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Harvard discovers three of its library books are bound in human flesh

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posted on Apr, 5 2014 @ 05:06 PM
As I stated earlier. Maybe they were first bound in human flesh.

Human skin is very hard to preserve by itself. Even some of the best attempts throughout history to preserve tattoos after death failed.

The secret was always going to be to use the arterial system to deliver the preservatives first. Let the tissue set. Then lift and condition / seal.

Just cutting it off a dead person is amateurish. Certainly not the work of the devil. Who you think would have at least done a course or something.

posted on Apr, 5 2014 @ 05:15 PM
reply to post by thedeadtruth

Either way this was human skin of a person and alive or dead they should have been treated with respect as it is only the basist and most sick minded people through history whom used it for decoration with the possible exception of primitive societys whom took scalps and heads as trophys but they only wanted the heads and scalps of strong opponents unlike the young woman whose unblemished skin was favoured by ilsa koch to make her hand bag's, purses and lampshade's.
Seriel killers, mass murderers and sadists to name a few.

posted on Apr, 5 2014 @ 06:37 PM
reply to post by LABTECH767

You are obviously living in a fantasy world.

I will bet if you go back far enough, your own relatives would have done deeds that would leave your blood running cold.

It is when you do not know this, you are dangerous.

posted on Apr, 5 2014 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by LABTECH767

Wow! That took a very long time for me to read and I'm still not exactly sure WHAT I read .

I am Pagan, so you are telling me I am Wiccan AND Hedonistic?

That I am an ignorant, simpleton who would run from the extremely smart, wondrous Anglicans and Romans?

Who were....peace makers?

That the Knights Templars did the right thing to Druids and Pagans ?

Your idealism on Stonehenge and Druids are truths from what sources?

And are associated with human leather binding how?

Have you met God? To say positively that God exists, " For sure."

Where did you get your information sources that there was also a Mother form from....? A Bible or......?

It isn't a Christian belief, is it?

You mean there was really a Wicker Man?

Whom the Pagan virgins burned AND offered themselves to, him, or who/what? Not clear there.

What exactly does ANY of your opinions have to do with human skin being used as leather bindings or other things that are made from human skin, or even body parts?

So YOU are saying Pagans and Druid were not ONLY Wiccan Hedonists AND ignorant simpletons who would have run from the extremely smart, wondrous Anglicans and Romans?

But rather, were/are ' Devils' as well? ANDare more Devil or Satans' than Satan is?

Not at all Warriors? As the Pagan Vikings claimed?

Awe, gosh darn it all! Now instead of retiring I'm going to have to return to University and offer myself up to one of the Professors or rewrite one or more of my entire Dissertations.

I guess I must do as I must do, but not to worry, of all the Texts I'll have to use all over again, I will be sure none are bound in human leather skin.

And I will definitely stay away from the one with the eyeball imbedded in the top of the human leather skin binding that still blinks to this day, with it's fancy calligraphic text written in human blood that keeps changing it's own information.

It would be completely useless to me now.

Awe shucks!
I suppose I should thank you for re informing me on the centuries of dis- informed texts, scrolls and science I've used but well...I'm just too saddened now.........

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posted on Apr, 6 2014 @ 08:10 PM
reply to post by StormyStars

Actually I am not saying you are a simpleton, I have met a really great Pagan as they and you call it today and a really nice decent person whom would not harm anyone, I am explaining the original meaning and how it entered the language, I did not mean to come accross as insulting or debasing but I am and happen to be a christian.
Here is something I have shared before.

