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(for Now): The Tenth Man Agency

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posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 05:44 AM
White House
Oval Office
November 5, 2012

Putting down the script Barack drummed his fingers on the desk.

"Honey. You won re-election," Michelle's voice came from the slightly open door. She walks in carrying a cup of Coco, "You need to rest. "

Kissing his wife and taking the hot cup of Coco with two marshmallows in it," Busy reading.." He looks at his wife and his mind runs to the images that script had formed in his mind.

She leans over and kisses him again. Seeing the script in front of her husband, "World War Z.."

"Zombie Apocalypse," Barack pulls his wife to his lap. "Makes you think."

Seeing the mood it put her husband in Michelle smiles as her mind tries to find a response, "We are partners old man. If your going to pat my butte and kiss me, Do not lie to me. I am a politicians wife. We grow BS meters because It comes as a job hazard. "

"What if were wrong," Barack takes a sip of the Coco and opens the script back up.

"The girls have read the book so as you know.."

"You read the book it was based on?" Obama pauses and changes his thought processes, "According to my intelligence, this might not be in the book." The President puts the mug down and leans back. Holding his wife, "The Israeli's in the movie had a tenth man rule."

Michelle snuggles next to Her husband and looks at the open script, "Go on my dear."

"The Israelis tenth man's job was that if nine other members all said something couldn't happen his job was to to assume it could. " The President looked at the picture of his family all over his desk, "No matter how weird or off the wall the Tenth man's job was to assume it would happen and take steps to prevent it."

"Zombie Apocalypse, We are shapeshifting aliens," She sticks her tongue out at her husband.

He gooses her and laughs, "Young lady. I am busy and my wife might find out. Beside if I am from Kenya.." He laughs as he kisses her. After a few moments, "Michelle.."

"Barack Hussein Obama," Michelle calls out her husbands full name. "You had that same look in your eyes before you gave the speech for the DNC in 2004." Michelle laughs, "Your seriously going to to plan for the Zombie Apocalypse."

Barack reaches up and pushes a button, "Anita."

"Yes sir Mr. President," Anita answers.

"Wake the Secretary Of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. All of them," Barack kisses his wife. "Michelle, will you be kind and do your overworked husband a small favor?"

"I will call Valerie," Michelle shakes her head. "You owe me Mister, " Michelle stands up and takes his Coco cup. "I might get you another.. I might."

Barack laughs as she walks out of the Oval Office.

"What shall I tell them sir," Anita inquires politely.

Michelle walks by her, "Tell them my dear husband politely request there Presence. Nothing more."

Laughing the POTUS adds, "What the boss lady said.."


Retired Army General's House
Stanley A. McChrystal
A week later

"Let me Get this straight Leon," McChrystal looked at the Sec Def. "He expects me to come back into the fold after..."

"Stanley, you might want to read the paperwork." Panetta hands the former General the paperwork, "Keep in mind the White House is deadly serious about this. No politics, no think tank, your the Tenth man on every issue no matter how ridiculous or unpopular."

Stanley reads the paperwork and whistles, "I should be laughing. I am to take seriously all threats once considered to have been fiction or tossed aside no matter how insane or far fetch."

"The President does not feel the US military or political leadership is ready to deal with all the potential threats." Leon Pannette's face was stone cold sober, "The President feels you will tell him and the advisory council the truth regardless of what they want to think."

"Advisory Council," Stanley reads quickly. After a moment, "I see. One Congressman , One Cabinet Member, and one Justice. This aint going to work. "

"No politics. Part of your job is to insure this and make it work." Taking a moment, "Its not a bad idea. One person whose sole job is to plan and execute long range WCS's defensive planning. Stanley The Chief Justice, The Congressman, and the Cabinet member have all been selected. They are wanting to meet with you and get an idea of where you wanting to go with this. Barack had a personal Message for you."

Glaring over past emotions, "And that is."

"He ask you to take the job because of a single question." The Sec Def Pauses. "What if your right?"

Cussing to himself Stanley stands up and shakes Panetta's hand, "I control who goes into the operation and who doesnt."

"President Obama already assumed that is what you would say." The Sec Def grins, "He has already classified the operation COSMIC. The next sitting President will NOT be in the loop."

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 05:55 AM
I am just about over my temper tantrum tenth

This is being only posted here
Comments and feedback are welcomed

I am sensitive and do act like an artist

I hope you all enjoy this short story

posted on May, 5 2014 @ 01:44 AM
December 12, 2012
32nd Street

General McChrystal rubs his forehead, "Morons. " Shaking his head he looks out the window of the duty driver van.

The Duty drivers phone rings and he ignores it as he parks the van. "My Apologies General. I do not answer the phone while I am driving. It is just a friend and not command."

As the Driver parks the car, McChrystal's Phone rings. "Seaman I am in the same mood." Answering his phone, "Speak."

The voice on the other end starts by sounding official and upset.

"Hey genius. The lines not secured." McChrystal looks at the Seaman, "Call your buddy back." Seeing the pack of cigarettes, "Mind if I grab one, I need to not strangle this geniuse. Have one yourself and relax. I need your nerves calm. I am just a soldier and I appreciate the respect you have shown me. I need you to keep an eye out and handle little things right now."

The Seaman hands the General a cigarette. Stanley McChrystal lights the Cigarette and steps out of the van. "Listen. The authority comes from WAY above your head. You morons are stonewalling me because you want to add people to the Project I do not need or want."

The Seaman steps out and lights his Cigarette. His phone rings again and he answers it.

McCrystal walks around to the Shaded part of the van with the Seaman, "Spit it out."

