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Canadian DOD guy: There WILL BE WW3, this is not doom porn

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posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 06:56 AM
hasn't the USA been engaging in a Assymetric World War since the invasion of Iraq-Afghanistan-Pakistan-Egypt-Libya- and the NATO occupation of many former Eastern & European States which were part of a Soviet Empire...
The SWIFT banker operation is still another arm of the ongoing world-war

posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 08:30 AM
a reply to: peck420

That's interesting. While other nations have been increasing the trading in Chinese currency, the Chinese have been bailing from their own currency! Gold purchases, mining and oil rights around the world, property investments in the U.S..

Their economy is hugely over-extended with outstanding loans based on an annual 15% growth rate which is laughable.

Somehow this adds up to the Chinese replacing the Dollar? The IMF is the bottom line on int'l currencies and the Euro-zone is backed by nothing better than the U.S. dollar...again laughable.

It will take a totally new system/currency to replace the existing system, not any existing currency. China's or anyone else's.

In an economic collapse the Chinese suffer more than the U.S.! They are an export based economy. The U.S. imports.
The U.S. can (and will) increase domestic manufacturing in the event of any major int'l monetary collapse. China doesn't have that option.

Bottom line? U.S. dollar collapse results in all the currencies becoming toilet paper as well.

posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 09:28 AM
There are a lot of laws that have been passed that give people a lot of power once the US is attacked by nuclear weapons. SO, folks who desire to wield a lot of power, have an incentive to create a situation where the US is attacked by nuclear weapons.

Once continuity of government and other emergency measures designed for nuclear war and terror attacks kick in, they're hard to retrieve once established.

For example, Executive Orders were an emergency measure adopted by Lincoln during the Civil War. The intention was to stop them after the war and the war itself caused people to forget about their objections to them. However, following the Lincoln assassination, Presidents still operated under the same emergency measures as they did during the Civil War, despite promises made when they were enacted.

Ditto for the anti-sedition and propaganda measures taken by Wilson during World War One. Many of those programmes are still in place in the US, and have become accepted practice.

Ditto for the Red Scare and the War on Drugs, operation Chaos etc, during the Vietnam protests. Now we're militarizing the police in the war on terror. The US will never be the same, unless we stand up and demand a roll back. But, that's never happened without a complete breakdown of authority, since authority never gives up power once it has it.

posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 10:45 AM
We are always talking about the Elite running the show and calling the cards... how can they imagine living the way they always lived, in a war riddled planet? They still need to cruise around in their private jets, their Bentleys, swim in their favourite beaches...
It doesn´t make any sense whatsoever... I believe that all this situation will de-escalate. I think we all should think positive about all this.

posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 12:25 PM
Reply to Happy1
If you haven't already seen this google Apocalypse equation by Audrey Thomason. It makes sense particularly with exponential population growth and shorter and shorter doubling times. The elites in all countries see high population as a destabilizing factor and an obstacle to control. They are all closet Malthusians and see an immediate need to cull the herd.

a reply to: Happy1

posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 02:39 PM
a reply to: RadiationAndCancer

The USA clearly picked this fight. I guess they think they have a plan to tackle Russia et al. Lets hope so because the alternative is war in streets and or a nuclear exchange.

Don't be fooled by a missile defense shield, we live in a country where illegals pour over the border by the thousands daily. Plus this is Russia man you can bet the farm that they have already countered these defenses, even if the solution was as simple as walking a bomb or two over the border.

Any touting war with any other superpower should be publically lynched etc.. Best case here would mean millions killed.

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posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 02:45 PM
a reply to: Donkey_Dean
the us sells natural gas

posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 02:48 PM
a reply to: Danbones

Your most likely right, the US has to do something with our massive gas reserves. What's better than supplying the European markets?

I guess 6 cents a gallon gas for us and energy independence wouldn't do, huh?

They must think Russia will not act, and I hope they are right. This may be the biggest gamble in the history of the USA.

