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more strange events

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posted on May, 25 2003 @ 12:02 PM
Still waking up with strange bruising around my ribs, right beneath tiny pin prick blood clots. Jo, has some large bruises she's woken up with and knows nothing about and has found a strange scar on her finger. These may of course be due to our heightened awareness, though this also means we are more aware of any sudden changes to our bodies.

Mat has woken up very scared over the last couple of days but doesn't know why. Jo and I have found strange highly translucent beads in mat's bed but cannot find where they have come from. I suspect they may be from the filling of a teddy bear he has but we have both checked and there isn't the slightest tear or possibility of them escaping.

Keep falling asleep downstairs lately.

I am being rather rational about my explanations lately. Hence the lesser postings.

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