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The Central Problem of Humanity: Who Cares?

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posted on Apr, 10 2014 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by TwoTonTommy

We can only care as far as the consciousness that we ourselves have developed allows us to care. No more, no less, so everything points to choice. So for you all that can happen with regard to others is acceptance of the non choice of the apparent many.

posted on Apr, 10 2014 @ 04:45 PM
The last thing you can let them take is your ability to say I am here, and this is what i stand for. Do not give up apathy is the opposing force that molds our society into what it will become however there is no means to an end because time is ever changing so your viewpoint should include this basic principle. I hope for everyone that we do not meet our demise from conflict however if we do i know where ill stand and with that i leave you a good song.

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posted on Apr, 10 2014 @ 09:03 PM
We all know of the hierarchy of needs: sustenance, shelter, social.
Most of the world, the West in particular, has those needs filled to an exquisite extent. That is where TV ( our metaphor for "social") come in. It fills that empty void that comes upon us when the two primary needs are met in modern society and we have time to kill. The social aspect is lured into seeking a false sense of satisfaction of caring (being social) while doing virtually nothing but slouching on the couch, jabbering into phone or surfing the 'net . Modern communications fills the void by increasingly blurring the definition of "being social" by paradoxically claiming a stitched together closeness for us all when it actually compartmentalizes and isolates us even more. That situation is compounded by allowing us to (almost) be on-the-scene-witnessing the sufferings of others but yet has us in a position to not directly help. So like slowing down to check out the results of a another car's accident, we note the damage and move on with OUR lives.

So apathy, contrary to what the OP suggested, doesn't "bind us together." Rather, it protects us from knowing too much artificially about the social situation of others that we can have little impact upon. Can we fix that? How about we start a campaign to add another button onto our TV remote controls and computer screens. It would be marked "Give" (etc.) and adjustable on the spot to whatever amount you wished. Of course, that wouldn't bannish apathy at all, but it would be a help in the right direction today when a physical touch or comforting word is not possible but, still, a way to show where the dreaded term "money" is a physical show of humanity. I'm not suggested the mass of humanity give big bucks in this kind of charity, the result of a a few million taps onto a key at a penny or two could provide a lot of good in the world.

posted on Apr, 10 2014 @ 09:19 PM

No one cares because government cares FOR you.

Government teaches your children, not you.
Government tells you what to eat, not you.
Government tells you what to watch, not you.
Government tells you;
what is safe to drive
what is safe to eat
what is safe to drink
how to spend your money
when to spend your money
what to smoke
where to smoke
how to live
where to live

Government has taken personal responsibility out of the equation. Personal responsibility is now a slur, a curse word for those that demand that government intervene into our lives.

Once we begin to rely on ourselves again, then caring will re-enter the lexicon, because people won't be defaulting to government for assistance.

Why help a neighbor or an elderly relative? Government does that.
Why help the homeless? Government does that.
Why help the sick or disabled? Government does that.

Return to independence. Return to self-reliance.

Then you will see caring return.

And who tells the governments what to do ? Get rid of them and only then will independence be achieved.

You cannot RETURN to independence or self-reliance lol, neither has existed for humans in any form yet.

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