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Federal Emergency Management Agency, Alien Contact Intelligence Organization and Jacques Vallee

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posted on Apr, 21 2014 @ 08:55 AM
Good thread.

Taking into account some aspects of alleged alien sightings (humanoid appearance, interest on human genome, our development and so on) and assuming that some of those contacts are real (sightings, abductions or other forms of contact), I think we should consider that some of the “visitors” (aka aliens) are future humans (or post-human “life” forms) travelling through time.

posted on Apr, 21 2014 @ 12:36 PM

originally posted by: 1ofthe9
Murgatroid are you familiar with the Collins Elite stuff?

No I am not, but thanks for the heads up.

After spending a few minutes searching, it appears to harmonize perfectly with much of the research from Joe Jordan, LA Marzulli, Jacques Vallee, John Keel, etc.

I am now 1000% convinced that these things are:

• blatant liars with a stealth agenda.

• extremely skilled at PRETENDING to be aliens.

• using deception as a very effective tool.

The UFO phenomena are manifestations of living beings that are here to deceive mankind. They appear in their UFO form because they wish to change our perception of reality. That they are alive rather than mechanical is not our only conclusion. One researcher noted this:

John Keel, one of the most respected researchers in this field, noted that “over and over again, witnesses have told me in hushed tones, ‘you know, I don’t think that thing I saw was mechanical at all. I got the distinct impression it was alive.’”

Excerpted from:

posted on Apr, 21 2014 @ 01:18 PM
a reply to: Murgatroid

I guess you mean to hint that it some how an A.I from an extra-terrestrial origin, that could ether have its very own free will, or is controlled, or in league with an extra-terrestrials that are capable of quantum feats that would be in our view, considered Extra(or inter) dimensional.

As for the deceptive agenda, it could be very much a part of our survival, as well as means of control, in the grand scheme of evolution. Nothing more then role-playing act of angels or demons.

IMO, if they have been here since we crawled out of the primal ooze, and out of our dark caves. They would easily know much about us to the point, its ghostly.

Logical creatures, with a cruel sense of humor.
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posted on Apr, 21 2014 @ 03:06 PM
a reply to: Murgatroid

Some folk are only too keen, observes Bates, “to imbibe the stories told by these visiting entities, though they cannot scientifically establish their origin or indeed their reality in the physical realm. We do know that the so-called space brothers have established a pattern of telling us things that have been proven to be demonstrably false. One should then ask, ‘Should they be trusted either?’ After all, if they have lied, should they not be treated as liars?” (Ibid., p.221)

Interesting that the behaviors are precisely those of Ouija boards. In using them they give you some truths that are unknown to you, seeming to prove that they are the entity you are speaking to and thus real. Then they start telling lies mixed with the truths and in our case eventually all lies. The one we had told us he was a man who had died in an airplane accident hitting a mountain in Oregon, he claimed he was "assigned" to be there on the board and he did not like it but he had no choice and could not tell us more it was against the rules.

One of the first mentions of the automatic writing method used in the Ouija board is found in China around 1100 AD, in historical documents of the Song Dynasty. The method was known as fuji (扶乩), "planchette writing". The use of planchette writing as an ostensible means of contacting the dead and the spirit-world continued, and, albeit under special rituals and supervisions, was a central practice of the Quanzhen School, until it was forbidden by the Qing Dynasty.[

Who knows where this all started. But interestingly the person who turned it into a household toy:

. Like many of the gentleman involved with the Ouija board, Elijah J. Bond joined the Masons on April 14th 1873.

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posted on Apr, 21 2014 @ 03:23 PM

originally posted by: andy06shake
a reply to: corsair00

I think it's pretty much a given that "They" know of an alien presence here on Earth and have done so for some time now, maybe even throughout recorded history.

Time to fess up and tell the truth!

After all the ones who perpetrated the lies and cover ups have to be long dead by now!

Because the ones making the decision believe that indivually a person is smart, but people are stupid. They think society would most likely unravel. Plus, we may not like what they are here for.

posted on Apr, 21 2014 @ 07:32 PM

originally posted by: Char-Lee
a reply to: Murgatroid

Interesting that the behaviors are precisely those of Ouija boards. In using them they give you some truths that are unknown to you, seeming to prove that they are the entity you are speaking to and thus real. Then they start telling lies mixed with the truths...

