way the world works: why? Why is it so easy lately for posters on this site to dismiss so many legitimate forms of discrimination while moaning about the violation of their freedoms in the same breath?

posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 02:12 AM
I also find real self acceptance is a key to not feeling like a victim. Once you realize everyone is to blame. It leaves you with just one option, to move forward.

Eg...... How many African Americans openly discuss how their ancestors were sold into slavery by African Kings that considered them a lower class. They seem to have a romantic notion of a homeland they were stolen from. This trade had been going on with Arab nations and the Romans for thousands of years. It is not "news".

They were sold to equally evil people. Some into the US

The UK.... The Monarchy is based on the belief the royal family is directly related to God. People still bow down to them today. They run a class system that is immoral and should be illegal. Note: Under the present Queens rule the White Australia Policy was still in place until 1973.

If the horrible truth was accepted. We would all see the real enemy is staring at us in the mirror. Given half the chance we will revert to our ancestors thinking.

In other words. We are all potentially evil. To think skin color changes that is racism. Unfortunately our ancestors sins or suffering does not give us the right to think we are above it.

Most people are slaves to denial.

posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 02:21 AM
Maybe racism exists because of denial.

We deny we are animals. But our animal instinct to be afraid of anything too different is still fully intact.

The truth is we have to put in effort and let experience / common sense over-ride these powerful reactions. But how are you going to do that, if you deny they even exists.


posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 04:39 AM
Racists are cowards and stupid cowards at that.

If your only accomplishment is the color of your face, you are one sad individual.

posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 08:08 PM
we still very much live in tribal times, with a tribal mindset and it's getting better but it's also getting worse. hard to explain. i myself actually come from a white nationalist background, was never really part of any gang or party or whatever, but yeah i used to hate blacks and browns and asians and jews. i never physically or verbally expressed that though. also used to deny climate change and other stupid stuff. i blame my uncle and right wing propaganda. i'm still extremely embarrassed about that period of my life.

now i'm most likely the least racist person on this planet. i've come to see all humans as the same. i really don't care anymore. but yeah understand that the human is a tribal animal, has been for a long time. we haven't really progressed a lot since old times. white tribes all looked the same but they still killed each other. there's still a lot of tension between western and eastern europeans and also russia. black tribes all look the same but they still hated each other (colonial borders made it worse). many say all east asians all look like each other (i can distinguish between them pretty well) but they all still hate each other, trust me on this one. hell, north korea and south korea, anyone? west and east germany? former yugoslavia? the troubles? and i've heard greeks and romans saw themselves as a different and higher peoples compared to the rest of europe (which i guess they kind of were anyways).

if you think about it, racism is a problem, it is probably the biggest problem in modern day societies, but it is really one aspect of tribalism. we all dislike each other to some degree irrespective of skin colour. there are so many things that divide us it's ridiculous. if you don't support the same political party or the same religion or the same class or the same movement or the same subculture or the same whatever, or you wear different clothing or you don't like heavy metal music, we don't like you. i do my best everyday to become a better person and transcend these things that divide us but you do realize they are just part of life and it's damn near impossible for humanity as a whole to overcome these things.

posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 09:05 PM
a reply to: ihavenoaccount

Thing is youre complaining about racism in 1st world white countries.

What would happen to a white guy or girl in the middle of africa? Or india? If you follow the news, its a toss up between rape and death. When was the last time a griup of white folks randomly gang banged a black person and killed them after?

Unless im mistaken, you putting up with some occasionally ignorant people, trumps the way black people treat whites in their own countries. So, on that note, maybe it aint that bad.

Secondly im white, live in zone 2 and you think i feel "priviledged" when i travel to work? What the hell kinda drugs are you on? I take the same #ty tube others do, i start work in the morning just like the black guy i sit next to, and we bitch and moan about our jobs to eachother until we get to go home.

Not sure what priviledges you think other people have but whatever minority issues you deal with, most of what you just stated is made up stuff in your head.

Why cant minorities just move on? Inferiority complex.

posted on Apr, 28 2014 @ 12:43 AM
a reply to: buggy166

I'm not sure who urinated in your cereal this morning, but what drugs I may or may not take is none of your concern.