I wonder how MH307 will play into this? I bet we will see soon!
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posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 04:35 PM
I don't have problem with your rational but I HAVE to take issue with your statement of a "weaker military". Your Canadian brethren died in WWII, Korea, and Iran, Afghanistan, right along side the "stronger US military". Canada doesn't spend resources like the US does but it now way means that the Canadian military is "weak". I apologize but I'm retired military and boys and men with fight to death when they are in the trenches.

As far as WWIII, it will take as little as 7-8 nuclear bombs (big ones) to end the world. If it goes, it goes. At this point, there's not much we can do about it.

posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 05:17 PM

originally posted by: Indigent
I think Ukraine got a few days left before it is split and cease to exist, making all happy in some way.

....and then it'll be

Crimea River.....

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posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 06:24 PM
I was going to stay out of this but the title of the thread is ticking me off severely. I call BS on this guy in a loud and clear voice. First off, it's DND not DOD! Just about everything is stenciled, embossed written or printed with DND in the Canadian army (Forces in my day). Second, his analysis sucks. Having actually written a report or two back in the day I would be embarrassed to submit that to anyone, let alone have it published on line as a cogent picture of possible events. This is not Doom Porn, it is BS porn. But enough of my hyperbole and on to the meat of the issue.

Unless someone gets real stupid (and that's not impossible) there will not be WWIII out of this little dust up no matter how much the chicken hawks want to hype it.

A short little history lesson, Crimea was taken from the Ottomans by Catherine the Great, leaving the Crimean Tartars still in nominal control but part of the Russian Empire. Jump a couple or so centuries later and we have Stalin with his total distrust of ethnic minorities dispersing the Tartars to the winds, as he did with numerous peoples in the southern areas. He made it a program to get as many ethnic Russians in as he could into the area(although he was a Georgian himself). Next we have Nikita, a favourite son of the Ukraine handing it to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in a "pro forma" move that they often did when re-shuffling the cards. (How many jews lived in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, window dressing only.)

The Black Sea offers both warm water ports and access to the river systems into the heart of Mother Russia. Sevastopol has been THE major Naval base in the southern front for many years. The Russians will never allow it to fall out of their control and those that actually do analysis know this and I am sure have told their bosses exactly that. They will go to the mat on this issue.

They do not have the troops to occupy the Ukraine and subdue the whole country, they may very well lop off the eastern portion that has been at issue lately, as they did with Georgia (under Bush's watch I might add, funny how the GOP doesn't want to talk about that). They are playing hard ball because they are ticked at the NATO expansion as well as their treatment during Kosovo. They were given no heads up at all and looked like fools after being told that they were needed to maintain European security and were full partners. Putin is old school and lives by the motto pay back is a MFer, former FCD and later SVR, he knows what he is about. The west should stop the bellicose rhetoric and start talking sensibly.

I could go into the support shown for the UPA and OUN by the west after the second world war and the resettlement of these elements in north America; and folks wonder why the Soviets were as hostile as they were. Right Sector is just the reincarnation of these groups and I am sure that the crimes perpetrated by their antecedents have not been forgotten. Messy situation and one that really is not ours to have a voice at the table. Please do some research and look at the bigger picture, there is far to much agitprop going around.

posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 08:14 PM
a reply to: RadiationAndCancer

Hmmm....well as I understand it Canada has no "DOD" and they do not have a "Canadian Defense Department". What they do have is Department of National Defence and Canadian Forces (DND/CF), also known as the Ministère de la défense nationale et les Forces canadiennes.

It would seem someone that worked for them would at least know what it is called...I so dislike people that hide who they are and release information...chickens is what they are.

You are right about one thing and thats the fact that there will be WWIII as its the next number in line. I don't pretend to know when or where it will start but human nature what it is it will happen some day.

posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 10:06 PM
a reply to: sequentialgear

sequentialgear writes:
:how can they imagine living the way they always lived, in a war riddled planet?

The oligarchy doesn't need us any more! That's the first point.
The planet is war-riddled already, and that is the basis of the oligarchy's power at present. That's the second point.
The planet is running out of resources. Having fewer people around will mean those resources are more available for their use. That's the third point.

