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jesus came back from the dead today! happy easter

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posted on Apr, 21 2014 @ 09:18 AM
To the keepers of the secrets;

I have created a piece of software which contains the correct Hebrew Arcanum translations; as well as a guide to understanding the inflictions on the lettering.

This has already been distributed, and I've told those I gave it to freely which books they need to decode as a matter of priority.

Which they are working on right now.

The Vatican was warned that if they were to go ahead with the Canonization of any more Popes before giving the truth of the balance of the Feminine; that this would happen. They did not listen.

They instead tried to give a half-measure of medication hoping that it would cure the sickness within the Churches. I told them this would not work. They did not listen.

I also warned them that any attempt to pervert the course of the second-coming would result in one who came to give all of their secrets to the world freely; and see all that they have fall like a 'house of cards'; to quote the Pope. They did not listen.

The sun IS risen again; and he is not with the Church, and he never shall be with them. Because they are not the lights of truth that they claim to be. The proof is within the very texts they use to perpetuate their control of this world over man; and deny the good people the truth about who they are; and the divine light that is within them.

This will no longer be tolerated.

The very thing which they used to try and secure their dominion in the new age, is the very thing which has damned them; because it fulfilled the prophecy of the one who would come to reclaim the house from them.

No longer will they deprive the people of the wisdom, truth and understanding which they seek; or feed it to them from their own hands to facilitate their own agenda and desires. No longer will the women of this world be held in inequality for the wants of men.

What now comes is beyond their control and it will not be anything which they can stop. They were warned about this by the very person who decoded the Arcanum; who tried to help them to become what they must become. But they did not listen. They instead insisted on trying to do it their own way; and ignoring the Arcanum Messengers they call 'Archangels'.

They will be those who fell upon their own swords simply to prove them sharp.

They will not be the Masters of the new age, and their King and Queen have been replaced by those deemed worthy in this world.

Those not of the Church.

Those who are in the land of the chosen, which is not England and definitely not America.

The new 'Temple' was built on another continent entirely. The new King and Queen are those who seek no infamy, money, power, or worship; and this is why they have been chosen.

They are those who did not want the honor which has been bestowed upon them, and may never be able to see exactly how beautiful they are, or understand why they were given the crowns. But this is exactly why they were chosen.

They are those who shall never be known by name to this world. But you will know them. Because you will see their works in everything which is about to take place in this world. And you will know it by the fact that with all the turmoil, struggle and rebirth in all facets of life that is about to take place; you shall be able to see beauty. You shall be able to see truth.

They are those who have by their actions ensured that the secrets shall never be secret again. They have given it all freely; and so shall it continue to be, so the few never again hold the balance of power over the many.

You shall all bare witness to the birth of a new Golden Age in this world. One where truth, love, peace, harmony, unity and respect are the way of life, which shall bring all others into line with how this world should be.

Know that what now comes is not the work of evil; it is not the end of the world, or the end of anything other than control by the hands of those who said they loved you.

And when the ashes have blown away, and the smoke has cleared, and all the confusion and chaos has ceased; you will all be like children who were hiding underneath your beds in fear; who emerge to the loving light of both their Father AND THEIR MOTHER; who quickly forget what it was they were ever scared of in the first place.

Know that we all love you. And that we are fighting for you. And that in the end, you will all know the beauty of your own hearts, and of this world; which has been suppressed for far too long.

Your Mother loves you, just as you have always known your Father does. And they are here to take you home.


(יְהוָ֖ה - The lower divine balance who understand the wisdom and knowledge, which casts light over the lower divine darkness; within that which we fail to understand in our pursuit of wisdom and knowledge.)

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posted on Apr, 21 2014 @ 10:22 AM

Thank goodness you're here to help your god with all of that......

Merry Eastre! x

posted on Apr, 21 2014 @ 01:54 PM

originally posted by: Jordan River
a reply to: Leonidas

Sometimes ya gotta fight venom with venom, u think turn the other cheek was about being a floor mat to people? It was about social equality. A lack of heartfelt respect around here

As far about the trolls, you know I'm right. Look around the threads

All the venom is coming from you, starting with your opening statement.