Yes, we all follow the news, and yes, we are aware of the conflicts that occur in these 'third world' nations every day. Have you been there personally, though? Do you really think white people receive a unanimously negative reception immediately upon entry and for the entire duration of their stay?

The fact is that we live in the UK, not South Africa. We go to work here and pay our taxes here (well, I assume you do too) and we pledge allegiance to this country. I don't have dual citizenship; England is my only home and I love it. So why should I have my status as a British person challenged constantly?

I'm not just talking about the random person on the street. I mean at work, among social circles, by politicians, almost everywhere. You call it complaining, but how else do we draw attention to something we want changed? Should I just roll over and die? Forget that. No, I campaign against all types of inequality elsewhere, and since it's a social issue, it also gets posted here. Deal with it.

You obviously seem to think I have a problem with white people en masse. That is not the case, far from it, in fact. I have a problem with the system - less in the way of institutions, and more in the way of social pressures and norms that are, whether we like it or not, dictated by the top of the pyramid. By and large, they are rich, upper middle-class white men, and the more you have in common with them (in that order, their favourite colour is green) the more privilege you receive.

Let's be clear: privilege is not an additive benefit, as it stands. It's more about the things you don't have to deal with as a non-minority. It's out of your hands, and no-one begrudges you for it, but when people in that position claim racism/sexism etc. is dead, irrelevant or even reversed, it gets frustrating. That's all. You're not the issue, the establishment is.

We're supposed to deny ignorance on this site, and go against the grain. It's great that at least some people recognise that. Not necessarily completely agree, but they do recognise the issue and the real culprit.

In conclusion, it's not uppity, insecure minorities that are the problem. It's the people in power who happen to fit the bill of privilege in every sense of the word, and use their power to perpetuate it. Not the regular white van man on the street, though he is used as a tool, as we all are.

posted on Apr, 28 2014 @ 01:09 AM
a reply to: ihavenoaccount

Hey OP, sorry to hear you are upset.

My personal experience as a 3rd generation 'Murican white patriarch leads me to the question of whether anyone really wants a solution. When I look at each faction no one really seems to want equal treatment, but rather to not be offended. White folks are always complaining about how their ancestors oppressed people which has led to institutional benefits that allow them to continue oppressing the poor and minorities. I suppose it is nice to acknowledge that, but the solutions that arise always come down to taking from others. I hear a lot of rhetoric, but no one ever bucks up and actually starts doing work themselves to solve it. They are always trying to vote benefits to one group or another, no one is donating their paychecks, paying for education, or helping purchase lodging.

They get to make themselves feel good while doing little to nothing, it is sad.

Here is a story for you. There is an extremely liberal north Californian in one of my classes who just moved here (Arizona) this winter. Most of America thinks Arizona is a racist cesspool where latinos are lynched, have to sit at the back of the bus, and not tolerated by us white folk. Well, little Missy just had to confess that she couldn't believe how different the reality was from what she read on websites like Slate and HuffPo. We had a good laugh as she recounted all the things the local Californians believed about Arizona that turned out to be baseless. The 'racism' always being touted is the term institutional racism and is closely tied to the poverty here. The social programs and public works projects bleed money like a stuck pig because our politicians are so incredibly corrupt. No one likes it, but the average person on the street, who turns out not be racist, can't do a thing about it.

Gotta love propaganda and basing your reality off of the tele and mainstream media.

Cheer up, and the next time someone asks where you are from just pretend they have the same skin color as you. It sure makes things a lot more simple. Except for when you are in a bad neighborhood, then distract them with pocket sand and run for your life.


posted on Apr, 28 2014 @ 01:26 AM
a reply to: FriedBabelBroccoli

Hi there!

The sentiment is appreciated, though I'm not sad or anything, just frustrated. It's a combination of everything that's been happening over the past few months in regards to... well race and ethnicity on the public sphere as well as in my own experience.

As you would have seen from the OP, I don't support affirmative action. It's shameful and insulting. 'We' didn't need it before and we shouldn't need it now, but the same class in power that institutionalised it in the first place now use minorities as scapegoats, and the general public fall for it and come after us. I'm sure you can see how that is a problem.

It was refreshing to hear your story. I won't play stupid - we've all heard some damning things about the on-goings of Arizona, but how many people have actually been there at any length? Yes, poverty is the integral component of inequality. The colour most prized these days, and even forty years ago is the colour green.

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