Excellent analogy...

Eustace Mullins would probably agree with you if he were still alive.

He said that all conspiracies are connected and Satanism is the glue that ties all of the various groups together.

"After forty years of patient study of the crises which faces humanity, I arrived at a very simple conclusion-all conspiracies are Satanic! "

"In fact, I point out that all the conspiracies in history - especially during the last 5000 years - are actually different aspects of the same conspiracy. Some people fixed on one aspect of the conspiracy, and say this is the problem, others say another thing, but the thing is all the conspirators work together. All the conspirators are part of the same operation. And this is what people find very reluctant." - Eustace Mullins

Also very interesting stuff on the history of the Ouija boards.

I had to add that to my collection BTW...

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posted on Apr, 21 2014 @ 07:33 PM
a reply to: karl 12

WOW!!!! Learn something new everyday:-)

posted on Apr, 21 2014 @ 09:33 PM
a reply to: karl 12

I am not sure how much credibility the Corso family have in the conspiracy/UFO world these days, but according to a rare presentation given by the son of Philip Corso, Phil Corso Jr, at the heart of the UFO mystery are time anomalies and time travel. He said that when the UFOs are in flight, they are literally in between past, present and future time, since they are going faster than the speed of light. An analogy would be to think of a mirage, but a mirage in time where the object could be seen in multiple different years - past AND future, potentially. It is just an interesting thought experiment that I enjoyed from his presentation.

There were many other points that he brought up on the subject of time travel and UFOs. He said that the alien creatures in the Roswell crash had 2 separate brains, according to the Johns Hopkins report he has in his possession. One was biological and one was laced with integrated circuits and crystal electronics that the military still did not understand (at the time of 2004, when the presentation was given). He was basically saying that the entire issue of UFOs and dealing with the technology was still a work in progress by the covert operations, and that many important people, doctors and scientists etc, all felt that they were doing the right thing by working on it in secret. But that at the very core was time travel.

He also claims to have the true document for the infamous 'Philadelphia Experiment', which reveals that not only did T. Townsend Brown work on it, but so did Einstein. And the real reason for all of the secrecy and the cover-up is because that experiment itself was in time travel, it was successful and there is no way the people involved want the world to know about such a thing. So he said the efforts towards disclosure by people like Steven Greer, who he said had all of the right intentions and truly wants to help the world, are mostly in vain since they are not "looking in the right direction".

The right direction being: time travel.

If you go back and watch 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' again, you will notice many references to anomalous events involving entire fleets of airplanes being found in strange places from decades past, in perfect condition, as well as ships and missing people turning up years later. All in association with strange UFO sightings. Towards the end, when all of those missing people came out of the craft that landed at Devil's Tower, one of the scientists there said that none of the people had aged "Just like Einstein had said". Another one quipped that "Einstein was probably one of 'them'"...

(In case anyone wants to watch Corso Jr's presentation):

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posted on Apr, 22 2014 @ 09:27 AM
a reply to: Murgatroid

This is absolutely true and a basic fact. I hesitate to label the entities behind this, as calling them demons, or satanic because it's just too easy of an answer. Vallee has come close by labeling it a control system, pending further information.

posted on Apr, 22 2014 @ 11:06 AM

originally posted by: Caver78
a reply to: Murgatroid

This is absolutely true and a basic fact. I hesitate to label the entities behind this, as calling them demons, or satanic because it's just too easy of an answer. Vallee has come close by labeling it a control system, pending further information.

I think this video from another ongoing thread applies here possibly. Starting at 12 mins.

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posted on Apr, 22 2014 @ 12:01 PM
This is something separate from the 411 instances. Not that vallee's entities may not be responsible in a few instances.
The Bigger picture is we as humans have been manipulated and trifled with for hundreds of years. Doesn't much matter what physical appearance it takes, the messages are the same, the scripts given by these entities are the same.

