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We have nukes and so do they, that is the reason that no World War 111 will happen

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posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 07:37 AM
Nukes are only a deterrent to countries that have nukes for the time being and eventually it won't matter so much as non-nuke weapons are developed and advanced, economic weapons are in vogue at this time.

Nuclear weapons are nothing more than something like a farmer poisoning another farmers well to kill his livestock, or a really effective "Area Denial" weapon, the step taken when economic warfare fails and vindictiveness greed and stupidity take over.

It isn't likely anyone will ever use them unless some fringe element gets hold of one somehow and sets it off to hasten the coming of some mythical being to save us from ourselves (see "stupidity").

Nobody's coming BTW.

posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 07:39 AM
I'm not worried about Nukes. We all know about Nukes. I'm worried about the stuff we don't know about. Because we both have Nukes one side is going to have to make something better before they start a war. And nobody knows what this new weapon will be or can do.

posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 07:51 AM
The ultimate weapon would get rid of the undesirables without wrecking resources and infrastructure.

A short lived pathogen that dissipates completely over a short time.a reply to: fuzzy0087

posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 08:02 AM
When it comes to TPTB Nukes may well be used in areas they don't need. They'll probably go for Biological, Chemical and Scalar Weapons to wipe us out!

WW3 will happen regardless of who has what. The Elite will hide in their underground bases and watch the idiots above bomb each other to hell!

Remember the Elite has no empathy towards people and doesn't give a hoot about it's own people never mind others in any other countries. History has taught us that looking at their power hungry Genocides they have created!!

posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 08:08 AM
a reply to: Bob Sholtz

Well if you can produce chemical weapons then your second job would be to produce a vacination only known to you and gods special people.

infections have killed a lot more people than chemical spils but I think you would need far too many chemicals to have a major effect on the population from my limited understanding

Question is how many people are we killing with GMO's and why is no one asking questions as to why our tadpole counts are going down so fast ? You do know Russia has banned GMS's so what do they know that we don't or is it that democracy just works better in Russia than our so called democracy that stopped working long ago.

posted on May, 4 2014 @ 04:54 PM

WW3 will happen someday.

That's "some day", not "someday". Please learn how to write english, it makes your posts so much more legible.

How can the third world war begin, before the second world war ends?

According to

"However, what you may not realize is that for two rather major participants, the war has actually never officially come to a close. That’s because over the past 70 years, Russia and Japan have never been able to come to agreeable terms on what to do with the Kuril Islands. Russia has been occupying the islands since the war, though Japan still claims ownership, and the two nations have been locked in a debate over rightful ownership ever since."

So the second world war is technically still going on! The USA still uses the MILITARY FLAG instead of the CIVIL FLAG in pretty much everywhere they use flags (this signifies military rule, it's not insignificant, especially with the yellow/golden fringe). Most people of this planet have never even SEEN the CIVIL FLAG, or know what it looks like. But it exists. You can easily google it and see that it has the blue stars on white background, and the red-n-white stripes going vertically, instead of horizontally.

Also, is this a prediction? How do you know? It's very difficult to predict the future.

Wars have always been started by the bankers to accumulate more wealth, control, power, land, and so on - but now they have pretty much all power in the world that they wanted. They would only start another grand-scale war, I presume, to advance their agenda to completely enslave the beings of this planet under their rule to do with them anything they see fit (we are not quite there yet, though every year seems to bring us closer). I think they would use mind-controlling microchips under the skin for that purpose. Then no one could resist EVEN IN HIS/HER THOUGHTS.

I am not sure how far they will go, but do they know any limits in their greed for power and their willingness to murder and mass-murder to get what they want?

In any case, making predictions of future is difficult, especially because any knowledge about the future may CHANGE the future, so that the information is no longer accurate (creating a sort of paradox).

It's certainly -possible- that the second world war ends, and a third one begins, but I wouldn't say it with such certainty, unless I knew it for sure (and how can you know anything about the future FOR SURE?).

Besides, when you really count the world wars, what people call second, is actually probably .. let's see, there was the one war 30 000 years ago, then there was the whole Atlantis-fiasco, which can be called a war, and after the brief 'golden age' peace period that began about 10 500 years ago, this current 'civilization' started developing, when people started losing their spiritual abilities and understanding, while rapidly gaining intellectual capacity (and this diminishing was also good, because it protected the fragile psyche of people - not many could have widthstood simultaneous spiritual abilities and rise of intelligence at the time. Just look what happens when perfectly intelligent people suddenly meet something 'unexplainable', like an UFO or a ghost (a visitor from the astral plane), nature spirits or whatnot - they go bonkers and start to question their very identity, and so on. Or when they take drugs, like 'salvia' or peyote - they will never be the same, and a lot of them will probably never be 'sane' again in this incarnation)...

.. well, it's hard to calculate. But the 'second' could actually already be like third or fourth world war, and when you count all those large-scale wars during the period between 10 000 years ago and 1000 years ago, couldn't they also be called 'world wars'?

In fact, we need a real definition of the term, before we make such claims.

In any case, I'd consider your statement completely obliterated, so please retract it.

posted on May, 4 2014 @ 05:12 PM
If Ukraine had nukes, Putin would not be threatening them and Crimea would still be a Ukraine Island. FACT.

posted on May, 4 2014 @ 07:34 PM

originally posted by: Shoujikina

WW3 will happen someday.

That's "some day", not "someday". Please learn how to write english, it makes your posts so much more legible.

diminishing was also good, because it protected the fragile psyche of people - not many could have widthstood simultaneous spiritual

Hey thx for being a ass....while you are such a tough guy... English should be capitalized and you spelt withstood wrong. I can't believe you would go after me on a minor mistake and then have two in your own statement...cracks me up.

Please learn how to write English so your posts are more legible...what goes around comes around.

And your whole post is arguing the definition of what number war we are on....ww3 in my post refers to a nuclear it whatever war you want...i'm referring to nuclear war. It is going to happen some day...its a game changer for countries that can't win conventionally. This is my go find some grammatical error in this paragraph and try to sound smart by arguing what color the sky is or something.

I can't tell if you are a troll or just an idiot.

posted on May, 4 2014 @ 07:43 PM

originally posted by: musicismagic
Also can you imagine enemies using nukes over nuclear power plants. Come on guys, that will only happen if the populace has gone made and nothing to do with wars.

Why do you think they have underground cities?

Have a look at the destruction of our planet, if the elite were worried about themselves they would hardly be dumping millions of tonnes of nuclear/toxic waste into the ground and air all the time.

It looks like the elites only agenda is the destruction of mankind as there game plan that is why the air you breathe starves your brain of oxygen and makes the majority of the population that live in cities mentally retarded. your brain needs 20% oxygen the level in cities is around 15%.

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