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My paranormal experiences

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posted on Apr, 6 2014 @ 05:00 PM
Now I know not everyone believes in ghosts but I've had some experiences in my life that have me believing that it was something paranormal happening. I have wondered about sharing my experiences on here or not & have decided to share, so please don't be nasty.

The first event happened when I was either 11 or 12yrs old. I had two friends who talked me into having a séance in bedroom, before this incident, I believed in ghosts because I believed in God & angels but I still didn't want to mess with spirits. My Mom had told me of a time when she was younger, she had a friend who was using a Ouija board with some other friends. Smoke started to fill the room & hooves started to appear in front of them & my Mom's friend ran out of the building. Now this is the 70's so he could have been tripping on drugs but as a kid it did have me spooked.

Anyways, so the three of us were sitting on my bed and we began to conduct a séance. I was focusing my energy at that task at hand but one of the girls decided to pretend to be possessed. I got freaked out and let go of their hands, breaking the circle. Now normally, I wouldn't think that anything would really happen from a situation like that, except what ended up happening, happened to me & I was freaked. Now some might say my imagination got to me but what I experienced was not my imagination.

Right afterwards, I could sense a weird change in my room, I couldn't figure out what but something was different. By the end of the day, my room had a sense of evil to it but I shrugged it off as just me being afraid. I was laying in my bed, at this point I no longer had to share a room with my younger sister, so my room was organized my way & everything had it's place. I had a couple papers on the floor near by bed from earlier in the day & while trying to fall asleep, I thought I heard the sound of the papers being stepped on. I thought it was one my sisters so I turned the light on, only to find I was all alone in my room. Then I heard it again, the sound of papers being crinkled under someone's weight. I looked at the papers & saw an indent of a foot on the paper. I freaked & ran out of my room. I slept on the hide-a-bed in the living room outside of my room & kept my door

indent of a foot on the paper. I freaked & ran out of my room. I slept on the hide-a-bed in the living room outside of my room & kept my door closed.
The next event that happened that had me spooked was some items moving. I could go into my room in the day but I still slept on the hide-a-bed at night. I was in my room one day, I had all my make up in one spot & was putting some on. I left my room for a minute to grab something out of the bathroom and when I came back, some of my make up was across the room on my dresser. My family was up on the main level & I was the only one down in the basement where my room is.
A couple days later I had one of my childhood dolls disappear. It was a doll I was given when I was 3yrs old & I loved that doll. I would leave my doll and a couple other stuffed animals on my bed. I went into my room and my doll wasn't on my bed. I searched the entire house, twice, and couldn't find my doll. No one in my family had seen it and they all helped me look too. Then a week and a half later I walked into my room after school and my doll was on my bed. Everyone in my family claims they didn't take my doll & then return it later.

Now I was freaked out, when I tried to sleep in my room at night, it would sound like people were very quietly talking. The point where you can't hear what is being said but you can hear that something is being said. I was at a loss for what to do. One day in the summer time, before my Mom, younger sister & I headed down to Children's Hospital for my younger sister, I decided to speak to the spirits in my room. I had had enough of the fear & all the constant activity that I was no longer going to put up with it. In a very stern tone, I stood in the centre of my room & told the spirits that if they were evil they needed to leave my place. If they were good & stayed silent then they could stay. If they kept bugging me and scaring me, then I would find a way to exercise them out of my place, even if that meant getting the Pope himself to come and do it. After I was done giving me speech, I left for our trip. When I came back near the end of the summer, my room was back to normal. There was no more activity, only the feeling of a spirit now and then but it always felt like a good spirit.

After that day when the séance had been done, I do believe something had been opened & spirits came into our place.

Encounter #2 was a heavy sounding ghost that would walk up our stair case late at night. It would be around midnight and my Mom would be on the main floor watching tv in the living room. (You can see the top of the stair case from the couch) One night she heard footsteps coming from the basement, but thought it was just one of us kids coming up to her. My Mom watched the top of the staircase to see who was going to appear but at the sound got to the top step, their was no one in sight. This started to become a regular occurrence for my Mom, she would hear heavy steps on the stairs, but no one was ever there. A couple years passed and we had become accustomed the occasional paranormal activity. My first experience with ghost #2, and the only one, was when I was home alone with my boyfriend. My Mom & sister had gone out for an event & wouldn't be home for a couple hours. My boyfriend and I were down in my room and had just finished watching a movie. Where my room is, I can hear the deadbolt on the front door turn & can hear anyone on the two staircases. My boyfriend and I heard someone go from the front door & up the stairs. I asked him if he heard the deadbolt & he said he did not, so we decided to go investigate because we were afraid someone else was in the house. He lead the way as we went upstairs & to the kitchen where we had heard the footsteps go. No one there, we searched the entire upstairs and no one else was there. My Mom & sister came home a couple hours later, like scheduled and they had not come home. (If they had, we would have heard them go back down the stairs in order to leave, there is only one entry point & all the windows are locked because we lived near a halfway house.)

