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Authorities investigating suspicious device found in Killeen, area evacuated (Fort Hood Area)

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posted on Apr, 3 2014 @ 12:38 PM
News Source

KILLEEN - Neighborhoods have been evacuated and authorities are investigating a suspicious device found in Killeen Thursday morning. Killeen PD received a call just after 9 a.m. from a man who said there was something taped to his truck when he left his home in the 1500 block of North Gray St.

Police do not believe it is connected to yesterday's Fort Hood shooting on post.

After yesterday's tragedy on the base, this happens in the town where the base is located.
Like I said yesterday in the main shooting thread, my family is there now, I happened to be deployed, so imagine the helplessness that I felt.

Now Killeen is not the nicest of areas, and it has its fair share of crime, but this just seems all a bit suspicious to me. This is not something that I expected to see in the local news there.

My guess is someone using the timing of the event yesterday to create some havoc today. I dont understand some people.

posted on Apr, 3 2014 @ 12:42 PM
reply to post by youdidntseeme

I don't think it's connected either but isn't funny how these shooters always end up dead in the end.

My ex-sister in law was married to a guy who acted just like the DC shooter even said the same things like the microwave emitter or something like that. I wonder I know it's a stretch but is something really going on?

posted on Apr, 3 2014 @ 12:56 PM
reply to post by youdidntseeme

Here we go again. More stuff to make us all live in fear.

posted on Apr, 3 2014 @ 12:57 PM
reply to post by puptuls

They are conditioned to do this violence then just kill themselves, very effective weapons.

posted on Apr, 3 2014 @ 03:53 PM
reply to post by youdidntseeme

Watch, I'm probably putting my foot in my mouth, but I'm guessing it was a prank. To be more specific, I bet some kids were pulling a prank on some random unsuspecting man because kids do stupid stuff like for '$hits and giggles'.

Thank you BTW for serving. I'm no stranger to killeen. I live 2-3 hours away and used to go there on a frequent basis. I don't know why that's relevant... Anyway, I understand... It must be difficult to be so far away when there are scares like this close to home. I'm sure they'll be fine. God bless.

posted on Apr, 4 2014 @ 01:29 PM
reply to post by Skorpy

Isn't that what the manchurian candidate was all about?
I heard about it somewhere but it's quite a bit before my time.
I am going to go and look at it now.

Scary if they can actually do this sort of thing on people then pretty much everything is off the board. How can anybody ever feel safe or free? We won't even know if we are being controlled or not.

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