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Is UVB-76 an Allied Radio Station?

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posted on Apr, 5 2014 @ 11:10 PM
Many believe UVB-76 is a Russian radio station because they speak Russian, and can be received in the West. The common theory being this station is for Russian spies, working undercover within Europe.

Detections of where the radio waves are actually coming from seem to depict a very different story:
The stations transmitters are located in: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Spain-Germany (i.e. all within NATO).

Do you really believe there are Russian agents putting themselves at great risk by covertly maintaining radio transmitters (all radio transmitters nowadays being some of the un-stealthiest things around).

This Russian speaking station, is broadcasting messages to recruits of Western assets? I.e. those covertly working inside (or near) Russia? For this station to speak Russian would make sense on at least two fronts...
1. Not every kind of Russian recruit, would know, or could indeed be bothered learning our notoriously hard to learn, English-language
2. If any European civilian happened to tune in, they would be far less likely to understand the significance of what they're hearing.

Much like governments sometimes encourage people to believe experimental aircraft are UFO’s, wouldn’t the joke be on conspiracy theorists again, if this was actually an allied station?
This station caused much excitement by going active when Russia sent in forces to liberate Crimea’s mostly pro-Russian population, from Ukrainians perverted national pride, in ruling those people, who clearly don’t want to be ruled by them. But wouldn’t the stations activity make more sense if NATO could covertly signal agents stranded in, or working in, in and around Crimea?

I’d love to hear thoughts, especially those to the contrary?

posted on Apr, 5 2014 @ 11:29 PM
reply to post by Liberal1984

I believe it is just another form of art...RF art.

If it is another Tokyo Rose, she is not doing a good job. If it's code, well played....and I don't care.

posted on Apr, 6 2014 @ 12:13 AM
If these are the actual locations of the transmitters, then I would say the likelihood of them being Russian stations is quite low. The Russian military only has a handful of foreign bases, and they are not located in the countries that you listed. And like you implied, they wouldn't be operating out of a house or something, as the intelligence services or even the police of those nations would have sniffed them out, knowing that there is something clandestine about them.

So again, if these locations are accurate, then the stations are likely from a US ally. The Russian language being used is most likely to make someone think it is a Russian station. Of course this will not fool anyone who is somehow involved with clandestine activity in general, such as a group like the CIA, but anyone who happens to be listening may not wish to ask questions to their own governments regarding the stations, since they hear Russian. They will just assume they are picking up a Russian broadcast of some type. So maybe it is just a thin or vague disguise; a first-level line of security if you will.

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