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Medieval Church Conspiracy To Hide A Secret Truth About Jesus

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posted on May, 13 2014 @ 09:00 AM
Stephen Bassett, one of the champions of ET Disclosure in USA, has said that another possibility is a major religion to make the Disclosure. He quickly picked up the Roman Catholic Church as the most structured one and therefore most fitable for the task. He didn't even speak of the telescopes Vatican operates (others did so, as Dr Michael Salla). Why not indeed, the Church who historically has the most guilt of suppressing the science, to be the promoter of the real science that may save the world, so to speak? They can always find the proper way, to find a lost book, or just to follow the reason of logic. Any time is good no need to wait for any holiday. Why should Mgr Balducci speak out, and nobody stopped him until his death, that is years freely given interviews of ET life? Why only one-two persons, with ranks lower than bishops? Are we so outdated and fools to be considered not mature enough to understand?

The time the ET come I will not pay a penny for failed religious and political doctrines! I will follow the ET!

posted on May, 13 2014 @ 09:22 AM
"Go and preach the Gospel to the entire Universe!" are the last words of Jesus in his mission on earth, minutes/seconds before He ascended into a cloud to go to heaven (whatever that could mean). I do not quote, the text varies according to the translations and languages. One should refer to the original Hebrew (Matthew) and Greek (for the rest) and to refer to what the words meant at that time. Not to exchange them today with the convenient word "world" or even "earth". That could mean from Galilee to Rome to India and that's it. The stars were known to the Greek and ancients to the extend to build pyramids' tunnels pointed at Pleiadians, Orion and Draconis. The stars were a part of the known world or universe. Whatever word you may want to use. To deny that is to deny historical facts. The stars were named by the ancients too.
Jesus' mandate does not end with the South Chinese Sea and the islands over there, or with the American Indians. It extends far beyond that planet. There are ET who do not comprehend the mission of Jesus on Earth. Example for that are the Andromedans that I talked about. I don't say Draconians, I say Andromedans who fight Draconians and are against the implanted chip. They know the book Bible, they don't have the grace to believe, and therefore they deny it or think it is written by some other ET race opposite to theirs. They are highly intellectual and philosophical, but they don't have the gift of God's wisdom. And perhaps many many others. Billions. Until that happens Jesus won't come to Earth in the glorious visible Second Coming. He might come for those who die in mega cataclysm en masse. But that is not the Second Coming. Neither the Rapture is. He will not come yet because His words are not fulfilled yet. If you wait for that and deny meanwhile the reality that surrounds our star system, you not only lose, you block the mission that Jesus gave to all who believe in him. I wonder how many bishops understand that and what responsibility they bear as bearers of sacraments to bring them beyond the earth. If we accept the Church (all of them) as the biggest thing Jesus created to remain after him. If they fail, that will be questionable too, along with the relevant texts in the 3rd century written gospels. You think, you pastors!
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posted on May, 13 2014 @ 09:53 AM
Theoretically, Jesus could do quite many things in the 1980 years after His ascension. He could appear in body on every planet of His choice and establish a Church there. That could be even more frightening option for those fanatics from the hierarchy who would see millions, billions competitors on the other stars. The question is did Jesus do that, or did He entitle us the earthly-humans to do that? Or both. There are more than trillions stars and even if some of them are already evangelized by Jesus himself, there is quite a lot more work to be done by us. Because He wished so and He said so before His ascension. Not because we are very smart or good. Actually, the earthly humans proved in their history they are among the worst creatures in the Universe. You need only the examples of WW2 mass killings and bio experiments. No other race do so against its own, say the ET researchers. Not even the "bad ET" as we call them. They might be our enemies, but they don't do to themselves what we do to our own race on Earth. In other words, if we are appointed for any mission it is solely because of God's choice to come to Earth and not to another planet to die and resurrect.

I am not afraid of other possible scenarios that will be revealed in their due time. Are those in religious institutions afraid of the truth? Are they afraid of what I just said as hypothetical possibility? Sure they know more than me, those who deal with secret books and secret contacts, as Bob Dean revealed of Eisenhower ET meeting, the presence of Los Angeles cardinal McIntyre. So what, we deal with hidden agendas and people who only present themselves as uninformed and indecisive who actually have very clear views and predetermined actions to do.

Where are WE in the picture? Will those in the know SAVE us or what? Therefore I say and repeat, the moment the ET manifest themselves to the public, I will follow them. Perhaps they have 3D video of the whole life of Jesus the entire 33 years, not scratches from 3rd century on the 3 years only. A pity we were lied for so long, and nobody wants to change anything to better. I can say more, but it is useless if there is no one from the masters to respond. Why not in a good forum like this one. Why not from a homily televised to millions. Why not just to say the things the way they are. Will he be killed? Aren't they all saying they are ready for martyrdom? Or they say that and plan for expensive retirement? Not if the earth burns, anyway.

posted on May, 13 2014 @ 10:52 AM
actually one of the masters wrote here. He was either a cardinal himself or his secretary. I can't say more. What is clear is this forum is being read in the Vatican and beyond.

Today is Our Lady of Fatima. Much was speculated about Fatima, consecration and conversion of Russia. The end time doomers will see in Ukraine events a rising beast of communism, a failed consecration and so on. Or may be Our Lady never asked for that in first place? This is a long and open ended topic. So it remains to guess what was hidden. That is exactly what I am doing. Please do your guesses.