In the doorway to our living room, my Mom hung one of those bead curtain thingys. One night my Mom was sitting on the couch and she heard the heavy steps. My Mom watched the top of the stairs from her spot on the couch, just like all the late night times she heard the steps, no one was there. BUT the spirit was not done, the beaded curtain into the living room, parted in the exact same way as someone walking into the living room. My Mom could hear the floor creek as if someone was walking across the floor & over to the other end of the couch she was sitting on. My Mom watched the entire time & even felt the couch shift as if someone heavy just sat down on it. My Mom has had experience with having a spirit in her house so she looked at the empty spot and said "You scare me and my children, you are not welcome here if you are going to scare us. You can stay if you behave." After that, we never heard the heavy steps again.

My Mom told her Mom about the incident & the next summer when my Grandma started to have weird stuff happen, she called us over.

(Have to continue story in another post)
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posted on Apr, 6 2014 @ 05:02 PM
reply to post by knoledgeispower

(story continued)

Encounter #3:
My Grandma called my Mom one day & told us to come over & bring the camera. We arrived and my Grandma told us the following story:
My Grandma had been doing laundry, she was the only one home at the time, aside from the 4 dogs. My Grandma had put some clothes in the washing machine that was located in the basement & went upstairs to do other chores. When she came back down to put the clothes in the dryer, she found the washing machine in the middle of the room. Now sometimes when you have an unbalanced load, the machine can move, usually if it's going to move across the room, it 1) makes a sound & 2) there is water all over the floor from the hose getting disconnected. Only problem was there had been no sound of it moving & there wasn't a single drop of water on the ground, despite the machine having been on & the hose getting disconnected. You could especially tell around where the washing machine had been because the dust had been undisturbed.

Encounter #4:
A couple weeks later my Grandma calls us up & says we need to come over & bring the camera. (She asked for the camera to see if we could take a picture & see an orb on film, no luck though)
When we arrived at her place she told us the following story:
My Grandma was doing laundry again & found a surprise when she came to change the laundry over. She had a shelf that had her laundry detergent on it, at the very back, and in front of it was a couple small boxes. All around the laundry detergent was small items, yet when my Grandma came down, the laundry detergent had been moved from the shelf to on top of her deep freeze, which was just bellow the shelf. None of the other items on the shelf had been moved and the bottle of laundry detergent was sitting perfectly on the deep freezer.

The only other paranormal activity that my Grandma was around for was a rather interesting event.

Encounter #5:
Now this is kind of an encounter but not a full one. My Grandma had taken my Mom & my younger sister from Canada, down to Georgia, U.S.A so my younger sister could meet her Great Grandma for the first & only time, before she passed away. One day my Grandma, my Great Aunt (my Grandma's sister), my Mom & younger sister were on a walk in Georgia. They came upon a small bridge that was going over a section of river. The grown ups were chatting & my younger sister had gone a bit ahead & was looking over the bridge. Later my younger sister told them about this little boy who was 6yrs old, who had died. She described what he looked like and what he was wearing, she told them how the a man had come up to the boy on the bridge and attacked the boy. Fearing that he had killed the boy, he tossed the boys body over the bridge, unfortunately the kid hadn't been killed but did drown. The grown ups were surprised at the amount of detail & how it was just something that casually came up. A couple weeks after the trip & everyone was back home, my Great Aunt sent my Grandma an email. It was a newspaper clipping about a a 6yr old boy who was killed, sure enough the details were exactly as my sister had described them, right down the the boys appearance and clothing. The article was a couple years old but my sister had been bang on in everything she had said.

Those are my 5 major paranormal experiences. I've had smaller ones & might share them later but for now I'll leave you with these experiences.

posted on Apr, 6 2014 @ 06:50 PM
I printed your OP out to take to work and read, due to getting ready to leave.

I'll respond tomorrow sometime. S&F for what little I did have time to read.

posted on Apr, 7 2014 @ 07:27 AM
reply to post by knoledgeispower

Fascinating stories.

