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France 'on alert’ amid Guinea Ebola outbreak

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posted on Apr, 6 2014 @ 02:33 PM

reply to post by BurningSpearess

I was thinking the same thing. There is only one known form of ebola that is airborne but it only affects monkeys. It's called ebola Reston and was first discovered in affected monkeys just miles from Washington DC, scary stuff.

I may be wrong but it may be possible for a small mutation in the make up of the ebola that could lead to humans contracting the Reston strain. I'm not sure if it would be airborne or spread through contact. Don't pay too much attention to me though, I'm more for doom-porn than microbiology.

As for France, could they not close the door on African countries? I think I read that other countries in Africa have shut the borders with Guinea. I would.

Well, on the "doom" size, I'm sure that Ebola has been weaponized by now if some entity/organization/country had nefarious reasons for doing so...

For a more microbiological view of airborne Ebola's possibilities check out soficrow's threads, and soficrow & ewok's posts within those...

I just looked up US State Dept./CDC warnings on W. Africa...Scary in that there is no mention of this for out-bound travelers...

I applaud France for at least taking a 1st step on containment given the unique signatures on the 2014 Ebola!

posted on Apr, 7 2014 @ 01:22 AM
reply to post by BurningSpearess

Actually Burning, you are not far from the truth... You would be surprised by the amount of T4/P4 labs throughout the world that actually have this strain of virus (amongst many many others) stocked away in their -80°c freezers.. (believe me, I know what I am talking about...

Thanks for the links to other posters threads.

My apologies folks for not having answered and cattle prodding the thread so to speak during the weekend but wanted some much needed quality time with Mrs R and Rod Jr.

For the moment, I have not heard anything else about security clampdowns over here in France (or for the rest of the EUà but would love to hear from EU residents as to if they have heard anything?

Kindest respects


posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 09:25 AM
reply to post by ketsuko

I quote "They'd have to get someone" unquote,,, who are "they"?,,,
and why would a person not un - wittingly be not more suspect.

posted on Apr, 10 2014 @ 02:43 AM
I am perhaps becoming quite french, but I am very distrusting of the authorities in these matters.

In the hospital I work in, we had four employees suddenly fall sick, one after another. The symptoms were strange- painful blisters appearing on the hands and feet- to the point one could not walk, another could not use her hands.
Some had fevers at the beginning, some also vomitted and had diarrhea.

The doctor who saw the first one said it was an allergic reaction to some sterilization products we use daily. They thought she must have also spilled some in her shoes. The ones who vomitted had a stomach flu at the same time as a reaction.

I kept saying, wait, we have been using the same products everyday for years! We have not changed them. Though a person can suddenly gain a new allergy, FOUR at the same time???? I kept getting waved off and ignored. That always sets off bells in my head.

Then one day I suddenly have blisters break out on my hands, they begin bursting and bleeding and hurting like a MOFO. I have two in my mouth. That night I spend throwing up- with my husband beside me! He had it too!

Took me about five minutes to look up Hand, Foot and Mouth disease, which is exactly these symptoms, and terribly contagious.

It is a well known retrovirus, that kids especially tend to get in collective contexts. I do not believe for a minute that no doctor thought of that, no employee did a search like I did. My bosses were calling the companies that make the products to find out if they changed their ingredients, but didn't do a quick search either!

I got it right when I had a vacation of few days, so i did not have to deal with any official sick leave papers or protocal.
But I suspect that if I had, I would have been told to shut up about what it was, because the fact is, we may have given it to so many patients, they would be in deep crap if it got out.

This is a painful but not serious disease.... but that tendancy to be secretive worries me- how far would a suspected case get, before someone would ring the alarm??? It seems here, everyone just wants to pass the buck, hoping someone else will get stuck with the blame...
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