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My son saw his first UFO 4-23-14

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posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 06:19 PM

originally posted by: gortex
a reply to: researcher88

now if wind was in their direction and no sound, we can consider this as non air plane, but wind in other directions can be planes and you will not hear them. especially at night and in open acoustics.

Not necessarily , wind speed and direction can change at different altitudes.

From my own experience, if you believe they exist and you want to see them you will, they will show themselves in a very subtle way.

No doubt but that doesn't mean what you are observing is extraterrestrial

yeah thanks for your comment, I'm not very busy right now right here, my vision is much broader.
We actually have aliens throughout our life or existence. they seem to manifest in total other dimensions, I'm busy developing a video that will support Martyn Stubs theory. going to post soon, watch this space!

posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 12:05 AM
Well MUFON contacted us and they will be talking with my son on Monday. We'll see what he thinks of this after the interview.

That info about sound was very interesting. Thanks for informing us.
Can't wait to see the video.

posted on May, 3 2014 @ 09:43 PM
a reply to: FraZZleD38

I have seen the triangles around here as well. Around 3 years ago. Very exciting. It was dark so I am not sure if they were TR3b's or not, but I suspect so. Even if they were, it is even more mind blowing IMHO if WE have that kind of tech.

posted on May, 3 2014 @ 09:48 PM

originally posted by: CagliostroTheGreat
a reply to: FraZZleD38

Did your son (or his companion) experience any other extraordinary phenomena such as missing time or anything similar?

You say this is the first time your son has witnessed something such as this. Has anyone else close to you or even you yourself witnessed any similar phenomena?
If so, was it a reoccurring event or a singular happening? We're there any missing tine episodes involved?

This may seem like an odd question for someone not familiar with this field but were there any livestock in the area that you know of?

Have you asked your son to report the incident? I would recommend reporting the event to Peter Davenport here:

I'm interested to see what the resident photo analysts and skeptics here at ATS will have to say regarding the photo you provided. It looks interesting but still is nothing more than a series of lights against a dark backdrop, which could be anything.

I, however prefer to deal in circumstantial evidence and anecdotal eyewitness accounts. Your son seems legit. Can you think of any reason at all he would lie? What was his demeanor like when he related the sighting to you? Do you believe him?

You took the Xfiles show way too seriously...

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