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Are We All Guilty of Ridicule...

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posted on Apr, 23 2014 @ 04:30 AM
Basically, I believe there is a wealth of interesting and serious information on the UFO phenomenon that some real scientists like Vallée, Hynek, Petit do a great job at analyzing.

And then there is a hodgepodge of conspiracies and esoteric, playing on emotions rather than logic, that many "UFO specialists" use and abuse to mesmerize the masses and, how convenient, make their books and dvds and seminars more popular.

Real scientists aren't into this for the money, but for the Truth. That's why they are extremely cautious when they make claims. People like Greer are just the opposite. In his last movie, he mixes images of the 9/11 attacks, of a tiny body he claims is alien (but doesn't prove it), people doing meditation with him to call UFOs, etc...

That's not a serious approach, and screams of mercantilism and emotional manipulation if not straight disinformation.

People like him do a disservice to the credibility of all people seriously interested in the subject. He's not so different from a David Icke, a Judy Zebra Knight, a L. Ron Hubbard or a Claude Vorilhon

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 08:57 AM
a reply to: SpaceGoatFarts

I must thank you very much for your replies to this thread, I feel as though I am invaluably learning from what you have written. Engaging with someone that can benefit my learning curve on these matters, including my own emerging ideas. Everything that you have written I am taking in and mulling over with an authoritative air, so I thank you for that.

Yes, I understand that I make statements and present ideas in an opinionated way when it comes to my opinion, because that is all it is, an opinion. A rather narrowly educated analysis of people’s behavior when broaching a subject. I am afraid this may be down to my age and my education perhaps.

What I have attempted to do is to try and understand why when in my research or when I attempt to talk about what I now believe to be a strong and all very possible truth. I am met with such demur that it only brings me to question the origin of ‘why’ the people I speak to, do this, almost involuntary. It is as though they cannot begin to understand the very real, facts that are ever present in our world today, and have been as you mentioned for even longer than that. Let’s not forget the biblical references to pluralism in certain texts, as well as passages in the Quran that have such incite at the time of the documents conception, that begs the question as to how they knew what they knew and why.

I have done much research into the field because of a visual event that happened to me personally some time ago. It had caused me to perform rigorous investigatory research into all aspects of the Ufology field. My findings are nothing short of astounding, it started with UFO sightings, now, like Alice, tumbling down the rabbit-hole, I discover that there is deliberate disinformation that surrounds certain cases and subjects. I will not argue that point here, you have only to look.

It has shown me a very dark underside to the world we live in. These topics are something that are widely reported on and discussed on many an occasion by an even wider array of people. It is only when I find how quickly people, all most defensively, cannot begin to comprehend, that the possibility of such ideas that appear to be so ostentatious, even for a moment cannot be taken seriously. That for me, is very unnerving. That is what drives me to ask more questions, internally and externally, to help better understand the world and the people that live in it, so that in time, I can share my findings or ‘ideas’ with others.

Here in the UK with the people I know. They cannot believe it. I know they exist, I have witnessed objects moving at impossible speeds that I know from a professional point of view, we cannot survive. I have not yet found any answers to what I had seen in an ‘official’ way.

Dr Greer, oh yes, he has absolutely extirpated his credibility. However, this is my honest belief. The work that the man and his very dedicated team has done, in terms of gathering the mass of intellectual people, some that have served in the forces, around the world, others have worked on projects that we DO have. They have gathered witness testimonies from reliable people from trusted sources and brought them to the attention of the world, so I thank him and his team for that. Unfortunately, Steven Greer has desecrated his image and thus, caused confusion when it comes to the reliability on all aspects of his work. The body that was found had human DNA. But even in its appearance, it generated the right interest, for something so unique in my opinion.
But, you are aware of the petrol-dollar world that we live in. You must then be aware of the people that are submerged in this rather well constructed near impenetrable empire that they have built? There connections to industry and the commercial sectors that are truly staggering when it comes down to ‘who owns what and why’. This is the platform for control, it is control. What personality traits do the people in control have I wonder, what kind of influence to our culture and society would they have? That is the world we live in, they write the songs and we happily, without question, sing the verses, gladly.

This, is what I am trying to bring people’s attention to, in an attempted well-rounded, from the bottom up, kind of way.

I have found such depth to the ‘bigger picture’ that it has started to change my world for the better. It has lead me on such a path, that I do refer to it as enlightenment. It has opened my eyes, it has made me angry at times, but it has made me take a look at myself and how I conduct myself, here, in this life.
For all its negative looking appearance to people from the outside on this way in thinking, it has in turn, made me a better person. I am calmer, I am more thoughtful about the world and the people that are in it, I view religion differently, and I feel like for the first time, I have answered some of the questions that everyone seems to ask. I believe it is important enough that these subjects require so much attention in fact, that I am risking ridicule and the possibility of alienation on a daily basis.