I've probably already forgotten half of what I read last night, but I do remember thinking that your whole family must be pretty psychic. That seems to be something passed down through families. Even your little sister saw the dead boy at the bridge.

People who are psychic shine like a beacon to ghosts. They are drawn to their aura.

I think in most of the encounters you, your mom, and grandmother had, the ghost was just trying to get your attention. Maybe it was a family member who had died that sat down beside your mother on the couch coming to spend some time with her?
If not, then it was probably someone who lived there previously. They must have been confused, wondering why these strangers are in their house. Sometimes, ghosts don't realize they are dead.

The disappearing items in your room, then reappearing, is either a ghost trying to get your attention, or just a playful spirit messing with you. They weren't evil, or they wouldn't have left just on your, and your mom's command.

Does your mom still live in that house? It would be great if you could contact a medium ( a real one ) to come in and communicate with the ghosts and find out if they are trying to get a message to someone.
Sometimes if a person dies unexpectedly, or is murdered, they won't cross over until they share a message they feel needs to be told.

You said the land where your house sits once belonged to the Natives, if I remember correctly. It has captured my attention that any area that was once Indian territory always has a lot of paranormal activity. Could be one of them.

Anyway, if you consider a medium coming in, here are the best of the best:
Kim Russo is a great, talented medium. James Van Praagh, or Theresa Caputo are two more that I consider to be "the real deal".

To learn more about how things disappear and reappear, read my thread on that subject:

posted on Apr, 7 2014 @ 08:39 AM
reply to post by knoledgeispower

I had a lot of experiences with stuff like that when I was young in the house where I grew up. It all started with the footsteps coming up the stairs and nobody being there. Only the footsteps came right up to my bedside and stopped. I would lay under the covers and panic for it seemed like hours, but the footsteps never walked away. I was probably around 10 at the time. There were lots of other things that happened, but I'm not going to try to take over the thread.

When I was a teenager, things really ramped up. Stuff moved around with no touch from a human hand. Things fell off the walls. When I sat downstairs watching tv at night footsteps walked around and around in my bedroom overhead. There was no one else in the house except my parents who slept downstairs. I'd get in my car and drive to town until the sun came up. That house was the only place that I experienced these things in.

posted on Apr, 7 2014 @ 02:06 PM
reply to post by sled735

I do believe that my Mom, my younger sister & I all have a strong connection to the paranormal. My Dad & my older sister have never had anything paranormal happen.

When my Mom was a teenager living in Nelson, she moved into this house that was haunted by the woman who's husband had built the house. If you were a good person, then you never had any problems. If you were bad, you would have objects thrown at you until you left. Point in case, the house got broken into 2ce but the thieves never got anything because stuff was thrown at them.

My Mom's first experience with the ghost was one night when she was home alone. Her room was in the attic of the house & she could hear someone coming up the stairs, she knew everyone else was out so she watched the stairs. When she saw that no one was at the top of the stairs, despite hearing footsteps, she ran out onto the balcony & jumped to the balcony bellow & ran all the way to the current owners work. Once there, my Mom was informed of who it was & that the lady was just saying hello in her own way. After that my Mom had no bad experiences with the ghost, just good ones, like coming home to the house being cleaned when everyone was away at work or the fur rising on the cat & the dog.

When my younger sister became sick, which is a bit after the first ghost encounter, my sister would claim that she could see angels & she would play with them. I remember this one time she was supposed to be in my Mom's bed resting but my Mom & I heard her laughing, we went into the room as she opened up the closet doors and exclaimed "I found you!" There was no one in there but she claims that she was playing with angels. She often would see them, just as an orb of light, sometimes with a wonderful smell. The first time I saw an orb of light pass in front of me, all I could smell for a minute afterwards was a strong smell of vanilla. My Mom also claims that the couple times she has seen an orb of light pass in front of her, that she too smelt vanilla.