This is something I find concerning.

posted on Apr, 22 2014 @ 03:48 PM
I think those who take Valee and his research or theories into the phenomenon as the Holy Bible should perhaps get down to Earth and realize that he may be as much instructed to say some things as many others.

I do not claim to know fully his theories but from what I know, he completely excludes any real intervention by other civilization whether from Earth or another dimension/galaxy if such dimensions exist. And according to him all is just staged by the government using mind control machinery and other to hologram UFOs and aliens, abductions and implant such memories into people.

Unlike believers, I am fine with whatever the truth is, even if not alien. But.. taking and blindly following something that appears nothing more than a theory like ancient aliens or whatever else - ok is there any more solid proof that all the cases are that - holograms, secret projects, machines of mind control/memories implantation ???

If not then cool, cause this almost worshipping of Vallee starts getting irritating

posted on Apr, 22 2014 @ 05:42 PM
a reply to: ImctR

Vallee is one of the leading investigators into "ancient aliens". His book 'Passport to Magonia' and 'Wonders in the Sky' are compilations of published information going back hundreds of years detailing ancient UFO sightings. He is, in fact, saying that there is a genuine UFO phenomenon that is perhaps interdimensional. But he is also saying that there is another side that involves human beings usurping the authentic phenomenon and using it as a platform for social engineering on a worldwide scale.

Things are never usually one way or the other - they are usually both and then some!

My intention for this thread was to highlight the acceleration of computer technology, as referenced in 'The Network Revolution', and tie it into the idea of social and political upheaval and transformation on the planet - which we are all witnessing. The connection also to Artificial Intelligence and time travel was also something I wanted to bring up. I split it off from the other thread because it was already up to 100 pages.
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posted on Apr, 23 2014 @ 11:54 AM
Great Thread!

Some pertinent points:

Regarding missing people in woods:
Now there’s a control system in occult operation: the gov in cahoots with some “alien” force snatching people in State Parks. They have intervened in the clerical establishment to hide details and statistics.
Interestingly, this happens to be the subject of an occult novel I’ve written.
A guy disappearing in the Pine Barrens. His son hires a detective 25 yeas later to find him
You know this may be why I can’t get a publisher There covering this up! Of course I’m being facetious but you never know.

Computer Technology:
My Field btw
I have never thought about this in the way Vallee does but I would remind that Corso claims that this is relative to the alien horde from Roswell since that is supposed to be the source of IC chip technology.

Time Travel
This is the subject of Peter Moons books: the Montauk series, though very controversial I would highly recommend them for the extrapolations and related topics that Moon goes into.

posted on Apr, 23 2014 @ 12:27 PM
I've been thinking about the combination of technology and biology in highly technological scenario. Where, advanced races allow technological implants at all, or allowed themselves to be completely technological, and forsake their very fiber of their being for easier conditions of survival as well combat.

Or has the technology gone so far in some cases, that biology and machines can be one to the point it bends one mind thinking about. Where the race slowly changes its biochemistry, like changing our need for iron in our blood, to lets say gold instead, where it could be more faster.

Or that a quantum computers, or equipment can break a code in the universe or genes, after seeing one of Vallee TED vid. in one of the Guts "Control System" thread. Seeing as how even rocks have giants amount of information in their structure(I'm talking # btw). Even to the point it could walk through matter.

Quantum mechanics...The universe cheat codes.
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posted on Apr, 23 2014 @ 03:59 PM
a reply to: ImctR

There's a big difference between observing that many pieces of evidence falls in with Vallee's theory, and having that lobotomy and worshiping the ground he walks on. Let me assure you I'm not a groupie!!

While Paulides did bring this issue to the forefront , he did a slap dash utilization of public records. Most of the cases from the east coast are ancient, if he was at all current he could of eliminated some cases that were close to the ( known to law enforcement) body dumps along highways, plus at least one of those cases was solved, it was done by a juvenile family member, and the court records are sealed.

I give him kudos' for exposing the issue, but his follow thru is "iffy".

