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Dangerous Space - CFR article: war with China?

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posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 03:45 AM
Could it be the missing flight MH370 is actually a test on countering China’s space capabilities? You may be wondering what connection space has with something missing here down on earth and that too purportedly searching in the ocean. Well first of all, we have to acknowledge that majority of passengers onboard the missing plane were Chinese nationals. So it is natural for Chinese sentiments to run high which can lead to the US prying and finding out China’s true capabilities in reconnaissance and how its naval force can handle its borders while being stretched to far flung operations around the world.
Secondly there is an increasing worry among some banker-elitists that China is aligning with Russia to tank the petro-dollar. Now that would be the death-knell (or is it?) for most banking oligarchs who built this fantasy paper-backed Ponzi-scheme with no backup other than oil to rely on. It may also explain why some Banker CEOs/SVPs and others in the know are getting “suicided” as perhaps they know too much of what is unraveling.
Still that doesn’t explain the space link. Well, let’s see. Recent technical developments in North Korea have demonstrated their capability in developing some sort of an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) weapon which can diffuse electrical discharge in a matter of minutes. The risk of course once this is mastered, a much stronger variant (knowing the North Koreans, of course a stronger one will be developed) can be sent to space as a military ‘satellite’ to obliterate major power grids in the US and/or the Western world in quick successions. That will render much of the electronic guided “smart” weaponry not to mention NSAs cyberspace thru disrupting their datalink/space based transmitters/receivers pretty much worthless if that happens. Unlike land-based hacking sources which provide a return address and usually traceable distinct signature, interference in space, particularly that which does not result in sustained damage to satellites, is less likely to arouse suspicion due to the distant nature of the domain thus encouraging deliberate interference and shrouding of military purposes as civilian or scientific.
North Korea has also recently taunted the US, demonstrating its military prowess by sending ballistic missiles which can easily be turned to Geo-Synchronous Launch Vehicles (GSLVs) for space exploration. Perhaps all this meant to send a clearer message of their intentions. The lack of a strong response from China gives credence as to who may be behind this – perhaps testing its new-tech weaponry by proxy through North Korea. The hypothesis being that North Korea could then boost its military grade satellites and space weaponry as a deterrence and knock out any key strategic site in the world rendering them basically useless for operation within a matter of minutes. Could it be that the recent sinking of the South Korean vessel is an EMP attack on the vessel as a response to the trickery played on the MH370 plane?
To add more credence to this theory – Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) recently published an article suggesting Space as the next dangerous frontier for the NWO (Contingency Planning Memorandum No. 21 – Dangerous Space Incidents – Author Micah Zenko/Douglas Dillon Fellow). Now you may get so-called conspiracy theorists and radio jockeys who spin this in a fake UFO/Alien/Project Bluebeam threat from ‘dangerous’ space (perhaps that too is for conditioning?) but truth may lie closer to home you think. It may all be a preparation to contain a future resurgent China down the line and to keep them in check to continue towing the New World Order line.
The article states that China is the greatest threat to international (read New World Order) space security due to its “demonstrated disregard for the consequences of ASAT tests without warning” which perhaps in a wartime situation could create malicious space debris, which would threaten U.S. space assets and assured access to the domain.
The elitists’ worry stem from the fact that much of their present communication infrastructure is reliant on space-based satellites. No other country spends as much on its space activity (75 percent of global space funding is by the United States), or has a greater stake in secure space (43 percent of all active satellites are U.S. owned). Threats to U.S. satellites would reduce the country's ability to attack suspected ‘terrorists’ with precision-guided munitions and conduct imagery analysis of nuclear weapons programs, and could interrupt “non-cash economic activity” depending on the severity of the attack and number of satellites disrupted
Guess the next port-of-call for the politico-puppets is to come up with a new ratification treaty (much like climate change – under the guise of ‘Oh! there’s too much space debris’ or like the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty to dismantle other nations (and closer to home - Gun control))
The article suggests the below plans to boost to maintain the elitists hegemony in Space:
1. Upgrade the Joint Space Operating Centre (JpSOC) space fence radars and sensors.

2. Expand data-sharing agreements with more countries and commercial space operators (currently 35 agreements with commercial operators and 5 with countries (Australia, Canada, France, Japan, and Italy)—to improve space defence capabilities.

3. Establish “regulations” mandating new acceptable practices for space debris mitigation similar to that done for “climate change”.

4. Test and develop large debris removal techniques through bilateral and multilateral pilot programs with other spacefaring nations.

5. Increase confidence-building measures by announcing United States will not test or deploy anti-satellite capabilities. (Similar U.S. declared Nuclear Weapons Testing Moratorium of 1992).

6. Publicize growing concerns about China's ASAT capabilities, mirroring what has been done to address Chinese threats to the maritime and cyber domains; no senior U.S. government official has issued a statement on space since January 2012.

7. Promote through media a non-treaty prohibition of direct ascent ASAT tests

8. Formal discussions with Chinese government leaders to increase transparency for Chinese actions in space, as part of the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue process.

9. Work with Congress to repeal the 2011 provision that prevents Chinese officials or experts from visiting the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) facilities to allow for bilateral civilian space cooperation with China.