"I am driving a General around. " The Seaman responds, "He is in a bad mood."

His buddy on the phone laughs making a few comments.

"No I cant say who it is is. He told me to call you back. So if I have to get off the phone, it is because the General said we are to roll." The Seaman listens as his buddy speaks. After a few minutes, "Well it could be done. The theory behind HAARP is .."

His buddy interrupts him and the General's ears pick up.

"Well.. You would need to replicate the conditions of the ionosphere they bounce it off of. The theory would make an awesome hand held weapon. Odds are the NAVY would have a big version for its ships. The issue is more engineering then theory."

Stanley McChrystal looks at the Seaman as he ignores the man on his phone. After a few seconds of listening, "Seaman Westings. Dont hang up." He talks into his phone, "I'll call you back."

Westings comes to attention, "General."

"Why were you chosen for this duty. I want your personal opinion on this."

Taking a deep breath, "General. I think for myself. I had to many conversations over conspiracy theories with my friend on the phone. Punishing me for being different."

"Who originates most of your Conversations," The General ask?

"Alexander." Pausing, "Former Seaman Alexander Murphy. He calls me with several hair brained ideas. Mostly based off conspiracy theories.. He is a member of a conspiracy website or two. General."

McChrystal looks at Westings, "That last conversation you two were having?"

"General. Murphy theorizes that we could replicate the so called HAARP conspiracy and weaponize the basics of the science behind it." Westings takes a deep breath, "I apologize General."

General McChrystal holds up his hand, "I want to hear some more Examples."

Seaman Westings puts the phone up to his ears, "Murphy. General Stanley McChrystal wants to speak with you. He wants examples like our conversation we are having."

"Practical Applications of conspiracy Theories, "McChrystal speaks clearly.

Seaman Westings hands the phone to the General, "General. Alexander Murphy."


Three hours later
Admirals Secured Conference Room

General McChrystal stood there and looked at the Admiral and his men.

"General it is our opinion that this project is a precious waste of resources," the Commander looked at the General. "You are wasting the Admirals time with this project. You have demonstrated no practical application to the US Navy."

Taking a deep breath General McChrystal glared at the Admiral, "This is NOT a request. It is merely a briefing on what the Navy will be supplying. You will have no say in the Selection of personnel."

"Stanley," The Admiral lowers his eyes. " I see only conjecture and the creation of a new bureaucracy using our resources and we have no say. If this is an Army Project the Navy has no interest in funding the Army at this time." The admiral looks at his staff and nods. They all stand up to leave.

"Admiral.. I did NOT dismiss you," McChrystal growls. "Sit down. I dont want to do it this way Admiral Holdings. We are going to give your uncleared self a taste of the project. "

The Standing Admiral glares back at Stanley McChrystal as he taps his ear piece.

"First up on deck. The conspiracy theory, US government shot down the flight over Pennsylvania Fields. Second it accidentally launched a missile in a foreign country and hit the Chinese Embassy. Third that plane that fell out of the sky everyone claimed was shot down." McChrystal had a deadly seriousness about him.

"Stanley," Admiral holdings growled back. "You flipped your lid. I am going to put in with the Secretary of the Army to have you up for a medical."

"Were they naval Stealth Missiles used in the Operations," Stanley grins evilly?

The Admiral stopped cold in his tracks.

"Do the Russians know we sunk several of their subs? " McChrystal is in the Admirals face, "Using Stealth Torpedoes."

"Please this is a joke," The Commander laughs and shakes his head.

A new voice comes over the Com system, "This is the Tribunal. Admiral Holdings, is there a reason your quiet."

Admiral Holdings closed his eyes, "Everyone out. NOW!"

"Sir," The Commander turns and looks at the Admiral.

"Lt. Westings is staying for your allowed debriefing." General McChrystal smiles, "And no we have no access to the files Admiral. My men independently recreated the information. By Commander. Doors that way.."

"Admiral Hastings is this true," The voice on the phone responds. "I remember nothing of this in the budget allotments."

"Everyone but General McChrystal and his Lt. OUT," Holdings growls. "Speak of this to anyone and not only is your career over. I will make sure accidents happen."

The Commander leaves with a hurt tone in his voice, "Aye Admiral."

As soon as they are out, "How in the hell did you get that General. Those are classified and your not on the need to know. Senator. " Holdings responds, "It is need to know only."

"I see your verifying that MChrystal's unorthodox methods have discovered a national secret in under two months," The Senator responds. "We have several interesting verbal reports from the General which we thought were hogwash. It appears this program will be the bain of my existence here. Is the verbal report true over the Creation of the potential for the HAARP conspiracy based idea of ship based ion.." The Senator pauses as he tries to find a description.

"Damn it Stanley. Where in Sam Hell are you getting your information," Admiral Holdings sits back down.

Another voice sighs, "So the project has reveled two TS classified projects. I did not expect this much and we are still in the middle of building the agency."

Recognizing the voice, "Your Honor." Admiral Holdings pauses, "McChrystal could not have just come up with these."

Putting his phone on speaker, "Lt. Murphy. Please explain to the Tribunal how you came about these theories."

"You reactivated him," Admiral Holdings had a touch of disdain in his voice. "That is outside your authority, General."

posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 03:24 AM
That was both fun & pretty darn witty.

posted on Oct, 6 2014 @ 10:49 PM
a reply to: The GUT

Thank you

there was supposed to be more but it never seemed to write

posted on Oct, 8 2014 @ 04:19 PM
a reply to: ripcontrol

Really fun read!

Loved the banter between Michelle and POTUS at the beginning of the story.

Tenth Man Agency, loved it!

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