Sadly we do not still live in that house, I always wanted to get a professional medium to come take a look at our place but it's a small town & my family can't afford something like that when there are 3 sick family members, (my Mom, my younger sister & I all have auto-immune diseases)

Across the creek from us was a graveyard, the old map I was looking at didn't say if it was Native American or not & our property used to be a pet cemetery. Those were two grave sites back when the town was first founded, I was only able to find the one map at the time so I am unsure of when the land got turned over into property & where the bodies got moved to. The only graveyard now is on the other side of town & there is no pet cemetery anymore.

posted on Apr, 7 2014 @ 05:02 PM
I also remembered a couple other things that are interesting. (Sorry this ended up being long

I can always know when I'm going to be passing a graveyard & I don't like going to graveyards. I can sense all the spirits and it can be very overwhelming. The last time I went to a graveyard was just last September. My older sister, younger sister & I went down to Nelson, B.C to visit my Dad for a day as a late birthday present to me. We went to the Nelson cemetery to see my Grandparents who are buried there, I've only been there 3 times, once was for the funeral, and I can always find their spot no problem. I don't think it's because I remember it, I was young when they died & we went a different route for the funeral then when I went to visit in 2006. Anyways, so as we are approaching the cemetery, I start to sense the sorrow & confusion. My sister parks the car where my Dad directs her to and we all pile out, I headed off to the spot where my Grandparents are and try to block out as much of the spiritual chaos clustered around. For anyone who has been to the Nelson cemetery, you know how beautiful the view is, especially when the cloud is low on the mountains. Normally nature is something that calms me but it was hard, there was just so much emotion & so I admit, I smoked some pot. It helps me medically but it also helps sometimes to dull the presence of those I can not see. Even though I am older and know ways to help ease the sensation, when I'm emotionally unstable (which I was at the cemetery cause I had gotten 0 sleep and was feeling uber sick) I have a hard time concentrating, which means I'm more prone to pick up on things.

My Mom says we (us kids & my Dad used to be too) are heart connected. We can sense when one of us is in danger, we can also concentrate really hard & get someone else to call us. It's hard to explain so I'll just give you examples. It started with my parents, my Mom always knew when my Dad got in a car accident, my Mom could also think really hard about my Dad & him needing to call home & he would call. My Mom even proved it to a disbelieving friend one time. I was 3 & my Auntie (Mom's sister) and her boyfriend were visiting, my Dad was at work and was late coming home. My Mom had mentioned this calling ability & my Auntie's boyfriend didn't believe my Mom. So my Mom thought very hard about my Dad & for him to call home and within 10minutes my Dad called home to explain why he was running late. Now my Dad is not a fan of the phone, he is terrible for calling to say why he is running late so it's not a normal behavior for him to call home, usually he would just show up and explain.

There was this time when my younger sister took off with her boyfriend, at the time, when she was 12yrs old, it was night time & the guy was a complete tool, he did drugs even though he was 13. Anyways, so my Mom called me up & asked if I could help her search for my sister because it was late at night. I got my then boyfriend at the time to drive me down to the local park to search for her, after searching the park for 20mins, we couldn't find her. Just as we were getting in the car, I felt the urge to call my Mom, I got my boyfriend to drive to the nearest pay phone. Sure enough, my Mom had wanted me to call home because my sister ended up going home.

My Mom & I still have this ability, mostly with our boyfriends not with each other, but I have the occasional moment with my Mom when I'll want to text her but decide not to and she texts me and asks what's up. My boyfriend & I are getting stronger at being able to pick up on each other, it's still in the stage of the small things but I'm sure if something bigger happened, we would pick up on it.

Needless to say, our intuition is bang on. We've been able to avoid accidents because of bad feelings we have, my Mom always taught me not to ignore those feelings. My Mom was almost killed in a car accident but had a really bad feeling about getting into the car so she decided not to, a friend of hers got out too and a couple hours later, everyone in the car was killed in a really bad accident.

I don't know what it is that makes some people tune particles/spirits/whatever the heck it is, but it's something that at age, almost, 27, I am used to in my life & will probably always have this gift/curse.

posted on Apr, 7 2014 @ 05:09 PM
reply to post by knoledgeispower

I don't know why this thread is not getting more attention, and responses! Your stories are amazing!

Come on people! Feedback!

posted on Apr, 7 2014 @ 09:57 PM
reply to post by sled735

Some people don't like to put the effort into reading long posts, sadly.
I am still new to posting so I don't expect big responses & I had no clue what kind of a response this would get.

Thank you for reading & commenting though

posted on Apr, 7 2014 @ 10:18 PM
reply to post by knoledgeispower

…but I still didn't want to mess with spirits.

Sometimes no matter what we want or believe these things happen to us and shatter our understanding of what we used to thnk we know about the world around us.

I too lived in a house that was "haunted" by an old lady that passed away there. I lived there 8 years and rented out rooms through the local newspaper ads to different people over that time. These people did not know each other or the stories of the sounds of shuffling footsteps in the kitchen or other strange occurrences. Yet different people reported the same things over and again.