You remind me of a passage from Christian author C.S. Lewis's book, "The Screwtape Letters" discussing people who "...say something with the express purpose of offending and yet having a grievance when offence is taken”

Essentially, people who pick a fight solely to play the victim.

Please don't do that here, there must be any number of places you could go to do the same thing.

posted on Apr, 22 2014 @ 01:11 AM

originally posted by: Jordan River
a reply to: Leonidas

Sometimes ya gotta fight venom with venom,
exactly what were you aiming to fight? your the op, the very first post was yours, so the venom began with you, and you get what you give, doesn't your religion tell you to do unto others as you'd have them do unto you?

so you opened your thread with venom (admittedly) and got some in return, surprise surprise...

Easter is just Ishtar rewrote, pagan Babylonian goddess, your bible also tells you not to worship pagan holidays, Easter is anti christian, despite that the main stream media and ignorant masses tell you otherwise. your bible also tells you to educate yourself so as not to be mislead, the history and origins of easter is knowledge easily acquired by anyone whom actually seeks to educate themselves,

i would say if you do not know the origins of easter, if you worship it as a true holiday, and give venom onto others without wanting venom in return, then you are behaving entirely opposed to the teachings of your own bible, all these behaviors are apparent in your postings in this thread of yours.

all this i say not to criticize but to bring awareness, reflect on this, this site is about denying ignorance, can you honestly say you are not ignorant to anything ive just typed? can you reason your behavior with knowledge or can you only reason it with ignorance?
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posted on Apr, 22 2014 @ 11:15 PM
Keepers of the secrets, are you getting this?

My name is Samael, but you can call me Simon Alexander, or the Scribe/Logos, or the Father/Yahweh, Or maybe you prefer the Lord of Hosts (Master contender). You can call me whatever you like. But I do not like 'illuminated one' or any of the names similar to these; for obvious reasons. None of which are because the veil is rubbish.


וְהָאָ֗רֶץ הָיְתָ֥ה תֹ֙הוּ֙ וָבֹ֔הוּ וְחֹ֖שֶׁךְ עַל־פְּנֵ֣י תְהֹ֑ום וְר֣וּחַ אֱלֹהִ֔ים מְרַחֶ֖פֶת עַל־פְּנֵ֥י הַמָּֽיִם
And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

When we fail to adequately understand our place within the lower life systems; or the associated knowledge and wisdom, it sees us try to polarize others to light. The divine balance of all things above is given to us, so that we can find our place in maintaining a similar medium below. When we align ourselves only to light, it means that others must work much harder in order to achieve their balance, and it therefore limits the ability of many to achieve it.


וַיֹּ֥אמֶר אֱלֹהִ֖ים יְהִ֣י אֹ֑ור וַֽיְהִי־אֹֽור
And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

We fail to understand that harmony below is connected to the divine balance of unknown forces above. Many in this world become detached from their heritage and who they are; and their role within the lower balance. The unseen lower forces of light and dark; are a tool which can be used to lead our understanding towards darkness; in relation to our own universal origins. Of this balance, we fail to recognise that for light to exist, the surrounding darkness is also necessary. We harness the lower unseen forces, but lack the understanding of how it is channelled from its above light source. We fail to understand that within all that is below, light cannot be held in a higher importance to dark, if we wish to become those who are truly wise, and be able to safely harness the unseen powers to which we are attached.

If the Church do not concede to giving truth of the Divine Feminine before the Popes are canonized; as they were ordered to; the whole lot shall be issued to the entire world.

I will also email every noted theologian in the world, with the details of not only this version of the Arcanum; but the OTHER mirrored version; and also give them the numerology and various other pieces of information.

The King and Queen are waiting for the OLD KING AND QUEEN to relieve themselves of their thrones. Please see it done! NOW!

Tell them while they are at it; they have until the end of the year to tell the truth about the stories of Jesus and Sabbas too. I have all this information.

