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I Give You Control Over 2 Acres Of Land!

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posted on Apr, 25 2014 @ 06:29 PM

originally posted by: beezzer


GASP!!!....swoon....more swooning....

Someone, please...pick me up off the floor....


posted on Apr, 25 2014 @ 06:29 PM
a reply to: DietJoke

The rules are ... you're on your own for everything and you may not ever leave your plot of land for any reasons

You may choose any type of cattle, fowl, fish and seeds to farm with!

All that and we only get two acres??? Quite the optimist eh?

OK if that's all we get I want my two on the banks of a none flooding river, fertile land and 25% big trees. If in the USA it must be strategically located so I can protect it from both the BLM (and Beezzer if he's my neighbor.)

I will then catch beavers to cut down the tress so I can make a hut to live in and sell the leftover foliage to Des for her goats thereby helping start a strong local economy.

Oh yes, salmon and trout must live in the river next to my land so I can go fishing everyday because if you're going to imprison us on two acres I'll need something to do for recreation.

posted on Apr, 25 2014 @ 08:26 PM
1 acre wooded, 1 not. Creek on the property. Rabbits, chickens and goats.
Corn, blackberries, potatoes, lettuce, tomato seeds, fruit trees or pits. Sunflower, millet,spinach seeds. Cattails, watercress, taro.
How much can I have? lol
I won't mention one of the most important plants; it's against T&C.

Can I get a hot spring somewhere in the tree line?
I think I want some guinea pigs too.
And I need poppies! Lots of poppy seeds.
Beans, spinach, sweet grass, sweet there a limit?

I don't want any carrot....I think Wrabitt abd Beezeer can smell carrots....
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posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 02:40 PM
- Grassland with some fruit trees and plain earth with a clean river coming through
- Cows with fur (as they were in the old days, surviving on their own)
- Tools can easily be made of material found nearby, because there is so much free time
my knowledge is enough to even recreate computers or completely replace workers with machines, but of course requires cooperation of many people
- I'd love to live on 2 acres! But laws in any country I checked up so far force me to work all day and land costs a fortune.

Theory: 200 people living together with 200 cows
100-350 kg usable meat from a 3/4 to 3 year old cow (growing most in year 1).
More than enough excess milk from cows

- Putting up fences
- 1 of 200 people has to slaughter a cow every 2 days -> fresher than any food we'd get today

- optional: fire wood / cooking
- optional: milking (or water from the river)

Clay houses with large open doors/walls to the inner area would be nice to be with everyone! Takes 1-14 days to build one (clay houses are illegal where I live)

When this base is standing you can start to get less meat and other things instead for a change.
In summer it goes like this: pick the best looking apple, eat it, take a dump, a new tree of the fruit you liked grows. You "gifted" the world

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posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 09:56 PM
Would need a pond with some varieties of fish, would want arable land, with an apple, orange, lemon, and peach tree as well as a grape barber. I would choose land with ample sun light year round (not too hot though) for growing lettuce, fruits and other veggies and herbs. Would need to be able to grow, corn, and yeast. A well, would of course be necessary. I would have chickens and horses and that's it, wouldn't have room for much of a house, otherwise.

I would make bow and arrows, and train myself, my husband and our kids to be proficient at shooting them. I would make grain alcohol and then use it to barter with the people who live on the opposite sides of me. Would trade the alcohol for beef, pork, and other necessities. I could leave it there if you prefer, but what i'd really do is...

I would then train my neighbors to be proficient in shooting a bow and arrow. Then i'd use the alcohol to keep them coming back, I would use them and my horses to raid and to expand our/my borders. Death Penalty only works when those who would carry it out are left alive to do so.

When you lock people up, you make them restless, they turn into animals, bad idea all around.

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