Cost me a lot of time and money re renting rooms over the years to people who suddenly up and moved out because of the old lady that either woke them up or scared the crap out of them shuffling around in the kitchen when no one else was home. Your tales of the sounds of footsteps on the stairs reminded me of my experience.

I thought it was neat the way you guys owned your space and told "whomever" to mind their manners or get out. Thats how you do it. Thanks for sharing, awesome job of retelling it on ATS.

posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 01:04 PM
reply to post by intrptr

Was that house in Nelson, B.C? That's where my Mom's first haunted house was.

I've been to the house once, my younger sister & I were visiting my Dad for the summer so we drove to Nelson to see where my parents grew up. Of course I love to go look at the haunted house my Mom lived in, The Kettlewell (I think that is how they spelt it) house. We pulled up out front and was just looking at the house & yard when someone living there approached us. My Dad explained what we were doing, the lady was kind & gave us a tour of the backyard & then decided to show us the inside of the house. As we walked onto the patio leading up the front door, I got a strong whiff of a very old perfume. We were shown the main floor and then room that used to belong to my Mom. Seeing the jump she made when she was escaping the first time she heard the ghost, I'm amazed she didn't break anything. Afterwards we got back in the truck and left, I didn't smell the perfume except that one time so I know it wasn't the lady showing up around because I would have smelt it the entire time she showed us around. When I told my Mom she said that it was probably just Mrs Kettlewell letting herself known to me & I can't help but wonder if she was able to sense that we were the kids of someone who lived their for a while.

Side note: None of the Kettlewell family members (generation or two from the people who built the house), or the family that owned it when my Mom lived there, want to step foot in that house. Last I heard it was just rented out because by the sounds of it they are either uncomfortable with Mrs. Kettlewell or she doesn't like them.
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posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 02:15 PM
reply to post by knoledgeispower

I didn't smell the perfume except that one time so I know it wasn't the lady showing up around because I would have smelt it the entire time she showed us around. When I told my Mom she said that it was probably just Mrs Kettlewell letting herself known to me & I can't help but wonder if she was able to sense that we were the kids of someone who lived their for a while.

Others that were with you didn't smell that either, right? Thats another indicator. Perfume is powerful stuff and "mostly" if its in the air everyone goes, mmm…

Over my lifetime, I have had several paranormal experiences with ghosts in different places. Not everyone I was with at the time had the same experience I did. The only thing I can conclude about that is you are more sensitive and they know that.

Sometimes when asked about my experiences, the only thing I can reply is I don't know. They come out and say hi when people they know are sensitive come around.

That house I lived in had this old lady still there after she died. Why is that? I don't really know. I didn't put two and two together about different peoples experiences until the last day I was there. On the day I moved out, I too heard the shuffling footsteps in the kitchen from my room. All those years there I never heard what others said they did until my last day (insert Twilight Zone theme).

There was never anything nasty or "evil" about these encounters, they disturbed people simply because they were encountering something unknown which can make people afraid. All the reported stuff happening was benign in nature.

I bet you enjoyed the perfume smell that day you visited. I am sure she recognized you and was just saying, hi.

Neat, huh?

posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 02:40 PM
I really wish these "ghost hunter"-type groups would actually do some scientific experimentation/investigation instead of wasting time in front of cameras. Once in a while they supposedly get an entity to interact via flashlights and such. I have never once seen them ask those entities about the nature of its existence. It's always "Do you want us to leave? Turn the light on/off if you want us to go." *facepalm*

Anyway, I do believe there is more to reality than what we see with our eyes. Here's my post from another thread that tells one of my stories.

You know what you've experienced. You might never get answers, but don't let anyone convince you that it didn't really happen.

posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 03:46 PM
reply to post by an0maly33

I agree, I wish in the shows they would do a better investigation.
I have heard of encounters from ghost hunters who aren't on tv about some of their cases & they usually were able to get the best results in places with high paranormal activity like prisons, castles & the Winchester House.

I was the only one to smell the perfume, I thought for sure that my younger sister was a bigger beacon, so to speak, because not only could she see angels but she is also sick so that can also be a beacon. Now when I think about it, I think I smelt it because I was really excited & receptive to the whole experience.

posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 06:49 PM
reply to post by sled735

Sled, do you have a listing of reputable mediums in the Northeastern area? We may have a case of a succubus/incubus at a relative's home. Just need some good info because that house seems to harbor a portal of some sort. Lots of paranormal stuff has happened there over the past 20 +years but things have ramped up lately.

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