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posted on Apr, 7 2014 @ 05:01 PM
Mud-Pit Rules and Guidelines

The rules and guidelines are simple, basically just two things to remember in addition to common-sense avoidance of vulgarities and personal threats:

Don't throw mud outside of the political mud pit forum.

If you go into the Political Mud-Pit forum, expect to get dirty.

1) Don't throw mud outside of the political mud pit forums.

If you're wandering about ATS, and find a discussion that throttles your political angst, and really really want to start casting harsh aspersions in the direction of one or more political ideologies:

YOU CAN CREATE A NEW THREAD: Quote the post that inspired your ire, link to the non-mud-pit ATS thread, and start a new thread in the Political Mud-Pit forum, making certain not to call-out or otherwise throw mud at any ATS member in the original thread outside the Mud-Pit.

2) It's bad-form throw mud at someone who's not throwing mud.

Even in the Political Mud-Pit forum, there will probably be someone attempting to make a valid point who does so without rancor, name-calling, or other political mud.

Perhaps the topic and direction of discussion is different enough from other threads on ATS that they felt compelled to get involved.

If you can respond without throwing mud, everyone will think better of you… but there is no requirement to put down the mud when you respond.

3) Everything but vulgarities and threats are "tolerated."

We've come to accept that many feel the "political stakes" are so high, that intense debate is necessary, and very often name-calling, baiting, and activity we've previously classified as "Political Trolling" are simply part of the process. Have at. But don't come running to us if someone throws mud harder than you, or hides rocks in their pile of mud.

And to avoid further confusion; restricted topics such as personal drug use, hacking, etc. are still not allowed in the Mud-Pit. Politics only please.

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