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Scientists Say Shroud of Turin Shows Jesus Was Crucified in 'Very Painful' Position

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posted on May, 8 2014 @ 02:07 AM
I just wanted to say thank you Jesus ...

I would also like to say that Jesus was beaten and whipped by a whip which had chunks of bone and or metal fashioned into its strands which would not only have cut him but bit and held onto his flesh so when the strike was withdrawn would have literally torn his flesh off...

He was indeed buried in haste and he was prepared properly according to tradition...

as for the blood stains his wounds were severe many lashes took flesh and muscle... imagine that awhile while you consider his sacrifice then ask yourself how washing him even after death could prevent blood stains...

there is also the part where he comes back to life... i am sure his heart would have to beat again for that to be true...

maybe he relaxed for awhile as he returned from hell and reclaimed HIS body and gave thanks to the FATHER as his blood once again flowed freely before he got up and walked out of his tomb...

just saying...

Praise be to Jesus Christ like it or not your one and only GOD the only man who died for us all and is 3 who forgave your sins and stupidity and left you free to believe or not because hes also your judge see...

wonderful indeed

I would also like to refute the carbon dating it has been found in conclusive due to contamination the shroud has been around obviously since the time of jesus and has been around the world and even been in a fire...

said contamination is the cause for a wide range of so called accurate carbon dating which will be obsolete when science admits this is only true for certain substances in very controlled conditions...

argue that away while you try and cling to your pride and vanity or is it your wrath?

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posted on May, 13 2014 @ 11:56 AM

originally posted by: pleasethink

I'll tell you a strange story.

Thanks for that, I actually enjoyed it.

I won't bore you with references to neuroscience, psychology or group dynamics (though they are wonderful subjects worth considering). I'm very open to possibilities this way. I have some myself and although I'm aware of the more scientific reasons for such things, which I also take seriously, it doesn't always negate the experience itself IMO (perhaps in some circumstances).

If there is some fundamental force underlying existence, I can see the possibility where it could be experienced personally. Though I don't see how it could possibly be an anthropomorphic religious type of god that meddles or has favourites. I can see where there could be something.

I often wonder why people wouldn't look for an intimate direct personal relationship? Why the need for groups with their hierarchies, books, unbelievable stories, rules, prohibitions and excommunications etc?

He is all love.

Funny you should say that. If anything points to there being more (purely from a human perspective) this would be it IMO. Though perhaps not what is usually thought of as love, hard to explain, I suppose everyone will have their own understanding. I know such emotions can be explained in an evolutionary sense (if you believe in it of course lol), yet for various reasons I can see where there could also be more to it.

Anyways, good luck in the future. I wish you well.

Thank you and the same to you. I hope you haven't taken my views too personally, they aren't really meant that way. While religious beliefs (particularly organised) in general aren't usually something I warm to, the people that hold such beliefs can be far more worthwhile.
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