The banks need to redistribute the wealth, and the plan for the global government must be abandoned; or I have more than enough information to sink each, and every single one of you; ten times over .. in just one document .. that I will release to the world ...

I'm thinking of calling it; "THE TRUTH! PAY NO ATTENTION TO THOSE BEHIND THE CURTAIN" .. Sound good? It will contain E.. V.. E.. R.. Y.. T.. H.. I.. N.. G.. That none of you want the world to know.

The money in the Philippines must be given back to the people. The truth about the U.S.A involvement in false flags must be made known, and the detainees in the 'Residential centres' must be set free. Obama/Osama needs to be exposed for what he really is. Bush and the other Monarch puppets must meet justice. The Senates and private interests MUST BE STRIPPED OF THEIR RIDICULOUS POWER AND LAWLESSNESS. The bills created to protect big business are to be removed immediately, and the corporations are to face the fullest extent of the law on charges back-dating to that they thought they were immune from. AMERICA AND ALL OTHER COUNTRIES, MUST BE GIVEN SOVEREIGNTY OVER THEIR OWN CURRENCY! NO .. PRIVATE .. BANKING .. INTERESTS! Involved in Government money. The 'ownership' of countries by other regimes and empires is to stop immediately. All shall be handed back, and the systems for these controls must be destroyed.


TONY ABBOTT MUST BE REMOVED FROM POWER IMMEDIATELY! AS HE WAS NOT THE FAIRLY ELECTED PRIME MINISTER! All British colonies must be GIVEN their independence; not made to vote on it. SET FREE BY THE MONARCHY! The 'Queen' and future 'Kings' of England, will be of that ONLY! No other country shall be theirs any more, they are all to be set free. Then the Queen and all members of the Churches accused of crimes in international and national courts; MUST FACE THEIR CHARGES, WITH FULL MEDIA COVERAGE! This is non-negotiable.

NO T.P.P! If you try filter the internet in ANY WAY again, or prevent people from freedom to spread information; INCLUDING WITH THE MEDIA; you will see the electronics of this Earth knocked out in one go with a solar flare. Then you will see exactly how precious your digital control is, when nothing digital on this planet works. And yes I know the other consequences of such a flare, so lets see it doesn't have to happen, hmm??

The Pope himself MUST .. CONTACT .. SAMAEL .. and give him his freedom from their Church! He has been asking for it for a long time and they have been blatantly ignoring him. For this reason; the Pope must make a public announcement reversing their stance on 'Notifications of defection' from the Church, and apostasy; and announce to the world (with proper media coverage) that he accepts ANYONE who wishes to leave the Church doing so; and grants them permission. I don't feel I need to quote the prodigal son here, or any other parts of the Bible to back up why he should do so under his own teachings.

I am claiming the house from them. To see their wealth redistributed to the poor. I do not want to be identified, known, tracked-down, famous, rich, or anything else. They know exactly who I am; and that is all that is needed.

The Vaticans holdings and funds will be redistributed to those who need it for things like housing and primary infrastructure across the world. Running water, electricity and food. Many things like this. But they will no longer sit on the golden egg they have and claim to love the world they are with-holding it from.

In return I will give them the writings for the new age; and give it to them freely. I want nothing from them, or for what I have. But if they do not do it my way, as they are ordered. Or if they try to steal the writings again as they have been doing in the past; or if anyone tries to compromise me or my love again IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM! I do not need to illustrate exactly how bad this will be for them, and for those around them.

I want only to love and help this world; but I am far from helpless, and if you were to think me stupid it would be the biggest mistake you ever made.

As I am flying blind in this, I am doing the best I can with what information I have; but my intuition is VERY good; some could say, 'Divinely inspired'; I see things before they happen. So you best remember this if you wish to contest me on the things which MUST take place and be implemented in this world.

If you are those trying to help this world, move towards equilibrium and balance with our environment and the higher systems; then you should be those I call friend.

There will be more. I would prefer not in here. Message me keepers.

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