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Why buy gold?

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posted on Dec, 16 2016 @ 03:26 PM

" ...I would not buy weakness in the metals/miners yet. Let them stabilize first. It could happen at any time, but make something constructive happen and if you are speculating, be disciplined about your game plan.”

This nugget was from: By Bill Fleckenstein President Of Fleckenstein Capital
on the web site:


i put a few bucks in gold shares yesterday (dec 15th 2016) when the price contracted $33
down to $1128.oo~~
my own 'game plan'.... is to buy every time gold drops by $20 per ounce at least...

but never buy back-to-back major decreases in price, 'thats' when I wait for the low to stabilize as 'Fleck' advises.

go forth and dollar-cost-average or stack if you can....
because the year end metals rally , on the coattail of Santa Clause, will or should push the spot price of Au Ag higher

~~ trying to buy the dips...
and the dips brought about by the dividends pay-outs to fund holders which results in lower priced NAVs (net-asset-values) for the tight fisted investor interested primarily in more shares as opposed to top-quality shares like the Tocqueville Gold Fund that is too expensive to own

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posted on Dec, 29 2016 @ 03:15 AM
I think this dip bottomed in the 1122-1125 price point I saw last weekend. If there is another dip before a bull run to the summer, its going to be a really tight window. I think now is a good time to go in for a large increase in holdings .

As far as stocks vs physical, both are impportant. Physical possession is always the goal, but gold stocks and etf's are key for swift growth in stable times. Me personally, I remember when the precious metals etf's were first being introduce last decade, I read about it. the ETF are basically the same Federal Reserve fractional type funds, but for gold. They can be played quicker and for lower premiums. But you have to also leverage associated fees involved with this method.

I agree stocks are the best thing for lower maintenance growth. Sell profits and get some physical possession at the right time too though. Im in this long term, and bullion acquisition is a permanent item from my income. I just allocate volume according to the market.

I see it more as, these 100 ounce silver bars will easily get the kids their first cars as they get older. I pay their allowances in portion as silver with old dimes, quarters, half and whole dollars. Figures since I teach them it is the part of their income that must mandatory be saved. Maybe it will help them with prom right??? Shoot kid, with what I am teaching you, you better have your own prom money saved up.

plus I am kind of old school about it. I kind of see it more as converting currency than "investing in gold" .
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