And the faithful catholics don't have to say "anti-catholic" every time they don't agree in their narrow minded views, how someone else view is anti-catholic. No it is not! Check what "catholic" means in first place. It is close to the word I discuss in the previous post - universal.
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posted on May, 13 2014 @ 11:25 PM
Pope Francis ready to baptize Martians etc

- French news agency AFP reports that during the Pope’s daily mass on Monday, May 12, he stated that “Christians cannot ‘close the door’ to all those who seek baptism even if they are ‘green men, with a long nose and big ears, like children draw.’” He continued:

If tomorrow, for example, an expedition of Martians arrives, and some of them came to us, here . . . Martians, right? Green, with the long noses and big ears, just like children paint them . . . and one says, “But I want to be baptized!” What would happen ?

Well this is something unexpected, or may be too long expected news that we thought would never arrive in daylight. It did! Anyway I didn't know it when I wrote all my ET comments in this thread the day before. Perhaps If I knew it, I would be more kind towards the Catholic church as a whole, and would tend to forget past trespasses in exchange of her future positive role. Her chief pastor now takes definitive course to allow the priesthood to accept God's creation and even to give sacraments to whomever wants them. Thanks be to God!

it is a time my fierce opponents in any thread about ET and Fatima to sigh deep, to sit down and calmly re-examine the reasons that have been given for years in this forum and elsewhere. Perhaps it is a good idea to go to do that in the nature, park etc. They don't have to remove anything from their strong belief system that I respect and share to a great degree. They have to ADD the fact we are not alone in the Universe, with all consequences that fact brings on the table. They have to accept the bigger picture that includes the smaller picture within, we have been taught about for centuries, but never told the bigger picture until now.

If someone wants to contact me on the topic, please feel free to do so. I will not respond to enquirers of personal character and dreams though.

posted on May, 15 2014 @ 12:05 AM
originally posted by: colbe
originally posted by: vethumanbeing

[I]veteranhumanbeing[/I] Colbe; we ARE ALL ONE AND THAT INCLUDES THE DEMONIC bald headed stepchildren. I care about my soul enough not to let it slide into the hands of someone UNWORTHY (priest, rabbi, chaplin, pastor ,bishop, rector) to tell me my fate.

[I]colbe[/I] We're not "ALL ONE" for the good, you prove by your comment to follow. No one will tell you what to believe, see your list. God names His spiritual authority on earth, in the Old and the New. Personally, I would follow holy leaders, you know, the saints, people who experienced the mystical, from God...the miraculous.
Vet, I care....keep on your heart, 99.8% of the miraculous is Roman Catholic.
prayers for your conversion, the Warning is imminent,

I simply will not allow a pontificated clown that represents iconically the true "THIEF " of many nations souls, land, resourses (gold/gems) wearing a copse/cape or conical hat device waving frankensense fragrance in a house of worship tell me that it is the sole mouthpiece/telephone to God as my only recourse interpreter; as IT deems itself to be the only viable communicator. I am well enough suited to speak to my creator and do so on a daily basis. I do not need a puffed up human pontificator that thinks it can talk to God in my behalf to tell me I need the catholic sanctity to do so; FOR ME as I do it all by myself without any dogma or false scripture that has nothing to do with my own relationship with my creator as I know it to be (any prayers for me are welcomed especially those that might concern winning "the publishers clearinghouse sweepstakes"). I am having a problem with the arrogance of these religions bludgeoning thoughtforms into innocents (in thinking we cannot do this ourselves as individuals in Christ Consciousness as just one example of many other major belief systems).
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posted on May, 16 2014 @ 04:14 AM
Not to be mean, but this seems to come straight for Ancient Aliens..

posted on May, 16 2014 @ 09:12 PM
originally posted by: 2012newstart

[I]2012newstart[/I]actually one of the masters wrote here. He was either a cardinal himself or his secretary. I can't say more. What is clear is this forum is being read in the Vatican and beyond.

Of course it is being read by everybody gathering opinions on specific social trends (religious to some extent feel the pulse), including the NSA (they have the more diabolical reasons I expect). What is a Catholic 'master'? and if you actually identified it as a higher up what was its moniker? JesusLives, PaulsToBlame, or OurPlundersMadeUsRich. Perhaps there is some good charity work being done with conquered nations (as in relief funds) but its hardly noticeable; I just don't understand this old idea of faith/dogma needing to be taught by heavy old school architypes when all of the information needed you can divine yourself just by simple introspection "who am I and what is my relationship to the creator". You realize as new star children are being born (of a lighter/higher frequency) all of this religious nonsense will disappear because its ideaform architype is too low a frequency to be absorbed by a higher vibrating body/mind.
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posted on May, 16 2014 @ 09:49 PM

originally posted by: phytas
Not to be mean, but this seems to come straight for Ancient Aliens..

They are filling a vast void that needs explaining; what are you, someone that doesn't believe what you see on TV, there is the other, do you believe in the printed word? Best not to have belief systems of any type and rely upon your truth meter, it either rings true or causes you to question information "What If What we thought was true, was actually something else..."(who is that narrator).

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