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Glow In The Dark Roads Make Debut In Netherlands

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posted on Apr, 17 2014 @ 12:10 PM

Wow! This is really cool. I wonder if you can see these roads from orbit. I bet that would be a Sight to see.

From the glow-in-the-dark paint I have seen and worked with, it isn't very bright at all just a faint glow, I think people are getting the idea that these will be like super bright.... they aren't.... I very much doubt if you could see these from orbit.
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posted on Apr, 18 2014 @ 03:32 AM
a reply to: Jennyfrenzy

That's so cool!

posted on Apr, 18 2014 @ 03:39 AM
For those interested, glow in the dark paint is also available for interior painting of walls and ceilings.


posted on Apr, 23 2014 @ 05:41 PM

originally posted by: BuzzyWigs
reply to post by freedomSlave

Simply adding photo-sensitive material to the paint wouldn't be that much of a big deal. Seems to me.
Potholes are another problem, and I don't see how they could be 'fixed' by this tech - but it would definitely reduce the accidents caused by poor night-vision + poor lighting.

I imagine, painting the potholes might be a more cost effective approach to create saver roads. Or you could send this ytvid to your representatives.

They can forget the glowpaint, just give me roads like that!

posted on Apr, 25 2014 @ 08:39 AM
eh it's nice but not all that special...could've gone a little further with it before it was rolled all of the road phosphorescent, that would've been cool. then again that would be expensive as hell

incidentally, somebody actually came up with this same idea a couple of years ago
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posted on Apr, 29 2014 @ 07:22 AM
just a wee update from BBC, says the rain reduced the effectiveness of the paint, so, more tweaking required .. and in a positive spirit, they seem to have the attitude, that this is not a fail, since it was a test that was rolled out, to find and deal with issues exactly like this .. i guess in that sense, the test was a success, as it did exactly what a test was supposed to

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