I have experienced many paranormal encounters in my life and Refused a FORCED Request for me to become a MEDIUM.
I had what You may referre to as your inner eye opened while I was fully awake and could see a red destert with a valley between me and a host of men all looking young with strange almost deranged eye's, they stood on the opposite side of the valley from me and it was a rocky dry barren place, I strangely could see no woman among them.
At 19 I was with a friend and his two cousins and we were set to climb (Or rather walk) up mount Snowdon Which as you know was a sacred mountain to the British and Irish Druids.
We stayed in a converted sheep shed (Converted is liberal use to say it had some bunk beds in it and a kettle) and I had the bunk at the furthest back (We all had our own bunk) near a window by a painting on the wall I could not make heads or tales of as it seemed abstract and just a shape.
The first night of the three nights we went down the field to a pub which litteraly was opposite us and the field was crammed with tent's, that night a storm and heavy rain blew up after we went back to the shed we had hired form a farmer,
The next morning the field was empty except for two tent's both abandoned and collapsed but we still walked the area looking at the rather unimpressive remains of an old castle with diminutive doorways and robbed out of it's sleight so that barely anything ramains other than a few broken down walls and the stub of a tower, We walked near the old miners huts' which though roofless looked almost better than our shed but the weather was rainy so we put of the ascent.
That second night I had a terrible presentment and knew I was going to die, I prayed not for myself but for my family and friends and tried to forgive they whom had done me wrong, I said to my God if it was his will then so be it but I did not want to die so I was frightened.
A strange calm and stillness descended on me and I felt and Heard a voice Though there was no sound, it was more powerful and all encompassing then anything you could possibly imagine and It simply said "Do not be afraid my son this is neither the time nor the place, it stilled me and I felt awed but slept well that night on that bare bunk.
The following day Jude in the lead and me second with Andrew and John behind we walked to the little cog rail station and up along side the track until we entered the mist (We were definitely not dressed appropriatly either), Soon we were soaking wet and chilled to the bone as that fine cloud mist soakes you far worse than normal rain ever could and seems to seep into your body, Jude said "Follow me I know a shortcut" and veered off to the left along a scree path onto a steeper angle of the mountain, We not too long after at a cliff face on a thin scree covered ledge with the mist all that was visible below and he free climbed up the cliff, I followed but was not only the worst prepared of us in sponge trainers but I forgot my three point's rule and grasped a clump of moss which came away in my hand.
I fell and John and Andrew each cought a wrist simultaneously, they were still standing on the ledge at the cliff base and the back of my feet caught the ledge while I was leaning out backward over the misty drop and they pulled me in, Both of them were white faced and I have no idea what I looked like but laughed it off, then continued to the climb.
At the top of Snowdon is or was a restaurant for tourists and after finding ordinance survay marker which marks the highest point we made out way to it, as we walkin in one of the staff swore in welsh whom was mopping he floor and we were the only people other than the three staff in there, we got a much needed hot coffee and walked back down along the much safe rail line.

My mother whom is an anglican had the afterbirth left in by a midwife after she gave birth to my sister Jeanette (I am the youngest) and she suffered septisemia and died for a time, she was in a mountainous place and walked up a mountain down and up another mountain, there was a woman the image of the virgin mary beckoning her and my mother wanted to go to her but then she thought of her children and the bad abusive alcoholic husband whom they would be left with and for love of her children screamed at the woman that she hated her and ran back down the mountain, in the hospital the doctors where amazed and shocked as she simply came back to life on the table.

One night I was seriously ill (I have had health issues since my childhood but a doctor whom was fleeing Chili via liverpool and was helped by the church whom my mother was asked for help by told my mother after he had seen me that I was a very sick little boy and to give me chocolate (needless to say I loved it) and my leg's which alway's pained stopped paining, while I have never been an athlete I am still here) My mother prayed to the virging for help and I awoke to see a light sillouette of a woman, her face was not visible but the sillouette was a match for the virgin statue at lourdes and she was praying with a rosary making the sign of the cross over me.

All of my paranormal experience began at the age of three or four when I was playing in the garden of the council house we lived in and I heard a old mans hissing whispered voice in my righ ear, I was alone in the garden with my toy cars but the trauma burned this into my memory and before the age of two I have no memorys, It said "Poor Poor Paul, you are going to have such a terrible terrible sad life I feel so so very sorry for you, I'll tell you what give my your soul and I will give you a wonderful wonderful life, My name is Satan", I screamed in terror and though I did not know whom Satan was I Said "NO" and ran into my mother crying in fright, the Voice had instilled fear into me.

I have seen and been attacked by what I would call devil's or bad spirits and though I am hardly a saintly person (my head is swayed all to easily by simple physical attraction to any beautifull woman so I am shallow hal as well), I know God is there.