* * *

The oligarchy doesn't need the masses;

Robotics and artificial intelligence is as they say, a solved problem. Google 'Asimo' and 'Watson'. This isn't being invested in because the oligarchy has enforced a ban on really appreciating this fact, and is engaged in a capital strike to limit this technology's use.

Look, clean cold fusion technology was a solved problem in 1954 with the development of the Jetter cycle which circumvents the Lawson criterion for initiation (and led to an over-production of energy the first time it was tested in an H-bomb test at that time).

Same deal there.

Its through the elite's control of the media, the academic press, and capital that we come to believe these things are science fiction or fantasy and attack anyone as a free energy freak who doesn't go along with it.

That goes with the presumed dangers of radiation as well! Some know about Ex-Rad and there are other drugs besides. Drugs that repair radiation damage and makes people largely immune to radiation. Information about these and other drugs are highly restricted. As is information about the Jetter cycle, content addressable memories, you name it.

Also, in 2009 the Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded to three doctors that successfully reversed the ageing process in mice. A California company is working on commercializing treatments for humans and says they'll be ready to reverse the ageing process in humans in less than 10 years. So, we must radically reduce population and increase death rate by other means. Untreated radiation sickness will achieve that end.

In short, anything that can be used by small groups of people to live very very well, it isn't even a remote thought in the public mind.

The past is prologue.

The great 'Civil War' in 1860s US occurred immediately following the invention of the Cotton Gin and the McCormick reaper. Do you think that was an accident of history? Was it an accident that there were more deaths of farm labourers in the American South than any other class of person? These folks got killed off just prior to rolling out mass production and a better life through science.

In the same way the elite want a great World War among the 99% to cull the population prior to the current batch of miracles makes it out of the labs and into general use. Preferably one that uses atomic bombs and biological weapons that really do the job of population reduction. Some of the elite have called the two world wars disappointing since not enough people died. Also, humanity has become more peace loving, and immune to the propaganda that foment war in the first place.

But, this is part of a larger plan prior to rolling out the present generation of productive wonders. All while putting in place a new powerful religious ideal that the planet is fragile and we must follow government edicts the elite promulgate - to protect our fragile world of course - since we cannot live apart from it.

All because past generations (that is us folks) destroyed and will be blamed for their too many numbers used in wasteful ways.

The elite have been putting the predictive programming out there for 40 years at least - you can see it clearly.

That's the narrative. See it for what it is, and how it will be used by the elite to maintain control for yet another generation or two - and by then, they'll use advanced genetic technology to dominate us further as they become transhuman and move beyond Earth, without us dumb animals.

Like I said, the planet is war ravaged now! Fukishima is releasing more radiation each month than the Hiroshima blast released once. Persistent contrails are being sprayed to manage solar radiation and control the weather, and are putting all manner of viruses and self-replicating nanobots. These get into the soil and our food, and us. That way diseases can be activated on demand by radio command.

Until this is reliably in place and the bulk of us are gone, the only way the elite can maintain control is if the population is distracted by fear and anger. The only way the population stays distracted today is by inspiring fear and anger. That is why in these days, this is a land "where ignorant armies clash by night" to quote Matthew Arnold and Dover Beach.

Historian Webster Tarpley explains the strategy of tension well after the fiasco of the Boston bombing

The history is clear. Prior to the rise of education and science the great mass of people relied on their Church leaders to give them guidance. The elite also relied on drama and literature to shape opinion. By 1900 people relied on the 'great marketplace of ideas' in advertising. Manipulation of advertising to create propaganda by people like Edward Bernays is well documented in the 20th century. The development of radio, motion pictures, television, produced messages that shaped the epistemology of the masses with ever increasing sophistication and hypnotic effect. This is well documented also by folks like Vance Packard. Yet by mid-century, people became largely immune to these techniques becoming more sophisticated themselves. No matter how they felt about a product or idea after seeing a commercial for it, they would inevitably say to themselves, that's just an advertisement, shake off the trance and move on.