10. Increase focus on brokering an ‘International’ Code of Conduct on Outer Space Activities with the largest number of states, to maintain hegemony in space by promoting rules of the road for responsible space behaviour.

11. Trust-building measures with specific ‘allied’ countries to reduce risk of inadvertent conflicts.

12. Contingency planning for diplomatic/military response if a threatening anti-satellite test occurred, similar to planning that has been conducted for catastrophic cyber-attacks on U.S.-based critical infrastructure.

13. Dedicate more CIA assets to improve intelligence collection and analysis of the command-and-control arrangements for China's, Iran's, and North Korea's space assets to better understand which officials would authorize a dangerous space incident and how they could be influenced.

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 03:57 AM
Now that's connecting some dots there!
You remind me of Mel Gibson in the movie Conspiracy.
The whole thing is a mystery I honestly don't think we will ever find out what happened.

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 04:06 AM
a reply to: aryaputhra

In short Roschild is getting worried about his increasingly shaky throne in the fire pit. If the Chinese and Russian do drop the petro dollar they should have been more ready. Nothing lasts forever and all roots concerning money lead to this individual - who is incidentally getting older and I suspect will cling onto his power like a limpit mine.

The plane has been pushed to one side on our tv by the sweet little royals on their jollies which has overshadowed everything till the next catastrophe the sinking of the ferry with all the poor souls on it.

We are already in a media war against Russia but it appears that Putin has a lot of fans abroad as well as at home.

I hope we are coming to the end of this rotten financial system that only benefits a very few in the world.

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 05:47 AM
a reply to: aryaputhra

Your theory:
The article states that China is the greatest threat to international (read New World Order) space security due to its “demonstrated disregard for the consequences of ASAT tests without warning” which perhaps in a wartime situation could create malicious space debris, which would threaten U.S. space assets and assured access to the domain. - See more at:

Even if there is not a wartime situation, you can't just throw stuff up there without consulting with other countries that have satellites in geosynchronous orbit. There is so much stuff up there that you have to let other countries know what your doing.

You obviously took some time and thought into your conclusions and whether right or wrong, I commend you for your effort. Star for you just for connecting some many dots it made me dizzy reading it.

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 06:31 AM
a reply to: aryaputhra

It would take some effort to counter your convoluted theory, so I'll take another approach which zeros in on China and its efforts in space.

Why do many people (included many sheeple in American) sat in dumbfounded ignorance about the space programs of the US? The retired space shuttle program had a run of about thirty years and was started about ten years prior with designing and testing. Now, our planners of our national space policy seem satisfied as we buy rides from Russian to ferry people and material to the ISS. What is wrong with this picture? Where is our backup plan, continuing the lead in space exploration that always had from the very start its foremost goals of a dominance in space of military related projects and strategies? NASA forgot to think ahead, or did NASA serve its purpose of keeping the public mind occupied long enough to sleight of hand work to be done from another quarter?

Are we to really believe that the so-called "space plane" that seems to be in a perpetual orbit is our cherished savior? Are their fleets of them being readied? (More than likely, that single one, a supposed symbol of US prowess, suffered a system failure up there and is embarrassingly and permanently parked.)

To tout China, Japan, India or worse, North Korea, with any outstanding talents in space sweeping by the US accomplishments is ignoring the clear evidence that the rockets are child's play, old technology, a thousand years old technology easily acquired from decades-old rocketry data easily available from Russia and the US.

The grip we have on advanced space travel is evident about every day but largely ignored by the media, government and studiously so by aircraft fans on ATS' "Aircraft Projects Forum. This fairly new capability we possess is the black triangles. They obsolete all former devices that use air or rockets to reach above the Earth. The fact that the public has been lead to mistrust and even reject triangle reports--regardless of detailed accounts and images--as just another UFO story is not an accident, but a clever tactic to deceive. As for how China sees the deal. Do you think they dismiss reports of triangles as fools play? Could it even be the case where the existence of the triangles keeps China at bay?

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 06:37 AM
a reply to: aryaputhra

North Korea has also recently taunted the US, demonstrating its military prowess by sending ballistic missiles which can easily be turned to Geo-Synchronous Launch Vehicles (GSLVs) for space exploration - See more at:

Great post!

But the "easily be turned to GSLV" part is a little ambitious. They tried putting something into orbit, it certainly isn't easy and they found that out the hard way (unless you are a citizen of NK, in which case the thing is beaming back to earth praises of glory and prowess while showing the puppets who controls the sky along side my father...) or something like that.

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 09:17 AM
a reply to: Shiloh7

I hope we are coming to the end of this rotten financial system that only benefits a very few in the world.

i think we'd all like that..

only problem is, we've all been conditioned to perceive that eye in the pyramid as the problem.. all it's going to take is for some nitwit to bring down that eye in full view (pun intended) then said nitwit will be perceived as the knight in shining armor..
/adjusts tinfoil hat very tightly

posted on Apr, 25 2014 @ 06:57 PM
When Bush Jr. tore up the Anti Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty a few years ago, that was viewed as a middle finger to the world and betcha nobody can do anything about it. That arrogance was nauseating. Now that USA is no longer the big daddy of space programmes, things seemed to have changed drastically since some others countries also have the capabilities to shoot down many more American's satellite since America still have the most birds in the sky.

The arrogance of America has comes back to haunt....

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