At the height of my pain I had a out of body experience unlike others I have suffered and on this one I was somewere very dark but there ahead of me was a ladder made of ancient wood like two tree's reaching infinitely upward and the rung's seemd to be shared as branch between the two trunk's, the wood was hard a iron, dry and cracked along the grain, there were not's in the wood of the two trunk's and the rung's which were smooth to the wood and no protruberance, the wood runs or trunks were about a foot thick and the rung's about 6 to 8 inches thick, I was in my body there but it felt numb and somehow seperate but real just detached as though I was barely connected to it but I could nevertheless feel what it felt, there was someone the spirits had tormented me with, a woman somewhere whom was in distress and I could not find her though I tried so I looked and it looked like a climb of forever yet I chose to climb knowing I would be climbing forever, as I reached the third rung I fell forward and was suddenly not on the ladder but a feeling of incredible shame and guilt fell on me and I could not look up but I asked "Please Lord Look After Her" though I have no idea whom it was I was asking for, then I stepped down (I could have asked for anything but that is why I climbed the ladder and no other reason), One rung, I could see a rod or columb in front of me like a staff and it was standing on it's own, I felt myself fall back into my physical body and came back to this misserable demon rat infested world.
But do I believe in god, Oh yes he is there.

You asked so I have told you, there is a lot more I could tell you but it is hell to remember it all and some of it is too strange when My soul has swung back and forth in the battle so I am sickened by some of it to a degree I would rather not.

posted on Apr, 6 2014 @ 08:15 PM
reply to post by LABTECH767

But ultimately you have your chance and we shall all see now won't we,.

By the way when I got back to the shed after that for our final night, it was still day but we were all exhausted tired and wet, that painting leaped out at me and I had to explain to to the others whom could see it clearly after I did, it was a sheaphard with a lamb over one shoulder robed in a hooded dark brown robe with a lamb peeking out of it by his feet, holding a sheaphards crook with a lamp on it his head bowed and only his beard and deep set eye's visible in the rain.

But believe what you will, "He that turneth away from me shall become seven times worse", "My own shall come unto me".

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posted on Apr, 6 2014 @ 08:28 PM
reply to post by thedeadtruth

That is undoubtedly true but I would never contemplate such an act, however as I am not a saint if I came accross someone doing it to an innocent as indeed the moors murderers did to children here in my country, I would not be held accounable for what I would do to them, there is a line to cross in this war and there are killers on both sides but it is why you kill and what they are doing that seperate them and by the way My fantasys if I have any do not include harming people or skinning them or even animals there are plenty of substitutes though I am far from vegetarian.
You see the problem with your point is you seem to think survival is your body and that we are nothing but animals which I vehemantly disagree with, it is not as you can die inside far more than the death of you body.
The Spanish Conquistedores were killers and soldiers of fortune but they were far from as bad as the Aztec warriors whom they slew in battle, for instance they never performed regular human sacrifice to dark god's or danced around in the flayed skin of there victims and while I do not agree with what Bishop delanda did when he ordered the Aztec librarys burned and all aztec books destroyed (some of which may have been on human skin) he nevertheless did so to stamp out a backward and evil religion.
It is a truth that often it is the weaklings whom glorify gore and power over others but in truth they are merely making up for the own inadquacy's either by touting weapon to make themselves feel powerful or by worshiping dark desires within themselves but they are and will alway's remain sham men and woman, weaklings and cowards whom are trying to make themselves more powerful but can only do so by oppressing those weaker than themselves.

It is the duty of the strong to protect the weak and of the intelligent to guide the less intelligent.

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posted on Apr, 7 2014 @ 02:39 PM
reply to post by LABTECH767

lol! Guess it must just be me.....I STILL don't understand what ANY of ANYTHING you've said thus far, relates to book bound in human leather skin.
Nor do I care for the preacher like statements that I actually CAN make sense of.
Oh well, w/e............
Have a nice evening

posted on Apr, 10 2014 @ 09:33 AM
reply to post by Blue Shift

You are a sick puppy Blue.
Witty - but in a twisted way.

posted on May, 8 2014 @ 01:20 PM
a reply to: lostbook

Where's the evidence for this as I haven't seen it?

Who was the author of this book?

posted on May, 14 2014 @ 04:06 PM
Let this be a lesson to all, from your Residential Librarian...

We have a way of getting our books back.

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