We can see how primitive advertising one a generation ago because we have developed a natural immunity. Its important to see these old ads and realize they were very effective in their day. And realize that advertising, and other methods of control are still there, we're just not immune the same way.

The methods of mind control - repetition, catchy tune, combined with your message, are easy to spot today, but were cutting edge 60 years ago!

Now this sort of thing, this rising immunity, doesn't go unnoticed by the ruling elite. And they work very hard through their controlled academicians to find solutions to the credibility problem. Starting in 1950s the major media companies began relying on News! Since they noticed folks took news stories far more seriously than advertising and drama. So, in the 1950s was born the 'talking heads' - fatherly figures that you naturally trusted, who would never lie, and who you identified with. When they explained complex issues to you and focused your attention in ways the elite desired, they were quite effective. Yet this lasted for only another generation.

So, the elite has to rely ever more on engineered 'false flag' events that keep the fear going - but people are becoming immune to that. Now, those who are 'awake' have become the enemy.

posted on Apr, 26 2014 @ 10:34 PM
Given the history of the last 2,000 years or so we have been in a pretty stable period.

It can't last forever.

We are a violent and stubborn race, and we will continue to fight as long as money and religion control parts of the world.

I wonder at which point the Romans realized their civilization was falling?

Because this sure feels like a civilization in decline to me.

posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 07:03 AM
This is incredibly well summarised i have to say!
I've been trying to explain the same thing to people who have fallen under the spell of media but no one seems to understand maybe i'll be able to rephrase myself now ahah

originally posted by: RadiationAndCancer

Did you know that 30 % of Russian military hardware is contracted to be manufactured in Ukraine. 40% of Ukrainians have Russian ethnic family as cousins at the least. Eastern Ukraine is 45% Russian.

Just a little thing you said, maybe the numbers of russians in Ukraine you've written are slightly underestimated hence the fact that eastern Ukraine was Russia for the past 600 years at least.

Liking this post a lot

posted on Apr, 27 2014 @ 12:41 PM
a reply to: RadiationAndCancer

posted on Apr, 28 2014 @ 10:43 AM
i have to agree, first real move by putin came with the banning of gay propaganda aimed at anyone under the age of 18, americas strongest weapon is its media monopoly or sky tv and freeview as its known across europe, its engaged in social engineering on a massive scale creating all sorts of new norms, from mtv to hbo he took the wheels off their wagon and hopefully europe will eventually wake up and do the same before its too late.

posted on Apr, 29 2014 @ 11:14 PM
a reply to: Hmmmmmmm

I think the vast majority of people are pretty peaceful. They have to be constantly stirred up by lies to maintain any hatred at all toward one another. That stirring process is beginning to fail. There's a reason for it.

Our present adventure in Ukraine is the latest failed attempt to get a war started after the fall of Libya. More people than ever understand what the hell is going on. For those who don't know, its useful to get up to speed.

Now, the ruling oligarchy has been around a long time.

Since 1790 - Thomas Malthus crystallized the situation in the modern scientific age, the world is over-populated and the oligarchy must cull human numbers. This idea has grown in sophistication since that time to this. It is now the goal of the UN Agenda 21 to reduce human numbers to a sustainable 500 million by 2025 AD. This has dire consequences for the 93% of the 7.12 billions of us alive today.

It has an even more dire consequence to the 82,500 ruling oligarchs (those who own central bank claims along with 80% of all the productive assets of the world)

The reason this path toward a massive culling has dire consequences is due to the fact that the 'sheeple' can be considered hosts whilst the ruling oligarchy may be considered parasites. Now, it turns out that whenever a parasite becomes lethal to its host, the system reacts to radically reduce the parasite population while the host population slows or declines.

That's because the parasites die when hosts die, and those parasites that do not die, survive because they are resistant to the parasite. So, the parasite numbers fall far faster than host numbers when parasites begin to cull hosts.

This is the current situation wrt the oligarchy.

Human numbers are not declining, yet. They are moderating however. The ability of the oligarchy to manage is being dramatically eroded in the process. Since humans are smarter than bacteria, when human numbers begin to decline, the parasites will be outed and eliminated totally and ruthlessly.

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