The Catholic Kill-joys who condemn Sister Cristina

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posted on May, 9 2014 @ 07:34 AM
The sister has done it again and made it through to another round. This time they stretched her to the limit in a rather unique rendition of what a feeling from flashdance. She keeps amazing me by making it through. This time I think her coach J-Ax nearly killed her though lol. She sounds exhausted when she gives her customary thankyou at the end of her performance.

I just love how her fanclub in the nuns rock out to her song and the new Sister Ax tshirts.

posted on May, 15 2014 @ 06:29 AM
She has done it again. This time Suor Cristina sings a beautiful song in italian,and I gotta admit it bought a tear to my eye.

I was so astounded by the soulful depth of the song despite not understanding a word of italian that I had to find a translation. The song title is uno su mille or one in a thousand. Below is a rough literal translation

Se sei a terra non strisciare mai; If you're down, don't ever crawl
se ti diranno: sei finito, non ci credere; If they say you: you're done/finished, don't ever believe it
devi contare solo su di te; You must rely only on you

Uno su mille ce la fa; One in a thousand do/stand it
ma quanto è dura la salita; and how hard it's the climb/exit
in gioco c’è la vita; at stake it's the life

Il passato non potra; What's done it's done, it could never
tornare uguale mai; be the same again
forse meglio perché no, tu che ne sai;maybe it's better, why not, what do you know about it
non hai mai creduto in me you've never believed in me
dovrai cambiare idea; but you'll have to change your mind/idea

La vita è come la marea; Life is like the tide
ti porta in secca o in alto mare; it leads you on dry or on high sea
com’è la luna va; as the moon goes

Non ho barato né bleffato mai; I've never cheated, nor bluffed
e questa sera ho messo a nudo la mia anima; and this evening I stripped out my soul
ho perso tutto ma ho ritrovato me; I've lost everything but I've found myself

Uno su mille ce la fa; One in a thousand do/stand it
ma quanto è dura la salita; and how hard it's the climb/exit i
n gioco c’è la vita; life at stake it's the life

Tu non sai che peso ha; You don't know how much it weighs
questa musica leggera; this soft music
ti ci innamori e vivi ma ci puoi morire quando è sera; you fall in love and you live, but you can die when evening comes
io di voce ce ne avrei; I have voice, but not
ma non per gridare aiuto; to cry for help

Nemmeno tu mi hai mai sentito; You didn't even hear me
mi son tenuto il mio segreto; I've kept my secret
tu sorda e io ero muto; you were deaf and I was mute

Se sei a terra non strisciare mai; If you're down, don't ever crawl
se ti diranno: sei finito, non ci credere;If they say you: you're done/finished, don't ever believe it
finchè non suona la campana vai; keep on going until the bell rings
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posted on Jul, 23 2014 @ 11:45 AM
a reply to: researcher88
Thank you for responding and excuse my late reply:

I am in Hospice care now for over a year - I am mostly blind - legally - I have Multiple Sclerosis and I am recently getting hopefully over Malnutrition and am also hearing impaired; I have a huge yellow keyboard which helps me type but my eyes are so weak I am not online often. I cannot even look at the monitor.

I am trying to write a book on, well, go to this page if I am allowed to put a link in here (?) - I just cannot type that much anymore...

This website of 'enlightened humans' basically told me that if a baby dies from SIDS, then they asked for it - (which is TRUE) - but they asked to die so that SOMEONE would, in the future, be able to find a preventative for SIDS.I am that lucky SCHMUCK that attained enlightenment - and now I am told I have either a Martyr complex or a grandiose EGO, I even offered anyone listening to my soundclick MY PERMISSION to invent my i-BABBLE - let them make millions - I don't care about the money - still, no takers. I also offered anyone 50% of the royalties from the book - No Takers. I contacted OPRAH, ECKART TOLLE, BISHOP TD JAKES, the list goes on and on -I have my facebook page and just loaded with how to take suffering from the Pain - I cannot heal the disease but I can help lessen the suffering and increase quality and quantity of LIFE. That is why I was born. I am no saint and no sinner - i am middle of the road...

I now have an idea for a device that can be placed inside either a swaddling cloth - or on the baby's wrist and anklet if parents don't want to swaddle but that is a huge mistake. - the wristlets would send - thru a simple add-on app - data to the wireless radio - right above the sleeping infant's crib - designed as a big shiny blue ball - with a lot a goodies inside - that little 'trinket' can - 1. Turn on a bright light and irritating NOISE designed to WAKE THE BABY UP 2. Send distress signals to the mother or caregivers when body temp, respirations per minute, heart rate - etc, fall out of 'normative' values for that particular infant. It is called i-BABBLE. 3. Emit a particular hertz level isochronic tone to WAKE THE BABY UP from deep REM sleep - that is when all of the infants are dying - I know why 2 out of 3 deaths are male infants - this is killing me - I even postulated my theory on just one cause of SIDS - it is multi-causal. I have information given to me for 54 years now; however, I cannot see - I cannot look at the monitor - I have voice files up at - an audio blog 216 files - for many illnesses - but still, that's not enough for people - well, now I have to write a book because I put everything online and no one cared, especially truth love energy whatever..
This link here takes one to an audio file Theory - SIDS and Sleep Paralysis Disorder -

I cannot research anymore - I cannot look at the monitor anymore - i have photophobia and an awake rapid multiple eye muscle movement disorder in both eyes, caused by one MS lesion that sunk beneath the superior colliculus in the deep brain.

Anyway, about the Catholic church:
I realized at a young age that any major Religion (as an Institution) that affects every aspect of your life until your death ( or so they think) - is not a true Religion - man has corrupted religion for man's personal gain, power - EGO.

When the Catholic church defrocked thousands of priests recently - the Diocese did not notify the police - some of these former pedophile priests are 'out there' but with no "status" in the criminal database - so guess what's going to happen? Once a pedophile, always a pedophile - sorry, but I have seen so many of them, over the years, and they do not change - they simply get better at the Bait, the Lure, and the PRIZE (innocent children)

I have been given so many gifts - love ya, Susa

posted on Jul, 24 2014 @ 03:09 AM
a reply to: Susa133

Susa 133.

Do not get down about your "crosses", your physical suffering. They're a gift, you've been showered with gifts. And,ask Our Lord or Jesus' mother in prayer if Roman Catholicism is the Faith? I was converted by the messages from Heaven. In them, God has said He is coming to show the world the Truth. It has been almost 16 years now, the divine events prophesied are closer. Believe dear

I share with you a testimony from a mother whose child was suffering with a physical malady, a handicap. This
was in Ephesus, she was making a pilgrimage to Mary's house. The Apostle John took Our Lord's mother there to live.

The Blessed Mother
"We love them dear, Why the reward for suffering is so great that even if you were told you wouldn't know. Your minds aren't meant to know. This life is no more than a short wave of the hand, with no more than a veil between."
April ~ 1959

"Offer it up" is the Catholic saying, how it pleases Our Lord to unite our suffering with His. Give your sufferings to Him in prayer. Any kind of cross or suffering given to Jesus, small or large benefits you and saves souls! You will meet one day those who you helped by this offering. You gotta make the offering though....

love and God bless you,


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