One of the better things to come out of this, is GQ Public is now aware National Park Rangers are defacto police, and they have been keeping sloppy records.

posted on Apr, 25 2014 @ 11:03 AM
a reply to: corsair00

He is, in fact, saying that there is a genuine UFO phenomenon that is perhaps interdimensional. But he is also saying that there is another side that involves human beings usurping the authentic phenomenon and using it as a platform for social engineering on a worldwide scale.

I can't figure where cases may fall that involve children that are left unharmed and returned if it indeed happens.

I don't know what I believe but as a child I was awake all night feeling the need to protect my Family, I was in such terror at night it is really indescribable.
I had many odd experiences but one that stands out for me, I was 6 and playing in a pile of sand in our yard (this is in the Nevada desert, the town now known for the burning Man the late 50's)

I happened to glance at a shed that sat at the back of our mobile home, next to and about one foot away from my bedrooms windowless wall.

The shed was higher than the trailer, tall and flat roofed, and I suddenly felt a jolt of surprise as I thought "Wow I know what the roof of the shed looks like" I could picture it in my mind it was green with seams and big silver tacks and sand on it and yet it was impossible to see from below and my mind presented also a feeling of my bare feet on it.

There were no high areas that I could have seen the top from and actually no reason at all for a kid to think of such a thing and I have never forgotten it.

posted on Apr, 28 2014 @ 08:07 AM
its all about mind control and spiritual & psychological warfare.. for those unaware check out milabs and super soldiers.
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posted on Apr, 29 2014 @ 05:16 AM
a reply to: Willtell

I am interested in your novel. There is definitely a theme concerning abduction both in the alien/UFO phenomenon and also to the very strange cases like the Johnny Gosch kidnapping and The Finders case, which seem to point to occult programs and mind-control experimentation. I suspect the two are intimately connected and point to genetic manipulation and experiments that started with Joseph Mengele and the Nazis and are possibly being done to genetically-bootstrap humanity and cause very marked evolutionary changes. Among a plethora of other nefarious deeds in the background, I'm sure. But the recent movie 'Dark Skies' highlights this theme perfectly and ends with an allusion to a base on the moon where certain abductees were taken to.

Jacques Vallee was cornered by George Knapp on a Coast to Coast AM program once to address the Roswell issue. Vallee laughed and said "as much as I really don't want to". You could tell it was a faux pas, because Knapp is one of the main researchers to have brought the whole Roswell story out in the first place and Vallee and Alexander have spoken against the Roswell crash claims. My impression is that a group that Corso Sr. did actually work for on classified technologies, used the alien story as a smokescreen, PsyOps and as a modern myth to give magic and wonder to the younger generation. That has always been a goal. But either way, them spooks have been working on legitimately classified technology out in those deserts for decades, and that spot in Roswell was in VERY close proximity to the first atomic detonation at White Sands on July 16th 1945, almost exactly 2 years earlier to the alleged July 1947 "Roswell crash" date. This is more anecdotal evidence to support the time anomaly and time travel component of this enormous mystery.

I am familiar with some of Peter Moon's work, particularly his involvement in networking with the enigmatic David Lewis Anderson. The latter has come and gone several times online to discuss time and reveal that he has been working on very classified work involving what he termed "time control technologies". He was sounding the alarm and blowing the whistle and saying that there will come a point in the future where legitimate time travel and manipulation of timelines would become a reality that the world would need to deal with appropriately. I have spent considerable time looking into his claims and feel that he is legit. I know some will say he might be involved with WingMakers somehow, but I cannot see that connection. Most of his material was discussing what time is from a metaphysical, philosophical and scientific perspective. In his documentary 'Journeys Through Time', he brings up the mystery of 'If time travel will be possible, where are the time travelers'? by alluding to UFO sightings as representing the time travelers. He was supposed to come out from his covert research and speak at the 'Pythagoras conference', but that was all shut down at the last minute...
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posted on Nov, 14 2014 @ 09:07 PM
Ummm...some of y'all--corsair for sure--need to notify me when threads like this come along and you don't see me posting. Means I missed it. karl 12 pointed this thread out in another thread and that's how I just found it 6 mos later.

Gotta read it all now. Hey, corsair, you be doing good, brother?

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