I am seeking the spiritual side now I have come to terms with the evident reality, which we live in.

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posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 09:29 AM
a reply to: SpaceGoatFarts

You have invaluably given me some names there that I will continue to learn from, thank you once again.

You mentioned a disservice to the credibility of all people seriously interested in the subject. This I could not have put better. I felt almost betrayed at the mind wash that he provided. I had decided that here is a guy who is 'fighting the fight' sort of speak, and a valued asset to the community of truth seeking individuals. How wrong many were including of course myself. I felt winded at the betrayal of our unified malcontent for the guise we are presented with on a daily basis.

posted on Apr, 24 2014 @ 11:36 AM
You are welcome.

Don't despair, the world is only as bleak or as beautiful as the things we focus on.

There is a great deal of abuse from a lot of people in power, but from personal experience and encounters, I can assure you that there is one thing I'm certain of, it's that the higher in the power pyramid they are, the more selfish and backstabbing they are. This is a great thing because it undermines most of their attempts to rule the world in a concerted action.

The truth is that there is no captain in the earth-ship, no cabal having absolute power, only an intricate net of various and contradicting interests, objectives and means, and today, with the internet, even you and I can have as much power as some of the most powerful ones, provided we use it intelligently.

Yes, that is my belief, there are no "Powers to be". Only powers wannabe but the history of mankind proved us they quite suck at working together, at keeping secrets and at having the power to subjugate the world.

Paranoia is a very real and unfortunately common thing, and many people browsing conspiracy boards suffer from it, deforming reality by only looking at one side of it, the one confirming their fears. Sure things like the bilderbergers or megacorp CEO exist, but when you approach them and get to know them you realize they aren't really different from you and me, and if they have an agenda it never goes further than making more money, which means they are predictable and corruptible.

The reality of the UFO mystery is indisputable. But I can guarantee you that the presidents and generals of the world know probably less about the subject than people like you and me who investigated the subject themselves.

The reason the Roswell alien myth was perpetuated and encouraged (yes) to this day is the same as the Philadelphia project one, and it's unfortunately very mundane and boring. Military strategy. WWII. The cold war. Nothing better than to have your enemy believe you own a secret weapon. Nothing better than fear. It was already done in the past, it's still done today by all sides.

The more detailed the information about a supposed cover up, the more likely it's disinfo. The philly experiment for example was actually written by a society of very famous sci-fi writers called the Mañana Literary Society, a think-thank hired to explore crazy ideas that could be used in war (google it it's fascinating and even relates to the later church of scientology). There is certainly disinformation as you said it. Hopefully a serious searcher can be able to separate the wheat from the chaff if he never lets his best defense down; his critical mind.

Never succumb to the apparent seduction of a fascinating story. The truth is usually much more boring, as people love to exaggerate and interpret.

And regarding the UFO mystery, the conclusion of someone who studied evidences and cases for more than 15 years is still the same as 40 years ago:

We don't know what's going on, and we probably never will because this phenomenon is purportedly elusive.

We never had a ship, we never found a body. All we ever have are images and traces in the ground, it's like the UFO and their occupants are always 10 steps ahead of us; a Belgian pilot said the UFO he was chasing was reacting to his maneuvers in advance, that should give you an idea of the complexity of the thing we are dealing with. Not only it defies gravity, but also time (missing time and prescience), matters (UFOs have been seen de-materializing), and our frame of reference (they have different appearance, like their occupants, depending on the context and culture of the witness).

All this points to one conclusion I share with Vallée. UFO don't seem to be mere biological extra-terrestrials. They are far more, have no unity of appearance, have an extra-dimensional qualities, control over time and matter (and even our minds), and seem to try to influence only a few selected people instead of coming forward in public. Things that even a vast scientific advance can hardly explain (but who knows maybe one day we will be able to control time too?)

They have all the qualities of what he calls a "control mechanism". Something greater and more powerful than us that sometimes interferes with our world when it deems necessary.

It is a scary idea (but no more scary than aliens), and I can assure you the most powerful people in the world are as baffled as you and me when it comes to it.

Anyone pretending to know what's going on with UFOs is either lying either trying to spread disinfo (if you read Vallée you'll see how he too was disgusted by the amount of disinformation and manipulation surrounding the UFO mystery).
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